MTV EMA Worldwide Act Nominees Announced [NEWS]

Shared by on October 24, 2011  

MTV today announced the five nominees that will compete in the all-new Worldwide Act category at the 2011 MTV EMA.

For the past five weeks, MTV has given fans across the globe a chance to vote for their favorite hometown artists, all to help that local act secure the nomination and represent their respective region at this year’s EMAs.

Starting today, these five nominees will go head to head in one last round of voting in an effort to earn the Worldwide Act distinction.

The five global finalists are: Lena (Europe), BIGBANG (Asia Pacific), Abdelfattah Grini (Africa/India/Middle East), Britney Spears (North America) and Restart (Latin America).

The Worldwide Act category celebrates diversity and the breadth of all the music that MTV has to offer by nominating incredible artists from all corners of the world.

Fans can vote at until 11:59PM CET on Friday, 4th November, and the Worldwide Act winner will be announced at the show.

Selena Gomez will host the event from Belfast's Odyssey Arena on 6th November and you can catch the proceedings from 9pm GMT on MTV.

Source: MTV


a) Website
b) Facebook
c) Mobile
d) Download MTV EMA App from iTunes

- There's a limit of 100 votes per day on the website and Facebook but you can just clear your browser's cookies so you can vote again. (For instructions, just google "how to delete cookies [your browser]")

- You can also just use a different browser if you exceed the limit. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.)

- For Chrome and Firefox, you can either use incognito or private browsing mode. (For instructions, just google "private browsing [Chrome or Firefox]")

- For the web voting, some find refreshing (pressing F5) this page easier because there's less clicking action but for those who find refreshing slow, you can vote this way or this.

- Aside from deleting cookies after you reach the limit, you can also just vote using another country site. See Pip's comment here for the list.

- Voting on the mobile site seems to be unlimited.

If you have other tips, just leave a comment below :)

Congrats to BIGBANG and to all the VIPs who voted!! Let's do it again! Go, go, go! :)

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  • eelinglovesGD

    Let's do it again VIPs ! GO GO GO ! :)

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    Make sure we vote the RIGHT way guys!! So that all of our votes will be counted to the max!;D

  • Avi Will

    I believe we can do this! I think we can even beat Britney! :D vote! vote! vote!
    VIPs, I'm so proud of you guys <3 BIGBANG fighting!

  • ★*:.。.Shizuka.。.:*★

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S DO IT VIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thanks all of you guys *O* 

  • Shizuka

    soooooooooooooo proud!!!

  • Jecagaco

    BIGBANG IS THE BEST!!! VIP or not.. people of the asia pacific should be proud of them! and vote for them! ok back to voting, will keep my fingers busy again!!!

  • Atticus

    The multi click way is the fastest. Hit the vote button as fast as you can until you see the message that says thank you for voting. The votes count.
    DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE. IT IS SLOW. What you do is vote, click on a category below above the World Act category and then quickly click the World Act category again.

  • Deakemaz

    yooo!!! lets work to vote vip haha !! daebak!!

  • leoyb

    OMG so happy
    so proud of you VIPs! GO GO GO!!!
    dont care about Britney !!!

  • mynamefgd

    you can see the yellow light?
    it's Powers. VIP.Continute Fighting for GD for bigbang!

  • Linn

    lol it is the best way and the most painful one!!....ouch my finger >_<

  • inayaty チャン

    go Big Bang, go VIP, lets vote

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  • Memory

    Lets' vote to max everyday until 4th November and give uri Tabi a surprise birthday present!

  • Glophi1718

    VIPs n BIGBANG Daebak ^^

    Hwating VIPs,..BIGBANG should be the winner again,..! Go go vote!!

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  • luvbigbang

    Yeah..welcome to the fantastic world of BigBang...Let's surprise Ms. Britney Spears, VIPs!! we can do it again!!

  • IchaBlackVIP tooo ..but keep on rockin the mouse though it's hurt ^__^FIGHTING!!!!


    VIPs Fighting! Bigbang gonna win this no matter what!

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  • &y

    this battle only BIGBANG vs Britney... but of course i'll vote for BIGBANG and BIGBANG will win the throphy...

