My Encounter with T.O.P in New York [PHOTOS/FAN ACCOUNT]

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Got an email from Becky who was in NYC when T.O.P was there for his photo shoot. Here’s her fan account. Thanks Becky! :)

I was already in New York City with a group of girlfriends when I saw on the site that TOP was headed to New York. Of course I got excited at the thought of running into him on the street or stumbling upon the photo shoot which would just happen to be outside! Then when it was posted that TOP would be at The Circle I really thought I might have a chance at actually seeing him in person. After that news turned out to be false, I didn’t think about seeing him in the city and was happy enough knowing we were in the same city at the same time and daydreamed as to where he was.

On Saturday afternoon after a short, unplanned trip back to the hotel, my friend and I were waiting in the lobby for the rest of our group to come down. What’s important to know is NYC is full of very handsome men! My girlfriends and I were constantly pointing them out to each other. We were sitting on a bench by the door and my friend taps my leg and nods in the direction of the elevator, indicating that there is a handsome man approaching. I turn to see and there he was, standing 6 feet from me! It was just like in the movies when the person comes to the foreground and everything else fades and gets pushed to the background. I mutter “It’s him. It’s him!” Although most of my friends weren’t Big Bang fans, they knew who they were and who TOP was. I had showed them the post with pics of him in the city, and we had joked about going to the club to see him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He looked at me and did a double-take! He knew that I knew who he was. And honestly, he look like I scared him a little bit!

At that moment I forgot who else was with him or if he was talking to them and I approached him. I feel bad about this now, because I was probably being rude, but I couldn’t help myself! I walked toward him with my hand out and I said “Hi. I love your music so much and I think you are so talented!” He shook my hand, and I gave him the double hand shake! (What was I thinking!?!) All the while he was smiling and bowing. He must have bowed 5 times to me while I was talking. I asked if I could have a picture and he smiled and nodded and said yes. I got my camera from my bag and handed it to my friend and said “Don’t let the camera mess up!” Then I stood next to him and put my arm around his waist and I had my hand on his back. He put his arm around me as well! It was the most magical moment of my life!! I turned to him and said thank you and continued to tell him how much I loved his music and that I have all his CD’s etc. I swear, I couldn’t shut up! He just smiled and bowed.

Then his people ushered him outside, probably to get him away from me! Then I ran over to my friends who had come down and were standing by the elevators. When I reached them I literally lost feeling in my legs and I practically fell down! They had figure out what was going on and were all very happy for me as I excitedly retold what had happened. After a few minutes I got a hold of myself and saw that he was still outside. I took a few pics through the glass door until one of his people signaled for me to stop. Which I did.

There were Korean fans outside taking pics of him when we finally left the hotel. I didn’t want to bother him again, but he looked at me when I opened the door and smiled and bowed again. I told him that I hoped he enjoyed his stay! I was walking on air for hours! And when I look at my picture I still can’t believe it!! What are the odds that he would be staying in the same hotel as me and that I would be in the lobby at the exact time he would be. It just blows my mind! This was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have every had. EVER!

PS. He was absolutely perfect. He was just wearing foundation and his skin was flawless. His body was perfect! He was thin and fit, not skinny. I thought he’d be taller and wider in the shoulders, but I think that’s because he wears suits so often, and suits make a man seem more broad in the shoulders. His eyes were beautiful, his smile was sweet and he was so nice. A true gentleman!

Thanks a lot to Becky for sharing this awesome fan account!

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