Big Bang's MTV EMA Win + Backstage Interview on Midnight TV [VIDEO]

Shared by on November 10, 2011  

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(Subbed video will be posted when available.)

Thanks to 달나라토끼 @ bbvipz for the video!

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  • jessiexG

    its blocked for me! 

  • Stevani Adhisty

    it's blocked already -____-"



  • TOPlessTOP

    Even Jessie J was doing the V sign. And she's from the UK! -___-

  • Katherine

    I was wondering if GDae were going to be in the clip and they were ^^. Nice seeing the BTS of them giving their album to Jeremy Scott and Katy Perry.

  • muggledore

    this never gets old =)
    gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all the time~!

    I'm a like a proud mom/sister/girlfriend~

  • Wendy

    I hope Katy Perry joins our ranks too ^o^
    I still can't stop smiling whenever I see them receiving the award!

  • Karla ツ

    I think that was just started by some butthurt haters. My European VIPs friends said it's really not a big deal. Dun worry

  • Ruth Amaro


  • TOPlessTOP

    Yup but now even major Korean medias like SBS are reporting it.. it's tainting Big Bang's reputation. Ah I so wanna strangle those haters right now >___<

  • bigbangupdates
  • jo haslem

    They were doing it in different ways. She did it in the non-controversial way.

  • jessiexG

    it link to no the address correct?

  • jlee

    yupppp, BIG BANG with jessie j/katy perry! That's wassuuuup! :) THEY ARE ON TOP OF THE WORLD NOW BABYYY~

  • jen

    reading this comments about the V sign and i got curious what do u mean by this is there an issue about it..? please excuse my ignorance about this issue if there is.. just got curious..thanks

  • superKee

    why???  is something wrong with the V sign????  is it bad in europe?
    sorry i really have no idea about it! :)

  • lisaVIP

    whats so controversial? i thought it was a PACE sign? im confused....

  • everose

    im sure im not the only one who wonder about this, so, whats wrong with the peace sign, again????

  • Jjoanna

    i read an article few years ago.. the normal V sign means Victory, but if the way like taeyang oppa n jiyongie oppa did is the way of insulting in european countries..

  • Liliana Espinosa

    the "v"sign with palm inward is an insult (f*ck off) in some countries like england and ireland. when i went to travel last april people told me i shouldn't do it but i tend to do in most of my pics XD...i don't think it was that big of a deal but i do live in the US so im not sure...^^

  •ák/100000846716664 Anna Finyák

    somewon transelate pleas !!!!!!!!!

  • burp

    what is the big deal about the v sign ??
    i think they need to cut the boys some slack , that peace sign is like a common thing in asia , ppl do it all the time here , the boys aint local , how could they know everything about the culture there ??? they are trying to nitpick everything about big bang seriously! sometimes i just feel so freakin' bad for them , getting scrutinized for every little shizzz just bcuz they are big bang

  • bigbangupdates

    Easy with the exclamation points. Subbed video will be posted when available.

  • PrincelyLuna

    WOW ... haters always try to find something to take our boys down. i guess Big Bang winning this award is like a slap to their faces. some even wrote saying that there is nothing great about winning the award, that no one hardly watched EMA and that the winning is all fans' doing. heck ... i bet if it's their fav who won that, they would be boasting about it endlessly ...

  • VIP4Daesung

    Loved this it got to show us more of the behind the scenes stuff....people need to chill about the "V" sign stuff....they are simply visitors from another country, and can't be expected to know everything....give them some slack. Also those @UKbigbang said that they are British and Irish and they were not offended...they know that A) It was not meant as an was simply what BB in PEACE....and B) They give Big Bang some slack and know that it is simply haters looking for SOMETHING to get Big Bang on now that they are back to being Korea's idols/heroes.

  • tuananh pham

    To those curious:the "v"sign with palm inward means pu**y

  • tuananh pham

    and of course big bang don't know that cause it's western culture


    This is pissing me off. Why can't Korea be proud of BIG BANG but find things to say about them?!?! SERIOUSLY GET A LIFE KOREA. I'm sure GD didn't know. Well I didn't know it meant the finger.

  • lyd

    use it hides your ip address, then u can watch it! Or just download hotspot shield, u can watch all the blocked utube videos.

