YG reduces IPO size as marijuana use adds risk to Korea pop [NEWS]

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[For those intimidated with the business terms, just check out the summary at the end of the post :)]

Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- YG Entertainment Co., which manages the Korean boy band Big Bang, lowered the amount it’s seeking in its initial public offering after the band’s leader tested positive for marijuana use.

G-Dragon’s drug use could be a “constraint” for the band’s activities for a while, YG said in a revised prospectus submitted to Korea Exchange Inc. yesterday. Big Bang’s concerts may be delayed and revenue from commercials could fall, the company said. Big Bang and its members accounted for more than half of the company’s total sales in 2010, YG said.

YG is seeking as much as 35.9 billion won ($31 million), less than the 39.9 billion won it had earlier sought as Big Bang played to full stadiums in Japan and fans flocked to female quartet 2NE1, which is also managed by the company. Shares of listed rival S.M. Entertainment Co. more than tripled this year, even as the benchmark Kospi Index slumped 9.5 percent.

“A short-term impact on earnings is inevitable given that G-Dragon was YG’s flagship artist and helped lift the company to the top ranks in the Korean music industry,” Choi Woong Pil, a Seoul-based fund manager at KB Asset Management Co., which manages $23 billion in assets, said in an interview. “It won’t end interest in the IPO because its main rival S.M. continues to perform really well and YG’s potential is intact.”

Deep Regret

YG declined to make G-Dragon, whose off-stage name is Kwon Ji Yong, available for comment. The singer unwittingly accepted what he thought was a regular tobacco cigarette from a fan during a tour of Japan in May and took “two or three puffs” before throwing it in a toilet, the company said in a statement on Oct. 5.

“Prosecutors decided not to indict G-Dragon as he didn’t have intention to smoke drugs and extremely small traces of marijuana were detected from tests,” YG said in that statement. “G-Dragon and the company deeply regret and apologize for not being more careful.”

YG plans to set up an “artist risk management” team, the company said in yesterday’s prospectus. An artist’s image tends to affect revenue of entertainment companies, YG said.

Orders for stock in the IPO will be taken on Nov. 14-15, compared with the previous schedule of Oct. 12-13, the sale document said. The company is seeking to sell almost 1.25 million shares at 22,100 won to 28,800. It earlier offered them at 24,600 won to 32,000 won.

Music Charts

YG’s stock price was 64,000 won on Oct. 18 in the over-the- counter market, according to the website of online equity exchange pstock.co.kr in Seoul. That’s down from 69,000 won on Oct. 5.

South Korean pop, or “K-pop,” acts promoted by S.M. Entertainment dominate the nation’s music charts. S.M.’s biggest boy band, Super Junior, and main female group Girls Generation were the top album sellers last year, according to South Korea’s Hanteo music chart.

Girls Generation’s videos, including “Run Devil Run,” and Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” have generated tens of millions of views globally on Google Inc.’s YouTube. Shares of smaller label JYP Entertainment Corp. have climbed 163 percent in 2011 on the chart strength of its bands such as Miss A.

It was that kind of success that made YG decide to go public, Chief Operating Officer Choi Sung Jun said in a phone interview on Oct. 10.

Winter Sonata

“K-Pop is definitely getting attention these days,” he said. “Even if investors aren’t fans of the music, their teenage kids may buy the music and hum the songs. We hope that familiarity means they’ll feel comfortable making bets on our potential.”

K-Pop is now the main force behind the so-called Korean Wave of popular culture, which started to spread across Asia in early 2000s with television dramas such as “Winter Sonata.” Japan, which has its own home-grown music industry known as J- Pop, is the biggest market for Korean music, accounting for 69 percent of exports, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency said in a June report.

Next is Southeast Asia with a 21 percent share and China with 8 percent. The YouTube video site and other social- networking services are helping to promote K-Pop in Europe, which accounted for just 1 percent of Korean music exports, the Seoul-based agency said.

