Queen & Big Bang the only Non-North American winners at MTV EMA 2011 [NEWS]

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MTV Europe Music Awards: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Lead Invasion
Queen & K-Pop's Big Bang Are Only Non-North American Acts to Win

"The inaugural worldwide act award went to Korean boy band BIGBANG, representing Asia Pacific."

+) They tagged a different BIGBANG in the article though:

From Music Japan:

"Next to international stars that have been know for long, such as Lady Gaga, Linkin Park and Justin Bieber, South Korean boy-group BIGBANG also managed to earn one of the precious trophies!

In the category "Worldwide Act", the five members, who also released the only non-English speaking EP in the US to ever hit the top 100 within the iTunes charts, received the most votes. They showed that their popularity eventually reaches past their home country and past Asia into the world."

From Yahoo Australia:

The surprise win of the night went to Korean boyband BigBang, who beat off competition from acts including Britney Spears to take home Best Worldwide Act while Eminem picked up the Best Hip Hop artist.


Ecstatic Korean boy band BIGBANG were the surprise winners at the awards, capturing the inaugural Best Worldwide and beating off some of the world's biggest stars in the process.

From Huffington Post:

MTV EMA Awards: Britney Spears Loses Out To BIGBANG, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Eminem All Winners
Britney Spears will struggle to keep her pop princess crown, if the awards list of last night's MTV EMA Awards is anything to go by.

Spears was nominated in the Best Worldwide category, but was beaten by Korean boyband BIGBANG, who were visibly surprised by their win.

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  • renKa002

    It's BIGBANG. NO DOUBT. I'm proud of us my dear fellow VIPs and other Kpop fans <3

  • lovesGD

    Wow so proud, but wth billboard!! =/

  • Karla ツ

    WRONG PHOTO!!! They should change it :[

  • SiSiDol

    proud vip here! BIGBANG its just a start! world is waiting for you all. now lets all go rant on VIP!

  • RynYBae

    Go BIGBANG!! :D  We love you forever and ever! and Congratulations.!  VIPs are proud of you boys and will support you guys forever! <3    

  • Daesungsmiles


  • DaeToLove

    seriously, get the right picture...oh my media..

  • Nikki

    LOL how can it be surprising that they won?
    Hehe but I'm glad our boys are getting more attention they deserve :)

  • sunskyivee

    Of course. GO BIGBANG!

  • Carol

    How wonderful and amazing.  Now, these counties or mtv channels/sites should start playing Bigbang songs so that they will be more known and be invited for stage performances.  Moving forward to global fame.  Congratulations Bigbang !!!!

  • Syee Chee

    LOL tag wrong BIGBANG. 

  • imaginary superstar

    BIGBANG deserves! we VIPS worked our a**** off to get them to win this!

    XD continue hating haters. LOL.

  • Okini

    hope they change the photo! and it wasn't a surprise, haha~ all v.i.p's knew big bang would win! (・◡・)

  • FLKoloamatangi

    Still buzzing.....!!! Big Bang for life!!

  • mariisvip

    sucks that the picture isn't actually big bang 
    but i find it funny that its so shocking that BIG BANG one....and that britney lost
    BIG BANG has big fanbase and support from again congrats to them :D

  • DoubleCombo

    three white guys... WHAT THE ****!

  • Icolzkie

    i kinda LOLed with the wrong picture...keke, but anyway... I am so proud!!!!!!!!!

  • Therese Yang

    yeah, baby!!!!!!!!

  • Haneulnabi

    Thanks for sharing! I went told to fix their tag. Hope they fix it cuz Big Bang the Korean group deserves the recognition, not that other Bigbang.

  • jT

    Change the picture! Vote in MAMA 2011 guys and gals! :D

  • Irda Haryani Othman

    P.R.O.U.D Noona!!!=)

  • muggledore

    Worldwide recognition they DESERVE!!!
    Its about time the rest of the world acknowledges Bigbang's AWESOMENESS!!!! 

