GD&TOP and Seungri @ KMW Malaysia (110924) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on September 25, 2011  


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  • toplover

    so can I hope to see an official video from them ! can't wait too see them again ^_^
    envy malaysian VIPs ...You are so lucky

  • Novita Widia

    I thought Seungri was the interviewer for a second... LOL >,< my bad
    Maknae is a grown man now :')

    • Liza

      LOL. me too ^^

  • monkeyMAJIK

    hahaha they wore the same outfits to f1 as well.. but i love their outfits! esp gdtop's...they look so adorable like a mismatched but well put together couple...hehe... seungri looks like gdtop's chaperone or smthg cos he dressed so spiffy..but handsome as always.... thot seungri and gd were about the same height... seungri looks pretty tall in the last pic. hope they get more rest after this.... 

    • Vivian Yeung

      GD is 1 cm longer then Seungri. I think it is because GD stands a little weird at the last pic, that it looks like that Seungri's longer?

      • JilLOVESBB

        You mean TALLER.  Longer means something else........ hahaha.......   sorry!

        • LadyLovesGD

          hahahahaahaa... OH MY GAWDDDD.. u just ruined my innocent mind! XDDDDD

  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! The second picture....YES! The look that GTOP is giving Ri could mean SO MANY things....

    They look awesome....except they look really tired :(

  • Wei Ting

    did they even get their clothes washed?!

    • JilLOVESBB

      haha I had the same thought too!  Cos they were so drenched in sweat wearing those clothes at the F1 concert..... 

  • Jasmine 思敏

    Omg. They wore the same outfit as yesterday! I guess they must have straight went to malaysia. They must be so tired :/ Nevertheless, GD&TOP, Seungri Hwaiting! <3

  • Pandapanda

    ahaha...gtop is aging backwards...
    wonder if seungri will start aging backwards too when he reaches gtop's age?xP

  • Top-pa

    My heart is aching.. TOP really loves that blue bracelet he's wearing.. it's a gift from his fan and i wonder what made it so special for him that he wore it everywhere... T_T till now!

    • tabilove

      really? i thought it's a gift from his sister..

      • Top-pa

        TOP himself confirmed it once in a magazine i think, that the bracelet was from a fan.. :(

  • eelingVIP

    hope they have fun in malaysia ~ 
    it's really sad can't go support them ! :(

  • tabilove

    LOL they didn't change their clothes.. 
    anyway they are still handsome.. 

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    awww, they all looked soooo tired!!! please have a good rest ma boyz!!! T^T

  • anis aMALINa

    They were interviewed by NTV7 and 8TV ! seriously Malaysians, WATCH THE NEWS TOMORROW !!!!!

    • heparin

      i bet 8tv nite live will show their footage tonight..

  • Paty

    i hope their outfits are dry cleaned or something otherwise they might smell LOL! sorry crazy thought crossed my mind!

  • Choi MyungHee

    owh gawdddddd~~~~they are seriously in Malaysia..*dead*

  • Hatake Yuuki

    Seungri looks so mature, like a big bro. GD and T.O.P are so young like teens.
    Anyway, they look so tired.
    Need to get rest. Fighting!!!^0^

  • Hatake Yuuki

    Seungri looks so mature, like a big bro. GD and T.O.P are so young like teens.
    Anyway, they look so tired.
    Need to get rest. Fighting!!!^0^

  • Doreent90

    Just back from the KMW concert..and the last 2 part which is Seungri, GD & TOP part was the biggest and fuckiest high high ever!!! Cant believe the whole audience was standing up and cheers and scream and singing together out loud!! But unfortunately i couldn't see them clearly.. :( anyway i believe all of the VIPs in the world will definitely have a chance to meet them!! VIP ROCKS!!

  • aisya94

    is there somewhere that i can watch the videos perf in malaysia..cuz,i`m here and did`nt go 

  • Athalia Chin Anthony



      Happy birthday!! :D

  • Izz_girlz

    the concert is daebak!!!
    i think the stadium is full of VIP..
    totally the best night of my life!!!!!!

  • CHYI LOO ♥

    The ending isn't complete , you guys are coming back to MALAYSIA with Tae & Dae ! <3

  • TotobearTop

    WHAT?!?! I didn't even know about this!!! T_T If not i would've stalked them.

    Goodbye Seungri, GD & TOP, i love you guys. Thank you guys for the amazing performance.