Cultural Icons

In France, hundreds of fans gathered in front of the Louvre on May 1, demanding S.M. hold another showcase of its artists in Paris after about 7,000 tickets for a June concert sold out in 15 minutes.

YG plans to use the proceeds from its share sale, arranged by Daewoo Securities Co., to increase its pool of new artists, add production staff and open offices abroad.

The company is headed by Yang Hyun Suk, a former member of Seo Taiji and Boys, a 1990s trio that mixed pop, rap, rock and techno to become cultural icons in Korea. Yang, 41, is YG’s biggest shareholder with a 48 percent stake. The company posted net income of 7.2 billion won in the first six months of this year, from 5.6 billion won a year earlier.

“In the past, we may have been too conservative in promoting our bands overseas,” YG’s Choi said. “With the proceeds from the IPO we can make a push to get them recognized.”

Note: IPO = initial public offering. This is basically how much the company will be selling its stocks during its first public sale. YG's first sale was supposed to be last October 12 to 13 but it's now moved to November 14-15. After the incident, they lowered the price per share (of stock) from 24,600 won to 32,000 won to 22,100 won to 28,800. They're looking at selling a total of 1.25 million shares.

Major points from the article (or short version):
- YG's reasons for going public are: to invest on new artists, additional staff, and more overseas activities/promotions (thanks to the Kpop boom).
- In 2010, more than half of YG's revenue came from Big Bang's activities.
- Because of G-Dragon's marijuana issue, Big Bang's concerts might be delayed and the group's activities might be limited for a while.
- They're predicting a drop in the revenue Big Bang gets from endorsements.
- GD's issue will have a short-term impact on the YG's earnings but interest in the company will still be there since YG's potential is seen as "intact".
- YG will be setting up an “artist risk management” team seeing how their artists' public image has/will have an effect on their revenue.

Excerpt from another article on the IPO from 10Asia:

Interview with YGE:

"The incidents revolving around our artists Daesung and G-Dragon of Big Bang may serve as constraints for the group's activities for the time being and affect business performance.

It is hard to determine when G-Dragon or Big Bang will be able to pursue their activities normally due to G-Dragon's marijuana-related incident which could affect the activities of Big Bang, G-Dragon alone and GD&TOP."

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  • http://imaginarysuperstarintraining.tumblr.com/ imaginary superstar

    i'm sitting out on this one... all business and stuff. lol.

    all i know is that my love for GD, Bigbang, and YGE hasn't changed

  • bigbangupdates

    It's interesting to know these stuff though because it will affect BB and YG's future activities :)

  • Hunny_VIP

    If this "ärtist risk management" team has been developed, their 1st task will focus on how to improve GD's image among public right? I wonder what will be d plans to improve GD's image among Japanese public n media..hmmhh..

  • Sun Hee47

    I support everything that GD is living. It is time to stop criticizing him and that he continue with his career. GD is the best!

  • J.J.

    I would actually like to work behind the scenes for YG. I'm not much for limelight anyway, but it would be awesome to be part of the team.

  • Elsie

    But no one is criticizing him in this article? They're just stating facts. Some fans need to stop being defensive sometimes.

  • kaytee

    YG wants to expand it's pool of artists?! I can't wait ! I thought YG had already made his company public :S I hope the controversies so far are really only short-term problems :(

  • Elsie

    Same here. More than the scandals and gossip, I'm actually interested to see how they work and how they produce awesome stuff.

  • WeLoveDaesung

    Dang! This is really sad. I think that this issue regarding GD got really blown out of proportion. tsk. They really need to leave him alone! 

  • muggledore

    Ha! I should have just scrolled  directly to the end of the article and save myself a headache!~

    Thank you for dumbing it down :)

    Its quite interesting to know how a single person can affect a GIGANTIC company like YG. Wow GD, can't imagine the pressure you're having right now!! =(

  • Kt

    I hope BB activities will presumed normally as soon as possible. As now, I'm hungry for their new songs and live performances.