    *Billboard, if you don't want VIPs bashing you guys FIX your freakin' tag!!!!!!

  • bigbangfanUS

    Im soooooooooo proud of my boys :))))) they truly live up to their names, keep on making history in the music world!!!

  • TAEYANG VIIP can u make such a miSTAKE !!! DAMN IT !!!! 

  • Aiya_anie

    that's why they named BIGBANG!!!!!

  • Hahamimizah Hamdan

    that 'bigbang' is the one who collaborate with selena gomez.

  • Bulmak

    hahaha I just open an acount with billbort to ask them to change the tag.... by time I finished creating my account there were like 10 comments from VIPs asking to change the tag...... LOVE VIPs...

  • sheila quino

    hope they'd apologize for posting the wrong image..

  • BlackJackVIPs

    VIPs expected. and non-VIPs surprise. LOL. haha NICE one BIGBANG

  • Dawn

    VIPs are the best!

  • :)

    me too. BILLBOARD IS A SHAME :( LOL. JK :P

  • thankuBB

    surprise winner? we did it VIPs


    MAMA awards is next. Let's vote for bigbang! :)) 

  • untilwheneveravip

    I mean MAMA. 

  • pot

    is there any way where we can message them to correct their mistake? the wrong photo just ruined everything..

  • TotoBearTop

    Wth Billboard! How can you even put the wrong picture  -___- 

    So proud of Big Bang and all the VIPs! ♥♥♥♥

  • Haneulnabi

    Leave a comment on the article or tweet to them are the only ways I found. I was looking for an editor's email address or a way to contact the person who wrote the article but haven't seen anything. Billboard's Twitter is!/billboard.  Glad to see more VIPs speaking up. Hope they take notice and correct it soon.

  • tshidi is confused. *First article* They need to get it together & fix that. As for the rest, O-H Y-E-A-H!

  • tshidi


  • Haneulnabi

    Oh I found the editor's email on this contact page Will definitely email if they haven't fixed it by the time I wake up in the morning.

  • tshidi

    They had no idea. Let's face it - they've never been in a position like this. They were totally blind-spotted by the whole thing.

  • tshidi

    Super Junior isn't gonna know what happened. *I only mentioned them because they are currently "place-holding" for BB*. ;).

  • tshidi has NO idea what VIPs or Kpop fans (in general) can do, or how "vocal" they can be...Ohhh No, they don't...if they did, that article would not have looked like that. B-e-l-i-e-v-e m-e.

  • tshidi

    Hahaha. Oh-oh. Here we go!...

  • tshidi

    Yep, it an upset for the "obvious" supposed winner...I won't name any names...

  • Tamara Tran

    Billboard, you should be ashamed of yourselves! >:[ 


    so proud!!!! lol

  • Rose DeGuzman

    YES YES!!!

  • Stey mars

    seriously, how can they always publish the wrong photo of asian artists. they did it to Rain, to Lee Byung Hyun, and now Big Bang. What is this? some kind of racialist??

  • Cruz Rivera

    we need to fix that...comment on the article and also sent them an email :]

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    The legendary Queen and Our Brilliant boys making HIStory ^^ and the long way to come .. ^^
    Our boys in the headlines :)
    >.< worng picture is inexcusable >.<

  • Tina Opsahl Thorstensen

    Haha if im not mistaken then the wrong picture of Bigbang is of the Norwegian rock band Big Bang (yes we have one too,not nearly awesome i must say).

  • Mybigbang

    Really proud of them!!

    but more proud with VIPS! we are the best!!!

  • Katherine

    I'm not surprised that people that aren't Kpop fans or followers would be shocked at their win. I mean besides the fact that BIGBANG doesn't promote at all in Europe and only promotes within Asia, they went up against Britney Spears (who I love by the way - can't help it I was brought up with her lol) I think majority of people assumed she would win.
    I'm just so proud of fellow VIP's and other Kpop followers who supported the boys in winning this award, it definitely feels like the best gift we could've given them at this moment ^^

  • Tharanee

    Haha if im not mistaken then the wrong picture of Bigbang is of the
    Norwegian rock band Big Bang (yes we have one too,not nearly awesome i
    must say). Edit: I saw now that this was old news ^^

  • dodo18

    they really deserve it, but what the fuck billboard?