  • tshidi

    Big Bang CAN & WILL win this award. Just vote crazier than Brittany's die-hard fans, and victory will be sure. Strictly NO naysayers/doubters - there's nothing to lose & an award to win. Let's light this candle, & win this award.

    Big Bang! VIPs! Kpoppers! Let's Play, Ok! Go, Go, Go!

  • bLueBerrYiCedRoP

    Im using my mobile. I find it more convenient. :-) having a break though... Hmm... Coffee anyone?

  • Memory

    izit seriously work for every click every vote??i doubt...

  • tshidi

    Lemme tell ya! ^.~

  • Hanna

    GO GO GO VIP's!!!! \^0^/

  • Chibicles

    it's funny that AKP published this article already and i only found two bashers and the rest of non-VIPs are all in this together to support kpop in general. :)

    let the new battle begin. Britney may have crazy stans but VIPs are also all over the world. they also say lotsa teens are going crazy over Restart but I think VIPs can still work hard and beat these guys. :)

    cmon guys! we can do this! FIGHTING!~

  • tshidi

    A decaf Caramel Mocha ^.~

  • 양요♥

    bigbang aren't attending EMA?

  • spongebob ela

    yeah!!! we can!!! VIP Hwaiting!!! BIGBANG Hwaiting!!!

  • andini zhang_장채린

    i'm a hard voting fan and i work for my band :*

  • Felice

    you can continue voting on different European ema sites, it's not
    connected to eachother so if 1 says you can't vote anymore continue too
    vote on another site...i posted links on BB's thread over at soompi

  • SuYeon

    Yeah ! So happy !
    Let's go again \o/

  • bLueBerrYiCedRoP

    Haha! My earlier comment was deleted. Btw, try using ipad, ipone or any other mobile device. Its more convenient, though not that fast. But you can vote as much as u want. Copied a message from Our YB's twitter to cheer us up. Im not korean so ill leave the translation to u.
    "올해 우리가 겪은 많은일들은 결국 세상으로 하여금 우리들을 더욱더 단단하게 만들어준 계기라고 생각합니다. 여러분의 관심과 사랑.. 다시 한번 감사드립니다 :) Love ya



  • VIP’s TH

    Believing in VIP's army.

  • Choi MyungHee

    hoorayyyy!!!!!!!!voting mode ON!!!

  • Dio Dinta Dafrista

    it just getting better and better for bigbang... they win asia pasific in EMA - daesungie what's up will broadcast soon..
    really, there's nothing can bring my boys down!!

  • Jjoanna

    vote and refresh, vote and refresh... this is what i did everyday... I wan BB to win n show the evil how strong they are....

  • PJ Mirabelli

    Welp ... time to spend more countless hours voting for my babes . *cracks knuckles* ... here we GO !

  • Atticus

    it does.. trust me. you will get the message MUCH FASTER. And it works!!!

  • hanana

    yes..and for our boys too..

  • PrincelyLuna

    congrats my babies!! now gotta start voting for the worldwide act.

  • =)

    YESS !!!!!!! MY EFFORTS HAVE PAID OFF WELL !!!!! WOHOOOO !!! BEEN VOTING FOR YOU GUYS NON STOP !!!! Congrats VIPS !!! You have done well !!! NOW dont give up !!!! VOTE FOR THEM TO WIN THIS OVERALL !! THE WAR IS NOT OVER !!! 

  • =)

    Im really happy too :) was so anxious before this :)

  • valxuan

    Nyahhahha! Well done VIP! We have conquered the Asia Pacific region!!!
    Now...It's time to conquer the world!
    Let's continue to VOTE VOTE VOTE!


  • beckybecks

    lets do this!!! lets beat the britney fans!! its gonna be tough but we can do it!!!

  • Laura Holmes

    this is so amazing to be able to help our boys to be recognized in Europe and hopefully win.:)

  • Hello

    Why do you have to click multiple times? The thank you for voting message appears right away...

  • Atticus

    Because any clicks you get in before the message appears counts. So you get done wayyyyyy faster.