  • vicbb

    They qualified last June but their first sale was scheduled in October and now moved to November :)

  • vicbb


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z56NYSBIWFQC4BYEEDUL6DEA5A ZuleymaV

    im sorry but i lmfao when i read “artist risk management” but i do see the point of the article thank u

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi

    omo..the one and only things that caught my eyes is bigbang concert will be delayed..
    wah..it's really disappointing.. i've been waiting for the concert..TO SEE ALL 5 OF THEM IN THE STAGE TOGETHER...IT'S BEEN LONG TIME THEY ARE NOT DOING ACTIVITIES TOGETHER!
    now it's been postponed !! I just can't lie..it's makes me sad ;(

    but it's good to know that YG IS TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING...
    it's a brilliant idea to set up for "artist risk management team"...
    because of bigbang popularity..they don't just have hundred thousand of fan but also antis..i guess this is a precaution step from YG...for future..

    I believe that YG will definetly solve everything..
     after all bigbang is YG main business asset..

    As a fan (VIP) I'll be waiting for some good music and good news about bigbang..
    I'll be waiting..comeback soon BIGBANG!!

  • Tinker Bell

    Actually a lot is weighting on how the turnout will be like for the coming concerts.
    The IPO is schedule to be in Nov . . .  if the turnout for Dec concerts is good, I think the stock price will go up. But I am not too hopeful where Japan is concerned. I think the Japanese are still a bit sore that they got drag in. . .  unless Japanese VIPs step in to show their support

  • Tinker Bell

    I wonder if overseas investors are allow to participate in the IPO?

  • vicbb

    Makes sense and now that you mention it, I foresee articles on tickets being sold out during the first days, which hopefully won't be exaggerated (like apparently, some articles are).

  • vicbb

    Since it's KOSDAQ, they probably allow foreign investors just like other companies. Not just sure how it works with small investors. According to this: http://busanhaps.com/article/investing-korean-market, you have to live in Korea (a foreigner with an alien reg card) or the process for applying is complicated.

  • vicbb

    Since it's KOSDAQ, they probably allow foreign investors just like other companies. Not just sure how it works with small investors. According to this: http://busanhaps.com/article/investing-korean-market, you have to live in Korea (a foreigner with an alien reg card) or the process for applying is complicated.

  • J.J.

    One of my classmates worked for JYPE in their American office as a graphics designer before going back to school. I'd work in the office or something.

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    It's interesting to know this facts, I hope everything works out well for our boys and YG can achieve its business expectations

  • Ozlin03

    hrm, GD's action did leave a BIG impact on YG.. *sigh.

    there is always a bump on the road.. it's not always smooth sailing (or driving since I used the road) I know GD and of course YG will get through this.. I support them 100% no matter what happens!

    Ever since I got into K-Pop last 2008 YG Ent. was my favourite Company because they had BIG BANG.

    I will wait patiently for Big Bang's comeback as a whole and of course GD (coz he's my bias <3 )

    Kwon Jiyong FIGHTING!
    G-Dragon FIGHTING!


    oh, and when they do comeback.. HAVE A CONCERT IN VANCOUVER CANADA!!

  • Non-blond

    While twirling my hair, like, you know, what YG said, "an artist image tends to affect revenue", like, for realz, like duh. 

  • ShortLegOppa

    It's kind of interesting reading these stuff 
    But certainly BB bought in most of the revenues for YG 
    I was shocked by the numbers when I found out that last year BB bought in nearly 50% of income for YG and even GD&TOP alone bought in around 20%. Together that's nearly 70%.Considering last year they didn't had major activities and stuffs that's really a lot.
    Public image is very important for artists. I'm glad that YG is setting up something to work on this now. YG, TREAT MY BOYS WELL LOL 
    I don't mind waiting for them. As long as they are still together and don't disband. 
    I know the rest of the boys will be doing solo stuffs to be with us to get though the times 
    when they are unable to promote together. And I really don't mind having a TAEYANG second solo album, TOP or Seungri First solo album haha 

  • 36braids

    hi there BigBangUpdates, thanks for sharing the info. it's very interesting since YG is a big and profitable company, and now they want to go for an IPO. maybe later fans would want to invest in YGE too to support their idols.
    thanks again!