  • Thanh Uyên

    MAMA's next B-)..keep voting :D:D..

  • Renate Maria Øvrebø

    hahahaah !!! thats Bigbang from norway, as a norwagian i have to think this is a little awesome xD haahhaaha but i love bigbang korea SOOOOOO much more <3<3 ... i dont really listen to bigbang norway ... lol

  • TeGie

    I love you guys ♥♥♥
    Im so proud of you!!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    VIPS, sign up, is easy, (with FB connection and an email) 
    and kindly, let the comment asking for the appropriate picture correction 

  • Majoriejanealban

    argh.....they won the award....congrats bigbang...i m so proud of u oll...hehehe....:p..

  • k.wong

    lol no the bio is wrong too. billboard fail. 

  • BBLover

    that's our boys hehe anyway congratz guyz ^_<

  • Leesa

    what the hell?!!! that is not BIGBANG!! wtf?!

  • Ahempoot

    somebody should tell Billboard that they post the wrong picture, it is so disrespectful for not checking ur info before u post any article.  And, I didn't know that BigBang released a Non-English EP in the US.  Is this right? Or am I miss understanding here?

  • christine destyara


  • 모니카

    I feel like crying again... im so proud

  • ana hamid

    congrets bigbangggg!!!! i'm proud to be VIPs fans....

  • Sea Li Loung

    ha!i feel so happy!!now i can tell the world that BIG BANG is number 1 kpop group!!

  • clie_joker193

    replace it with our BIGBANG real pic! 

  • clie_joker193

    it's not surprised if our BIGBANG win!! VIPs always trust the power of 5 :)

  • @anindyaf


  • muggledore

    EXACTLY! now please tell me were we can spam them endless... kkkk~

  • bigbang is vip

    one of the most wonderful day in my life, congrats guys, you deserved it so much. -VIPs

  • Hidayah Saberi

    yeah..really  happy to know this plus with BIGBANG photo's a complete BIGBANG!

  • lolli-TOP

    VIP PRIDE!! :)

    lol.. a comment at AKP bashed BB and 2NE1 as "American ghetto artists who are talent-less craps and auto-tune dependents"..

    I told him," have your biases even own half the award OUR "TALENTLESS CRAP" have?


  • tshidi

    LOL. I think you can open an account with them, log in, and give them a piece of your mind. LOL.

    *How could they? Asians and Norwegians look NOTHING alike!*

  • thedolleffect

    Lesson learned about the "surprise" win of BIGBANG: They aren't called BIGBANG for nothing. :) And... do not underestimate Kpop fans. NEVER underestimate VIPs. :))

  • ♕BigBang❤MileyCyrus♕

    it was VIPs' strength !!!!! but i think the picture of #BigBang is not true LOL

  • Lesley_M

    VIPS are making a feast!its not just about casting votes.Its one way of proving our love and faith would not in a way be shaken.

    BIGBANG you guys are the best!

    Stay strong.. stay humble...keep it real...


  • valxuan

    Hard earn award! They did it and we are proud! Cheers VIPs! 

  • Ownvard

    Surprising winner!!

    Bitch please.. You know nothing about VIP

  • muggledore

    ahahaha!.. Guess the writer used Wikipedia and clicked on the first band that appeared!!! *sigh*
    writers are getting lazier these days~

  • eelinglovesGD

    i can feel the heat of their comeback ! even stronger than their debut :') finally, everything goes right again ! BIGBANG IS BACK !