  • eeejen

    Reached the limit amount of votes @.@ 

  • Memory

    yes yes it's faster!!!i have voted 1000 already...kakaka

  • Angel

    oh shit, up against Lena and Britney...i think it's gonna be a tough battle...VIPs usually slow down during the later parts of voting for some reason lol downloaded the mobile app just now, gonna vote like crazy haha...
    EVERYONE ELSE, PLEASE GO VOTE TOO =) let's show BB that us VIPs are here to stay, even through their tough times<3

  • dodo18

    we ara the best vip let's give this award to our boys

  • thislove

    YES!!!! Let's go VIPs!! We're not done yet!

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  • Carlee McKeating

    is there anyway to find out whos in the lead??

  • pip


    Don't just vote only on the MTV EMA UK site, you can vote for Big Bang
    on every European ema site, if one says that you can't vote anymore
    continue to vote on another one, in that way it's not connected to

    Everytime their category is last on the list

    Romania you can add this to your article, that'd be great.

  • Kimsun Z. Michael


  • Maggie NG

    it's so great that our votes are worthy! Big Bang can attend EMA!!! Let's vote again to win this prize! I am proud of VIPs!!!!

  • Maggie NG

    VIPs!! Win this prize as a birth present for TOP!!!!! TOP's birthday is coming!!! so excited!

  • Maria S.

    i just exceeded the amount of votes on facebook and on the actual site while in class ;)
    haha need to keep voting!! 

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    Lets rock n roll VIPS..bLOW THEM UP!!!

  • Je-An

    hmm... I thought the nominated for that category is just that.. and the winner is the most voted one... I really thought that Big Bang already won.. but oh wells...

    I am so happy that they are included in the second round..

    With all these ups and downs we're going through, I am delighted that we're still united and going strong...

    We did it in the first round, we can do it again in the second round. The competition might be harder but we're VIPs, we're very special people... hehehe... LET'S GO!!! FIGHTING everyone!

  • Maggie NG
  • Finyakanna

    Vote vote vote !!!!!!!!!! Me and my parents sour are.

  • ma

    LOL. My browser crashed by doing this. Updating le browser pronto. Leggo again! Weeee~~!!!

  • ma

    Liesje@Soompi't just vote only on the MTV EMA UK site, you can vote for Big Bang on every European ema site, if one says that you can't vote anymore continue to vote on another one, in that way it's not connected to eachotherEverytime their category is last on the listNetherlands Germany Spain France Poland Sweden Denmark Finland Norway Russia Hungaria Romania you can add this to your article, that'd be great.Read more:

  • forever5


  • Zachary Rosario

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Gill Lam

    well done to all VIP!! lets keep it going n make BIGBANG the winner!!

  • Francesca

    Voting on the mobile app seems unlimited too! I've tapped "vote" more than 100 times already and it still just says that my vote has been submitted. :) It's also very fast because it doesn't take time to load! The thank you message automatically pops up and I can just click vote again without having to load any page or something :)

  • Cara Maio

    Lets do this!

  • Zachary Rosario

    I'm going to vote at least in five other computers at the university!

  • palebluedot13

    You're welcome!

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  • Topified

    is there a limit for the mobile app?

  • Park Bom

    빅방 화이팅!
    Big Bang, FIGHTING!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Congrats to Our boys ^^

    Voting !!! Here we go again LOL VIP POWER !!!

  • Zachary Rosario

    What I do when it says that I "exceeded  the limit of votes"?

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    you can delete the cookies

  • xkissansax

    Oooh! Thank you so much about more information!!!^^ Now i know and i can VOTE AGAIN!!! <3 I'm very proud to be VIP!!! :)

  • imaginary superstar

    add asia as well :

  • imaginary superstar

    at the end of this voting, i'll probably end up learning how to say "VOTE" and "Thank you for Voting" in at least 7 different languages..

    how my screen looks like right now...

  • Capul3t

    soo happyy.. i hope big bang will win. keep voting guys. i think i have just done over 100 votes.. go go go

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  • Irda Haryani Othman

    yay!! i contributed!!! i am a proud VIP!! =)

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    VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!!

  • hanana and learning in the same time..

  • BB4ever

    VIPs keep voting !!! Nothing impossible. Fighting!!!