  • Noelle Poon

    Changing is necessary for YG in 2012 ^o^

  • rouleax

    It's been recognized that G-Dragon is the flag artist of YG and it is expected that his latest scandal will hugely affect the company business wise. I agree that YG needs to invest more on the promotion of other artists and new artists under its wing and not to rely on a few because this kind of thing (e.g. scandal) happens, that some people let go and forget and loose their footing or become reckless in their judgment. I am disappointed because I am a fan. But I think YG artists should be given a break to breath and be grounded again so they will not succumb to pressure. I hope they will also go out of their building and socialize with other artists. Just my observation......

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    Ok. Based on the article alone, why can't they reschedule the IPO for Dec, do some "positive image" things in the mean time, while increasing the amount per share. Tanking 4 billion won in the asking price because of this one incident is really significant. Is YG in a hurry to meet some deadline or something? Why not hold off until a better time, or at least, a little later (since they are probably anxious to get this done)? If BB wins at the Belfast EMAs (which I hope it will), this will help mitigate the risk associated with it due to this incident because it will be recognized globally. Even if it's just by a little.
    I'm probably just rumbling here, but won't YGE wait a little longer and "up" it's IPO to about half the difference (give or take) of the 2 amounts? I'm obviously missing something here. What am I missing? I think they can still possibly salvage more out of this somehow... at least I hope they can...    

  • BB88

    Artist Risk Management. A more responsible lifestyle instilled in its artists and adherence to basic truth are all that is needed.  Popularity and success comes with great responsibility. Make the artist be responsible for the consequences of his own action. It should not be about public image alone but character development. As long as this work as a deterrence rather than as a camouflage, it is a positive development.

  • Jin

    Maybe they need the money now. The stock price can always increase after.

    I don't think BB's win in the EMAs won't really be making any difference. From what I'm getting from the article, they're shifting their focus away from BB and will be investing on other artists instead -- which I think is a wrong move since BB has already a solid base. But then again maybe the marijuana thing is really major.

  • http://twitter.com/twistedtine Kristine Tan

    I still want to buy stocks from them.

  • Jin

    It's very unfortunate what happened to Daesung and GD and from a business point of view, it's understandable that they're branching out and focusing on their other artists.

    Big Bang / GD&TOP / G-Dragon not having activities would mean less risk in losing money for YG if something happens to them. But as a BB stan, it means less promotions, less songs and less stuff to spazz about.

    It may be selfish but GD / Big Bang played the BIGGEST role in why YG is where it is right now. If YG thinks removing the focus on them would give them more money, I hope they are proven wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Choi-MyungHee/1826233588 Choi MyungHee

    when it comes to business and money talk i wouldn't argue if they said YG will loose an amount of money due to all this mess..but i can promise them that they'll never lose even a tiny bit of my trust and love to them...YGFAMILY FIGHTING!!!!!

  • Vvip

    “In the past, we may have been too conservative in promoting our bands
    overseas,” YG’s Choi said. “With the proceeds from the IPO we can make a
    push to get them recognized.”

    2NE1? Sorry to say but they're flops in Japan. It might be better to promote somewhere else.

  • superKee

    i don't know why everybody in korean entertainment industry wanted to debut in japan???  is there something in japan????  :) i just wish Big Bang just debut in america than in japan! :( (but no offence to japan or to japanese people,,, anyway i am half japanese! haha)

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    I don't think they are "shifting" their focus from BB as much as just expanding, and as any growing business would do, there is need to allocate/reallocate limited resources. So it's just likely that BB might not get ALL that they had before regardless of scandals (or the lack thereof). Getting more artists is good for YG because it spreads risk (seeing as BB was responsible for at least 50% of the revenue, relying on 1 major player can, clearly, have it's disadvantages). I still think they should consider holding off & doing this at another time if it's at all possible. Why not get more initially if you can? Thanks for the reply, btw.