  • elisa_aoki

    I am very proud, was a much deserved award for BIG BANG, congratulations! I am very happy too!!! ♥_♥

  • Cyllene

    I think they are referring to "Tonight", which, though they didn't promote in the US, was still available on itunes and hit the Top 10 Chart thanks to the love of VIPs :D

  • VIP

    I'm proud of being a VIP!!

  • mtrainbow

    we did it VIPS =)
    BIGBANG is gaining worldwide recognition atm. 
    20 millions people watched that show, now more than half the world know who BIGBANG is. 

  • Masukii

    CongRaTUlAtIonz gUYs' To All De' WinnErs!!! BiG BAnG' U KeeP RocKiN' !!! KeeP Up De' gOOd WoRk.....^^

  • Liezel Albay

    at first i was like??? where's BIGBANG?? and then i read a line saying they have tag a wrong group.,, huhu sad!!!

    but still BIGBANG is already making BIG to International industry.,, because of their award, more people around the world will know them.,,

    and sooner they will have a World Tour.,, keke

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    waha! wrong Bigbang is tagged.. T^T

    but i really love this article!!!!!! BILLBOARD, YAHOO, and MTV sites PEOPLE~!!!!! kkkkkk~

  • gulben ulupinar

    They tagged Big Bang  but it is not Big Bang we know....

  • Blue Hazler

    I'm always proud to be VIP..nights of voting is worth it!...BB you're so great!!!

  • ainatabitop

    Of course our BIGBANG win this award!!!
    they are awsome and hot in everything!!!

  • Pia Katrina D. Gulla

    Congratulations BIG BANG!!

    And also a very BIG thanks and thumbs up to all VIPs everywhere for helping with the vote. They TRULY deserve it.




  • juju

    the power of VIPs XD lol'ed at the wrong tagging

  • Avi Will

    I love you VIPs, who voted for BIGBANG every single day <3
    I'm so proud to be a part of this family ^^ BIGBANG JJANG!


    absolutely i will be making it my business to login and spamm it with put THE REAL BIGBANG pic up comments have some damn respect billboard

  • Jiggsaw

    So freaking proud of this fandom and the boys right now. Big Bang and VIP's always moving forward, never backwards. 

  • Dionna Davis


  • Syah

    i wish my english radio station will start playing bigbang music. the chinese radio stations do play kpop and malay radio stations too but if the english ones do play too that would be awesome.

  • Syah

    but to be honest winning this does not really mean we have the bigger fanbase.. but it does show kpop fanbase are the harder working ones who will do anything for their biases to get acknowledged and recognised.. true, kpop fanbases shdn't be underestimated.

  • Syah

    that supposed winner wasn't obvious.. it's just her name is the more known ones among non kpop fans.. but alas her fanbase failed her.

  • Syah

    i love britney too anyways.. had wished it wasn't her bigbang was going up against cus i don't like reading any criticisms about any of them between the 2 fanbases.. but in any case, vips and other kpop fanbases who voted triumphed over the britney fans in this occasion that helped our boys get their shining moment on the international stage.

  • Syah

    i hate those comments that are misinformed.. i mean if they had followed and listened more or did more research, they would have known that both BB and 2NE1 are more than talent-less craps who can perform live unplugged sessions with a band even..

  • Syah

    i'm proud of this award too cus my friend was telling me how BB will definitely not be able to go on after the GD marijuana scandal.. i was like no, if it is other groups maybe that will happen but BB's bond is closer than that. now i don't even have to tell my friend that BB are still together, she will probably hear of it soon if she hadn't yet..

  • lolli-TOP

    agreed. I also got tired of this 'autotune' problems these haters throw at YG artists.. it only proves that they haven't even seen a video of them singing live.. very immature. 

    yes, bb and 2ne1 do autotunes but they can sing without it unlike their biases who do lipsynching and fail at live perfs.. tsk tsk tsk.. shame on them..