  • bigbanglover

    lol @ Jeremy Scott bowing .. that is so cute of him 

  • jen

    Oh that's what it means... i didn't know that, i was living here in italy for 8yrs and most people does that V sign like gd & yb when taking photos.. & italy is part of europe .. so it's normal for them not to know about it co'z even me who's staying in a european country i never heard of it...
    so i think haters should just mind their own business..& get a life..  

  • Clarabelle Moo

    Great, thanks for the alternative links :)

  • dodo18

    let me see non european media made a big deal about it but korean media is doing it. i'm from europe and it's not a big deal. seriously they didn't bash the guy who wore a nazi costume for his concert but they are bashing big bang who did a stupid v sign . if european media didn't say anything it's because it's not big deal it's just koreans who love dramas. 

  • Irene Hoo

    am i living in narnia? lol. the video is blocked 

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys look so radiant in the interview ^^
    giving away their album signed, *jealous*

    The v sing is harmless and the Korean people do it all the time. this "scandal" was only to bring bad press and spoil the celebration >.<
    the naked man was so low, totally reprehensible ¬.¬

  • &y

    V for Vendetta : )

  • Katherine

    I totally ignored the "V" thing until I saw everyone's comment.
    Lets be honest here, if no-one in Europe wrote an article about it then why in the hell should Korea care ?!!. Like seriously, go and do something useful instead of breaking down every single movement they are doing.
    Also I know this is a generalization and people may see it as being racist BUT Asians are known for doing the "V" sign in every picture they take, I mean every time I walk pass Asians taking pictures here in Australia they do the "V"sign. It's a common hand sign that equals to peace and its is clear here that the boys weren't doing the hand signals to cause a scene.
    (I do know not only Asians do the peace sign, everyone does. Just want to clear that up.)

  • TotoBearTop

    Eh? I didn't even know doing the "V" sign is something impolite in some countries...people here do it all the time when taking pictures. Haish haters really like to make a big deal out of small things like this -.- 

    Lol GD & TOP turned their heads at the same time at 1:20 

  • Yiyoungbay

    every time I watch their acceptance speech, I can't help but smile and be so proud of BB and the VIPz.

     It is true about the way they faced their "V" sign and being in Europe means "up yours" (culture differences) but the boys were so happy and didn't expect to be recognized at the EMAs that they didn't have time to learn European etiquette. It's ok people of Korea, they are forgiven and not the first to do that.

  • muggledore

    Of ALL the things to criticize they go after the 'V' sign.. 

    The boys just made a WORLDWIDE breakthrough and you pick on the way they use the V sign, which is Asian~ 

    What the heck is wrong with u people!!!!

  • muggledore


  • Cruz Rivera

    thanks for the explanation. i was so lost with this whole V sign thing.

  • Cruz Rivera

    :3 exactly!!

  • Tripsiders

    Haters... tsk tsk tsk...

    BB Rocks...:)

  • guest

    lol... the boys turning their heads back to the front at 1:20...

  • Hannah

    It only pends whether your fingernails show or not whether it's offensive!! We have the peace sign too, but if you show you're fingernails then you're swearing at someone!

  • matahariBB

    haters gonna hate..seriusly, those haters dont have anything else to do...haha, i know tat deep in their heart,they love bigbang to death...tats why they watch every little thing about our boys..hahaha...the denial phase maybe...grow up haters, dont be a b***h !!!!

  • gina davis

    the v sign faced that way means f*** you in the uk but it's okay we know americans do it that way to mean peace and also that they were asians so didn't know this so there's no issue or offence here in fact nobody really noticed

  • Avi Will

    wow, I knew that palm inwards V means 'double f*ck' or something but I never knew that it's such a big of a deal O.o...that's plain stupid...

  • Joselyn Neira

    I love it !!

  • bub

    hey! i cant seem to go to that link.

  • I B Anonymous

    Wait what is wrong with the V sign?

  • V Anonymous

    Not all of the west because in America everyone does the Peace sign like that and no one gets mad because it doesn't mean anything bad.

  • Sarah

    Even Justin Bieber freaking did the V sign on the red carpet. I saw the picture. I hate how korea media mass is trying to taint big bang's reputation. They should congratulate how they won the WWA in EMA, with korea pride sticking together, not overreacting with few misbehaved gestures. They are already hurt with Daesung and GD's scandals. Please, just leave them alone.