  • Vvip

    More money there. Case in point: In Korea, selling 50K album is considered major already. In Japan, #1 popular artists sell 100K+ albums during their first week.

  • http://twitter.com/KimsunZ Kimsun Z. Michael

    No matter what happen, I just hope that my icon BIGBANG stays together.....no matter how long I'll have to wait!

  • be charm

    watever happen..my vote,my love,my heart remain the same...love YG's family!!!

  • Anna

    flobs in Japan? yeah right... they are maybe not doing miracles like DBSK but they are doing fine considering they are new there... 

  • http://twitter.com/ChristineRara christine destyara

    love this word "YG's potential is seen as "intact"

  • Anna

    I agree with you...

  • sunshine

    If YG dare to leave BB and GD aside and if he dares to not give them proper attention i will fly to Korea and beat the shit out of him. It's more than clear that he became richer because of these boys, if it wasn't for BB YG wouldn't have been one of the best companies. So don't you dare to focus only on your other ar5tist just to keep yourself safer, do your best to keep them safe and help them now when they need you, but of course everything is about the money, isn't it?> Also, keep an eye on GD, he must be feeling terrible right now, don't let him all alone

  • http://twitter.com/Lin6797 Linoy

    I'm scared T-T..

    They're always talking about that it could affect their activities and stuff..
    Which makes it more scary >< . 
    All I (and the rest of the VIPs, I guess) want is to see Big Bang on stage, all of them together, and well...Happy! ♥..
    We're supporting Big Bang no matter what!! ♥ I just wish..People will quickly forget about these issues..They should seriously stop making huge thing from every little issuse. And even if it's not 'little issuses', it is TINY compare to the amazing things that Big Bang  do. They have such good hearts... ♥I wish it'll be like a drama, and now it's the problems part, but very soon, they'll be strong again and show amazingly, they'll change all the bad issues into good news, antis will become supportive VIPs...And they can do it. Because they are BIG BANG ♥ !Let's help them by voting them on that MTV thing. BIG BANG FIGHTING!!! ♥ :D 

  • http://bigbangupdates.com Chibicles

    its amazing how YG manages to keep the company in a business aspect as well as a family altogether.

  • http://twitter.com/sofylovesyou Sofia Hannah

    for VIPs it's a sad thing to be reading things like 'delayed comebacks, releases and concerts' and all. But still business is business afterall, no matter how much we want things to go off easily there are things that we really MUST understand and consider. I'm no expert regarding business jargon here:)
    some of you are saying that YG will disregard Bigbang and all,  but we all know (as stated) in the article above that Bigbang is primarily the main source of YG' revenue. There's no way that YG will do that. It will make the company more at risk. 
    We must admit that scandals greatly affect YG. We believe on it or not, shit still happened, blown out of proportion, feasted by media. 
    Now it's all about the matter of time. No one's to blame here. Don't blame YG. Don't blame GD. 

    and now as a fan girl here...2012=BIGBANG's year again! :))

  • Rie

    To be honest I think creating this artist risk management team might be of help, considering that YGE failed at doing damage control over the issues regarding both Daesung and GD's cases (not that the blame should be on the company alone, the artists should've been more cautious knowing they're public figures in their celebrity status). 

    Hopefully we'll see more of Big Bang soon with a newly released album. I for one, would include myself as one of those fans that would remain loyal to them no matter what. 

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    Well, briefly, like vvip said, there's money to be had in Japan. LOL. There's a clear demand for kpop in Japan. Some industries are easier to enter into than others, & I think Japan would be considered an "easier target" for several reasons, (some more obvious than others), than, say, the U.S. of A or European markets (this is slowly changing, btw). Right now, it's smart for kpop groups to supply the increasing demand for kpop in Japan. I think this reason is kinda the "bottom-line" deal. Hope this helps a little. :).