    I was on the verge of criticizing that hater (his name even has  his group's name on it) but i thought, there's no point of arguing with sh*theads so i ignored him. ^_^

  • Simone La

    they better change that picture...and i mean come on Billboard...Big Bang they are Asians and u have a picture of 3 white dudes =_= how smart

  • Tamara Tran

    It's mainly because Big Bang have such dedicated loving fans who voted like crazy for them to win. 

    They totally deserved it :')

  • Hidayah Saberi

    daesungie smile..:0

  • QueenCherry YG

    my babies!!!!

  • Kaye Acera

    they got the picture wrong..anyways, the Big Bang's name is still there..kekekekeke...:)

  • Laura Holmes

    Music lovers will have to realize that not all good music is just from North America.

  • neko

    Big Bang and their fans are simply the best so no wonder that they got this award :D I'm proud that I'm their fan :)

  • Whimsical

    I am so proud of them and so happy that their fans (and Kpop lovers) pulled together to make this happen. I really like how they got to meet Queen, out of all the other artist, Queen is an example of staying with music for your whole life and is something the boys aspire to.  
    On a sour note this (joke) of an award ceremony really shows how racist thesome of rest of the world actually is towards Asia (as a whole.) I have heard people commenting in countries like Canda, Spain and norway of them cutting BigBang's section out and then not mentioning them or only showing them on the news as "some quirky groups were present". What is this disrespect?  The red/pink carpet ignoring and blatant twitter ignoring I could get over but this post event disrespect or lact of interest is hurtful. 58 million votes from all parts of the world went to giving them that title and it just so ...unjust. I know Korean has this reputation of 'manufacturing' artists but that doesn't mean they are any less muscially capable. further more saying BigBang is 'typical' of Korean music is untrue, they are 'exceptional' and 'inspirational' because they are 'unquie' and resetting the trend on manufacturing music, showing musicans and performers with a hand in their own style can be very popular.
    I wonder would they have done so if it was Britney or Lena or even Restart? I thought the presentation of the event was cheap, the 'trophies' poor and some of the performaces lacking for soemthing that was supposedly 'the biggest music event of the year' and for a European music awards why is it just American music awards set in europe. Why have an award acknowledging world wide acts if you not then going to acknowledge them. VIPs worked really hard to bring them that award and now becuase they won suddenly they are acting like that award has little value. Maybe I am overreacting but this is my impression and it makes me sad.

  • ConceptVBS

    I emailed the Bill Board crew about the mixup regarding Big Bang's picture.

    They've at least taken the wrong picture down.

  • kmarina

    the power of big bang and vip !!!

  • hanana

    they have play it once.. wonder girls nobody (eng)
    yeah just once..

  • ArielLM13

    Look at them smiles!!

  • Happyleo_luvu

    LOL!! @ the pic....which planet u come from

  • tshidi

    Lemme me tell ya! ;).

  • tshidi

    I know, I know, but it also shows that VIPs worked harder than usual too. Other fan bases may, or may not have chipped in, - who knows how many did? VIPs had a stake in this, so we know they did their best for sure. In any case, it's time to find out what clout they really have in the Melon Awards & the MAMAs, right? ;).

  • tshidi

    THAT's what made her the "obvious" choice. She IS pretty well known everywhere...some people think she's kinda a big deal. To be honest, I figured she was the only threat on that list. Yes, maybe it was terrible of me, but, C'est la vie.

  • Love 2NE1

    so proud of VIPs and BIGBANG!

  • Shiella Coquita

    The wrong picture must be replaced. That's just so wrong.

  • tshidi

    They took it down today! LOL. But now there's NO picture. It's still a fail for because the internet is teeming with pictures of BB that they can use & reference.

  • anita VIP

    Lol, I think Billboard put the Norweigan band Big Bang instead.. failure.

  • Nataly Prado

    no suprise right here they are awesome i love you guys

  • prettytin

    i just saw this. i just noticed something. most of the articles say that it's a surprise bigbang beat britney. hahaha

  • prettytin

    i just saw this. i just noticed something. most of the articles say that it's a surprise bigbang beat britney. hahaha