Gummy's "I'm Sorry" MV featuring T.O.P Short Version [VIDEO]

Shared by on October 3, 2011  

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  • jessica baldemor

    i had this imagination.. hmm the mv looks like a continuation of the first MV.. or Gummy symbolizes the birds!! lol.. but I like Gummy's style here, she's way more beautiful now.. and TOP TOP TOP <3

  • sunskyivee

    I like this version because the genre is completely opposite of the original Korean version. I can't wait for the whole video to be released! The one with Sandara Park was a really sad video that fits the song perfectly while this one, I think, will have a better ending that will suit the feel of the song as well. One more thing, the motorcycles are definitely completely opposites, the original was a big bad-ass bike while this one is a small scooter. One thing definitely did not change though...T.O.P's oozing sexiness and killer rap skills!

  • Kiko

    how is it opposite to the original version?

  • BBFrenchFan

    OMG I can't wait !! Tabi you're so amazing T_T

  • Kawaiinoona

    ******dies!!!!! <3