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    damn, never thought that GD would have such a huge impact on YG :\
    This makes me all depressed again, poor Ji, he probably feels horrible right now...

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    I think that's the idea. It's a deterrent, not a camouflage. I get the impression (or the idea) that a team like this would constantly assess what each of the artists do in public, and how the public response either attracts or detracts fans (and ultimately revenues). I also think that based on these assessments, they can determine how much to invest in each of the artists based on the expected (and eventually, real) return that these artists can (and eventually, do) generate.

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    Best rule in business: You don't have to do it all yourself. Surround yourself with people who are good at what they do. They will make you look good.

  • lat

    ah man~!!! seriously, what's so big deal about jiyong taking marijuana or not? everyday there are so many ppl out there tooks a million puff of it. c'mon~ this year is such a bad year for big bang... =(

  • vip501

    I dont mind buying YG shares....after all I think you always make a profit even if it is reaaallyy small XD

  • http://twitter.com/irmaaay irma ayu

    I respect YG for doing this.
    most of other agencies tend to leave and abandoned the artist when they're in BIG trouble to avoid loss, but YG are trying to avoid the loss without abandoned their artist, even protect them.
    sorry for bring other agencies..
    but look at Jay, when he got into trouble JYP didn't even back him up, and let him go back to the US.
    look at Tablo, Woolim Ent. not once they try to Help him straighten up the false rumor, not once they Help Tablo to bring out the truth, instead they choose to hide, afraid that it'll have a domino effect to their other artist.
    Tablo, Jay, and GD they're pretty similar, They got HUGE potential inside them, They're all the geniuses (all write and produce their own song), and they're the main money making machine in their own company.
    too bad only YG realized it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/asphyxiated Tamara Tran

    I totally agree. GD is a valuable person in the company, he is a genius in various ways than just one. YG is smart for keeping a hold of him. Family is family =) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/asphyxiated Tamara Tran

    :O Such a mouthful in this article. But it made sense! 
    Thank you for this information :)

  • Anie


  • Obobzepol

    This is off topic, but bring Jay Park in YG! that would make them in the same boat and strengthen YG even more since TABLO joined them. 

  • superKee

    oh i see... so it is the money!!! tsk! 

  • superKee

    oh i see... so it is the money!!! tsk! 

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    This is a good time for other BB members to do solo albums/mini albums. We've seen Tae Yangs', Seung Ri's, so TOP, no pressure - we know you are taking your sweet time because you want to blow our minds, but please...just know, there are some people waiting for your solo mini album. I'm just saying. Keep that in mind. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000478891993 Sea Li Loung

    well!since i heard about GD news i feel like now GD is working hard to say sorry !i somehow feeling that GD is now busy writing and making songs to make up his fault and sorry for disapointed his family,his members,his company and his fan and also thank to people who be by his side!!and when the come out it will be a biggest hit, and becuz of the song, his album will become the best selling album all time,and GD will set new record!it maybe sound crazy but i really feeling like that!!hope my feeling come to life!!

  • Laura Holmes

    Big Bang will probably have other bumps in the road of their future, so it is good that YG is going to prepare for this. But the important thing is they will stay together.

  • Sun Hee47

    What I'm saying is that we are talking a lot about this issue, they should fix it in private and once find the final solution should publish all ...  I do not think GD is as well as for everyone that he continually reviewing.  I hope you understand my english.

  • http://twitter.com/ygfamislove YangGoonDTroll

    For the meantime focusing on his other artists is the best way for a businessman to do. He is like a father to big bang more than any of the artists he have so from that point we can be assured that BB's gonna get what they're supposed to have. Time will heal everything. Rushing things will just worsen their status as a whole.  

