Seungri and GD&TOP "The 8TV Quickie" Interview @ KMW Malaysia [SUBBED]

Shared by on October 3, 2011  

GDTOPVI's part starts at 0:58:

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  • iLuvTODAE

    TOP n his random weird jokes...haha what makes it weird is that u never know if he's telling a joke or not because he has a serious face when telling it!!! :)

  • VVIPforSeungRi

    LMFAO Seungri-yah xD I can't tell if GD was laughing at Seungri... or the way TOP went "HUUUUH?"

  • Laura Holmes

    I wouldn't care if I had to pay for my food, if I could party with them a campfire

  • valxuan


    of all the word...our SeungRi wants to teach us Motjidaenggg!!! kkkkkkkk

  • myTOPsecret

    to the groups that was interviewed .. we can see that BB really has a unique aura..its like their presence alone can leave a big impression on the viewers..what more if they talked like that??.,.i think iVIP population will even grow more!!! yays proud to be one :)

  • Lucia Lin

    come to AUSTRALIA T T

  • smile

    hahahaha,seungri! i really really luv u!♥lol

  • tshidi

    GDTOP& VI: The Terrific Trio.

  • tshidi

    TOP has such a deadpan sense of humor. His dry wit is a thing of art. I love it.

  • Brenda Saetern

    LMAO!!!!! TOP!!! so funny!!!