BIGBANG featured in Bulgarian teen magazine, Bravo

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Bravo is a popular teen magazine in Bulgaria. They published a feature on BIGBANG after seeing them win at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Their documentary was shown on MTV Korea where it was revealed how they were each carefully selected. Like the Spice Girls, these boys had a long journey before they had a “bang” on stage with Lies. The MTV Award for Best Worldwide Act suits them. But… who are they?

Real name: Lee Seung Hyun
Born on: 12/12/1990

His career started when he joined the reality show, Battle Shinhwa, where they searched for the next “Shinhwa” (a popular Korean group). He was first noticed for his dancing skills but was rejected at first because he apparently “didn’t have good vocals”. Well, BIGBANG and obviously the world thinks the opposite. Today the band is counting on his choreography skills for their dances. He made his acting debut in the movie “Why Did You Come to My House” and he is also famous for being part of the movie, “19”, together with T.O.P.

Real name:
Dong Young Bae
Born on: 18/05/1988

He is the lead vocal in BIGBANG. Together with G-Dragon, he became part of the big family of YG Entertainment when he was only 12 years old. He is not the lead vocal for nothing – he is the first one (in the group) who had solo concerts and released a solo (mini) album. HOT, which has a total of 6 tracks, was released in the summer of 2008 and won the award for the best R&B album in Korea. In the same year, Dong opened for Alicia Keys during her concert in Korea, where he performed two songs – Prayer and Look Only At Me. His first full album was released last summer.

Real name:
Kwon Ji Yong
Born on: 08/08/1988

He is the leader of the band. He is a songwriter, composer and producer. He started his career when he was just 8 years old in the band Little Roora. His big break came when he signed with YG Entertainment. It’s true that he used to clean the training rooms and get water for his seniors for a whole year but it was worth it because he became a part of BIGBANG and in 2009, he released his first solo album Heartbreaker (which sold in 200,000 copies!). It is said that he is the most fashionable member out of the five. His award for “Style Icon of 2008” in South Korea proves that. While he is promoting his album Heartbreaker, Kwon dyed his hair blonde and this look became a hit in South Korea.

Real name:
Kang Dae Sung
Born on: 26/04/1989

His parents were against him becoming a singer at first but his stubbornness showed them that the microphone doesn’t bite. Daesung is the second member who took part in a musical (the Korean adaptation of The Cats). He released a solo track in April this year – Baby Don’t Cry – and this was one of the last things he did before getting involved in a car accident, where a motorcyclist (who was tested with alcohol in his blood) died. Daesung was proven innocent but he was greatly affected by the accident emotionally. Attending the EMAs was his first public appearance in front of his fans since the accident.

Real name:
Chou Seung Hyun
Born on: 4/11/1987

Before he joined BIGBANG, he was known as an underground rapper with the nickname, Tempo. He and G-Dragon knew each other from then before G-Dragon became part of YG Entertainment. After some time, Choi also wanted to become part of YG but was rejected at first because of his weight. He didn’t give up and after 6 months, he lost some weight, tried again and succeeded. Other than his success with BIGBANG, Choi’s acting career is also something to be proud of (“19” and the TV series “Iris”).

Big thanks to Chrizolina (from Bulgaria) for the scans and translations!