  • ruby

    They should hire a successful American publicist, namely Robert Downey Jr's to help with cleaning up GD's image. He doesn't even have close to the problems that RDJ did - he just needs lots of good publicity. I also think they need to stop hiding him. I think that makes it worse.

  • Linn

    ohhh selling shares!!...can I buy Taeyang? :p

  • ooxstacee

    This is interesting. Instead of always reading about the Entertainment side of things, it's nice to know a bit of the whole Business side of this. But after all of this and all the issues that fly around, my love for YGE isn't going to change. :) Everything will fall into place again for them. All they need is time and I'll just sit around and wait for that time to come around.

  • VILikeLizBBU

    This was a really fascinating read

  • http://twitter.com/vipdolphin SiSiDol

    So if its cheaper per stock because of GD? ...buy it now VIPs, as a capital market/investment major student i would recommend YG stock. as k-pop restraining its fame globally in high speed i would say its a quite good market with bright future, and YGE's potential as article mentioned is "intact", and no need to mention that YGE's artists worth to be seen outside of Asia as k-pop pride. plus it will make your dream come true, you will become a real YG family member. 


  • Hyunna04

    I JUST WANNA SAY,,, no matter what happen Big Bang is my first group forever!

  • Setyee1982

    got chines sub >< 

  • Edherei

    i believe that sajangnim has good reasons for having this plan... i am just hoping that GD's name will be cleared. I'm hoping that Jiyong will be fine despite the criticisms that are thrown at him. GD, we VIPs will continue to support and love you... i'll be patiently waiting for your comeback together with the rest of the BB members...:)

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    yups. i think right now actually is one of the better times for BB to venture outside japan and korea.. since it seems to hit these two countries more.. they can take a break from these 2 countries after the ygfamily concerts and promote overseas once YG gets money from the sale of stocks etc..

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    that's how life is sometimes... especially if you are in the public eye.. it's the same in Hollywood too isn't it.. no matter how awesome you are and how many amazing things you do.. just one wrong move or bad thing about you, everyone remembers it and tend to forget whatever good stuff you did before..

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    it would probably make JI learn a lesson but he always has to learn things the hard way,... Ji would probably be more cold and distant to the public than he already was..

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1104554578 Razana Chocola

    here we go again .

  • BB lover

    I agree hiding GD makes things look worse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Diem/1002257151 Emily Diễm

    they could take a break from Korea, Japan, and do a world tour in stead. Just come to the US where I'm living now, or my hometown Vietnam. GD&TOP can smoke as much as they can and even marijuanna is welcome =__=. Seriously, if every fans know that smoking marijuanna is no good then they just have to step out of that field and don't do drug, why do they have to blame GD for being a bad influence? To be honest, GD has a junkie image and I love it. I just love it. I wish this kind of thing should end soon. And I'm so mad at Korean, Japanese netizens who always seem to want a piece of GD.

    YG is rich, don't worry. They're effing rich. Things are gonna be alrighty.

  • http://twitter.com/HarulovesGD Hiragizawa Haruko

    I just know that I will be forever with YG Family and I Will Love G Dragon until I die!

  • Kenley

    So YG decided to go public? Yes I think how their artists behave will initially affect their stock prices but probably later on when Big Bang again debuts with a strong one the prices will go up.

    It's not only Big Bang that needs a publicist, YG itself needs one. They need a publicist to control public relations so that news like GD's marijuana's issue will not stay on the spotlight again. 

    GD needs to go out again. So does Dae. I know as fans we will be patient for them but then again if they want to erase those incidents they need to put up a good image again. The first appearance will always be the hardest but if they have a good publicist they can almost erase the past incidents from the public's mind.

  • ssfrkk

    i dont think they will though, it'll be thought as rude since YGE and JYPE are friendly rivals?

  • http://bigbangand2ne1.tumblr.com AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    trust YG!!! HWAITING~!!!! BIGBANG~!!!!

    they should really go overseas (other than Japan and Korea).... they've captured so many fans worldwide already!!!