  • oink7

    I don't know how relevant this is and it's long, but some notes:
    my computer is pretty slow, it's a netbook, couple years old. I noticed sometimes watching veoh or dailymotion on it made it a bit laggy, so I opened three tabs of videos of 2NE1tv on dailymotion and refreshed them every couple minutes to make my computer lag a bit. Because of that, there was more delay between when I started to click/vote and the time where the "thanks for the vote!" popped up.

    starting around norway, I figured out if I went to the page & get ready to vote, and then open a new dailymotion video, I could keep clicking and literally get like 40-50 votes in at once because of  lag. I literally did Hungaria with only one refresh and Asia in 2.

    For me, if I clicked the blank spot where the vote button should have been but hadn't appeared yet between refreshes, it still counted.

    so uhh, fighting! and thanks for the post *-*

    I went through every website/country and maxed them out x3 
    -proud- proof: kekeke

  • Niakoes

    I'm so happy this morning... Horeeeeeeeeee.......... Finally they make to second round.... This is the good news from them in the worst situation, so, now lets vote BIGBANG till the end (4th November), now they are cross the world. FIGHTING VIPs... FIGHTING BIGBANG....

  • jT

    Let us also give this award as a birthday present to T.O.P :D

  • Tamara Tran

    Time to vote like crazy y'all! LET'S DO IT!!!! 

    VIPS, GO!!!!

    P.S - Clicked till my index finger hurts. Switch to another hand! >:D

  • Aic Leong

    VIPs!!Keep crazily Voting!!Hwaiting!! 

  • =)

    Keep it up !!! :) hehe

  • myTOPsecret

    im sorry i dont understand..the pacific worldwide award goes to bigbang is that right?then this is another category???are they going to receive an award for the pacific worldwide act ?

  • tiararogue

    Come on VIPs all over the world.. lets help our guys bring home the award.. you know they deserve it more than anyone else..FIGHTING BB5 for ever

  • myTOPsecret

    hope that all of the members can attend EMA ..if others  are suspended from any activities hope YG can exempt this..if 5 of them can perform its already a reward to all VIP's who really voted them..^^

  • imaginary superstar

    the 1st round of voting is to determine w/c artists will be ASIA-PAcific's official representative for the EMA's world wide Act Category.

    no awards will be given to the regional winners except the recognition and prestige to represent in the category. (as far as i know)

    this round of voting until 4th of November is to determine who will be the official winner of the WOrldwide act category [could also mean the global winner :)]. the winner will then be presented and awarded the trophy at the MTV EMA ceremony in Belfast.

  • myTOPsecret

    ahhh that's sad i want them to receive an award..i thought this would be another category,and that they already won the asia pacific wwa category(with award)..This will be very tough for us..

  • Zetsy

    Im a bit worried bout Britney,but come on VIPs im sure we can do this!! GO GO GO!!

  • vip

    *for d mobile, dun click go back after voting, it will not be counted, juz click d worldwide act to vote again...
    look like many ppl still using multiples click... dun click multiple times
    *d no of time tat thank you for voting appear= no of time u vote
    so, juz click one time, dun click many times before d thank you for voting appear...
    if u dun believe it, u can try the megafan event(tis event is not important for us,bigbang didnt take part in tis,it can be a way for us to check is it multiple vote counted)
    u can try it... on the top right coner of the website, sign in ur
    twitter or fb account... n try to click as much as possible before thank
    you for voting appear... after u reach max... click the ur profile on
    top right corner to c the point u gt... u can gt 10 points for sign in,
    vote, n etc(go to megafan to c the way to get d point)...
    for me,after click it multiple times, i gt 100+ only after reach max(but actually i should gt 1000+ for 100 vote)...

    keep on voting... fighting!!! fighting!!!

  • chibi

    last night, i purchased OS X Lion and i was wondering on how to maximize the program.
    and tada! all i need to do is to swipe all day to vote! it was worth it after all :D BB fighting!

  • Dodi_tip

    at the bottom right page there is a region selection, we can vote on each region for 100votes.

  • gjp.sin soooo happy.was losing my sleep thinking on it!! :PPP

  • Hatake Yuuki

    So proud of u guys!!!
    BIGBANG, Fighting,,,,,vote!__vote!__vote!