  • A’a Jabar

    yup a "v" sign with your inner palm facing your face/body is considered as a "fuck off" sign but many people do not know about that fact and treat that sign like the normal "v" sign. I don't blame the boys though. I don't think they even know about that fact. People should give them some break. They come from a different culture, anyways.

  • Angel

    this is what happens when cultures clash. it's so stupid for them to take away from their moment. i'm so glad i'm not in england, or i'd be saying f*ck off a lot of time unintentionally ._.

  • Syah

    i don't know why korea can't just be proud for their own people.. they like to exaggerate things and make it a bigger deal than it actually is..

  • Alison Chan

    screw those haters... its not like they used middle finger, which i am using right now to the hater... >_<

  • Iona Meehan

    aww Katy has their album :DD

  • Ahempoot

    Can't understand a WORD! Why does all the comment about " V" sign?? What is wrong with this clips????????? BigBang boys did something wrong??? I can't tell from watching this clip. 

  • Simone La

    So wtf did they have to circle the 'V' sign >.< can't they just be happy that BB won and stop play-hating

  • Sannetussch22

    The v sign can mean a lot here in the netherlands it means victory, peace but also fall dead (the last one isn't known by many) but I see them do that v sign anywhere so I don't see the problem. And I think many europeans are like its no problem only in the Uk it's known that it's seen as a problem.

  • Sannetussch22

    :) here in the netherlands it also has the meaning fall dead but it also means the letter K for death people so I find it strange to see it as wrong because that would mean that those people can't use that hand sign anymore jsut because of that meaning. FOr me it stayed a K, victory sign, peace and nothing more but I do know it could mean for some fall dead as well ;)

  • Sannetussch22

    I live in the netherlands I didn't know it as well I even tried to find something about it today and I found out that it could mean fall dead here but still it also has the meaning peace, victory and the letter K for death people whom uses hands for the alphabet. And need to say I saw today that it was more a sign for people in the UK but that is just one country in whole europe.

  • Sannetussch22

    agree,, I think many europeans that are here right know didn't know it would mean something bad anyways I didn't know it my self as well. Not until I searched it up. And I found mostly a sign in UK etc but nothing about another country in europe. :O wikipedia has a page about it (v-sign (english version)

  • Sannetussch22

    haha, but I don't know but the naked man is kind of a normal thing to happen once in a while in Europe. It's not the first time I see that absolutely not. I even see advertisements with naked people for a yoghurt advertisement -_-

  • Bee

    people are getting confused about the V sign.
     here in the UK if you do the V sign and the plantar surface of your hand is pointing your own way.. well it means "fuck off" but then u have to do it intentionally, obviously.
     But since BB didn't know that, so its not a big deal. these haters are just out to get them at every possible way, unfortuntaely.

  • A. Pax

    Guys, come on.. The V sign is originally a satanic sign and no one cares about this fact so why should we care about the meaning of this sign here or there? .-.

  • 모니카

    The problem is just the way the V sign was made by the members. In UK if you make a V sign with the back of your hand facing the signer it is considered an insulting gesture. But in the end, it's no big deal really... i dont think anyone cared about that!

  • Vanilla21

    Showing the V sign is unnecessary. UK people dgaf about it! 

  • Ciabelle

    great job... :))

  • Jayden_reid

    Good Things happens to the deserving one's.More blessings to the Great BIGBANG. Congrat's to 2NE1 for winning MTV IGGY....THIS IS YG DOMINATION baby!!!

  • Tamara Tran

    The whole "V" sign thing is getting out of hand... I mean in my country, the V sign is signified as the Peace sign for Westerners, and the Asian sign amongst Asians because it's so common for any Asian to do it xD

  • openminded

    I think you should all respect the differences in each culture. Since the awards were held in the UK, then the cultural significance of the V sign with the palm facing inwards should have been acknowledged as a negative symbol. It's all very well people saying it's stupid, but if a foreigner disrespected Korean culture, wouldn't there be a huge fuss about it? You have to think about both sides of the issue.

  • TotoBearTop

    I really have never thought a simple peace sign like this can have so many meanings @.@

  • Doreen Araneta

    oh my!~ I just can't get enough with y'all!~