MTV EMA Worldwide Act Nominees Announced

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MTV today announced the five nominees that will compete in the all-new Worldwide Act category at the 2011 MTV EMA.

For the past five weeks, MTV has given fans across the globe a chance to vote for their favorite hometown artists, all to help that local act secure the nomination and represent their respective region at this year’s EMAs.

Starting today, these five nominees will go head to head in one last round of voting in an effort to earn the Worldwide Act distinction.

The five global finalists are: Lena (Europe), BIGBANG (Asia Pacific), Abdelfattah Grini (Africa/India/Middle East), Britney Spears (North America) and Restart (Latin America).

The Worldwide Act category celebrates diversity and the breadth of all the music that MTV has to offer by nominating incredible artists from all corners of the world.

Fans can vote at until 11:59PM CET on Friday, 4th November, and the Worldwide Act winner will be announced at the show.

Selena Gomez will host the event from Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on 6th November and you can catch the proceedings from 9pm GMT on MTV.

Source: MTV


a) Website
b) Facebook
c) Mobile
d) Download MTV EMA App from iTunes

– There’s a limit of 100 votes per day on the website and Facebook but you can just clear your browser’s cookies so you can vote again. (For instructions, just google “how to delete cookies [your browser]”)

– You can also just use a different browser if you exceed the limit. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.)

– For Chrome and Firefox, you can either use incognito or private browsing mode. (For instructions, just google “private browsing [Chrome or Firefox]”)

– For the web voting, some find refreshing (pressing F5) this page easier because there’s less clicking action but for those who find refreshing slow, you can vote this way or this.

– Aside from deleting cookies after you reach the limit, you can also just vote using another country site. See Pip’s comment here for the list.

– Voting on the mobile site seems to be unlimited.

If you have other tips, just leave a comment below :)

Congrats to BIGBANG and to all the VIPs who voted!! Let’s do it again! Go, go, go! :)