  • pinykyvip

    trying to make thousands per day, but still didn't manage to get that far.. just a few hundred per day! soooo excited!!! ^^ let's goooo VIP!  default2897 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  • Big Bang Fighting ♥

    Awesome work VIPs! I was so happy when I saw they had gotten the most votes, now they just really need to win the overall category :)
    So I've been reading about the many various ways to vote more quickly and how to surpass the 100 vote limit.
    I had previously voted by clicking the vote button as many times as possible, however after reading some comments about how it might not work (some people tried it on megafan and it didn't add up to 100 votes) I started voting a different way. I just opened about 6 windows on chrome and minimised it and clicked once on the vote button each time(as suggested by other users priorly) until it reached 100 votes.
    I just want to ensure that every single one of my votes will be counted, because I've been voting for them not only on every region's site, but also on facebook and the mobile.
    The multiple click way may be the most quickest way but it hasn't been confirmed if it acutally works (please correct this if you know for sure it works).
    Alright, off to vote more now. Big Bang fighting!  ♥

  • Ivory Sim

    voted 300 times today already!haha.did it usin internet explorer,google chrome and mozilla firefox.muahahahahaha

  • woneeey

    If you click multiple times, the votes are also counted more.
    It means the more you click multipe times, the faster you can reach vote limit.

  • SOL


  • Ley Modequillo

    lets go it.... go go go

  • thedolleffect

    The REAL voting BEGINS! Let's go VIPs!!! :))

  • Jenny

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can vote in different MTV regional sites
    without cleaning cookies? Like vote 100 in UKMTV and 100 France Site. etc. Here are the regional MTV sites!!

    Germany Spain France Poland Sweden Denmark Finland Norway Netherlands Belgium Russia Hungaria Romania UK: Asia in general:
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPREAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nanamz

    let's do this! :D

  • BringBB2uae

    they are!

  • Like_dol

    I voted more than 1000 times this morning. Come on VIPS :)

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    Big Bang!!!!!!!!!! hwaiting!!!!!!!! GD must back if they receive the awards!!!

  • BB4ever

    VIPs Fighting!!! Nothing impossible!! 

  • 180888

    i know that our boys sure can win wan so all the VIP let vote for our boy until the end :D BIG BANG fighting :D VIP fighting <3

  • Aa_san

    btw,,you can also use the mouse recorder if your fingers are too tired already,if your votes exceeded,then you can clear browsing history by clicking - ctrl +shift+del,,then wait for a box with a list and a tab to appear... make sure dat the first four on the boxlist are checked,including cookies,,,then after that, click the tab that says clear browsing,,then you can resume voting..let the mouse recorder do the work fr you,again and again..,

  • agg

    let's go VIPs! we can WIN this FOR OUR BOYS!

  • bigbang is vip


  • eeejen

    yeah!! Keep voting for Big Bang!!! :D

  • Ccshen14

    wow, there is MTV EMA app on iPhone and it's so much faster to vote!!

  • Karencita

    vamos vips q hay q ganar a britney y lena, FIGHTING!!! big bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love big bang

  • sevenishgirl

    For iphone/ipod users-use "MTV EMA" app!! There is no limit, so we can vote for Bigbang anytime, anywhere!

  • riezca biastami

    FIGHTING!!!!!! ASIA MUST WIN!!! V.I.P.... this is it!!

  • Juyeon Gi

    I'm Korean VIP!! I belive that the guys can win the award!!
    Never give up and KEEP GOING!!
    I voted for BIGBANG 9000votes today..... GO! GO!
    I'm sorry that my bad english...:(  
    Whatever, KEEP VOTING EVERONE :)

  • Zachary Rosario

    Latin America

  • scoh94

    Let's vote for them  VIPs!! there are the best! <3 BigBang

  • tshidi

    VIPs, tumblr has it that Brittany is ahead today. Do let this be true for long!

  • Kriska Armi Leiru

    VIPs an EMA award would be a nice bday give to TOP :) and the rest of the BB

  • loveyoungbae

    Keep voting!! It seems the Britney fans are starting to pick up on VIPs voting likr crazy and they aren't too happy about it! Hahaha! (

    Also, they're claiming that Britney is currently leading! Hwaiting VIPs!! (

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛


  • Krizia Mae Albos, RN

    Good thing today is a Holiday in the Philippines! Filipino VIPs let's vote all day xD