  • eeejen

    Everyone in KMW 2011 Malaysia went wild once Seungri comes out. But gone even worse when its GD & TOP! It was really fun and high! Greatest night ever for the Malaysian VIPs!!!!

  • Vivien Miyuki

    i was really upset that GD TOP and VI didnt did an encore. we screamed like hell! we refuse to leave even they started packing the stage up! :(

  • VILikeLiz

    LOL! is GTOP holding the mic so ri doesnt say something stupid?

  • AiShiteru MiRae

    pls come 2 malaysia again.. with taeyang & daesung along.. :)

  • Eiden

    omg! GD and Tabi looks like rebel royal couple and Seungri like their bodyguard ;3

  • Takakorelife

    SEUNGRI  look  like  manager !?

  • 루미 (о゚д゚о) ★

    WOW GDTOP are so colorful and Seungri's just in basic black~ XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Their outfits all caught my attention, even Seungri because of how much he contrasted with GDTOP~ ^^

  • Koalakun Gtopaholic

    They kissed !!!!! They had kissed  ~ ~ OMG ~ I 've gone crazy again !!!!!! GTOP ah ~ ~ ~<3 <3 <3

    • Mylenne Shindou

      I think TOP is just talking to GD´s ear... 

    • JilLOVESBB

      WHY do people think it's kissing?  It doesn't look like it at all!!  TOP is obviously just whispering something to GD.

  • fangirl

    I love the boys but does anyone think that Seungri wearing all black, standing next to the colourful GD&TOP make him look like their translator or even company rep? LOL even the way the maknae is standing and holding the mic for his hyungs makes it seem more so haha

  • Jaezahfazil

    i heard from baki that at first there is no press con. but big bang asked for press con. coz they wanna say hi to their fans..this was prepare last minute he said..

    • nerdie_breet

      WHAT?? where and when did Baki said that?

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    Tabi and Jiyong Colourful handsome boys ^^
    Seungri's suit handsome boy
    I hope that there's an official interview :)

  • mady.m

    last night was superb!!!
    the crowd gone seriously wild for our boys plz..plz..plz come back t0 Malaysia!!!!

  • purple_minds

    Such perfection! T.O.P's side profile is so beautiful. :')
    They must come back to Malaysia for a full on Big Bang concert! <-- I'd be a crazy happy fangirl if that happens!

  • RRyLL

    T.O.P is always smiling when he is overseas, I bet he likes to fly around seeing his overseas fans, or he just awkward cause he don't know what to say... Whereas Seungri keep giving the black face.. Why? He is so cute when he smile.. Is it cause he don't understand the language then he keep giving that face? Or he is too tired? 

    Just wanna see seungri smile more when he is in another country.. 

    • Yygdtopy

      seungri usually keep serious face haha

  • smiley18

    cool guys!!! ^__^

  • Qhalida Amat sooo good looking!

  • vivienmiyuki

    cab we get a video of it???

  • Wanleeyana

    yeah, it looks like Tabi kiss Jiyong in the 1st pic, haha, but he just whisper something to him

  • juju

    i hope 8TV shows this. i wanna watch it~~
    welcome to Malaysia guys! ^__^

  • sue_aA

    thnx 4 an excelent performance last nite,my 3 heroes..

  • Sunflowers Kenn

    VIP in Malaysia was so lucky  ._.
    GTOP is so adorable with their outfit n_n 
    The first photo looks so cuteeeeee ^w^


    finally they've arrived to my country..MALAYSIA..yeah!!!

  • Izlinstar


  • Izuni Nia

    really love their performance yesterday...but their performance just to short & i miss them at the airport this sad...TT_TT...btw,i feel that it's not KMW but BIGBANG concert..totally awesome!!!many VIP's came & show their support to Bigbang..maknae is juz so cute when he speak in Malay...GD&TOP is so handsome...i think they are little bit suprise bcoz they thought that not many VIP's show up but they totally wrong!!!juz imagine ur guys saw a hundreds of yellow light & the scream...i lost my voice today & my body are tired..but its worth it...BIGBANG,please come 2 Malaysia again...we,VIP'S Malaysia are waiting 4 ur guys...^^*

    • ttt

      what did seungri say in malay??

      • 동샤히라

        i wasn't there but i remember someone mentioned when he was asked about how malaysia was, he said "bagus" haha.

  • LadyLovesGD

    last night was AMAZING!!!!!!! SRI, GD and TOP definitely stole the night!!!! no exaggeration.. it was definitely daebak!!!!

  • เก๋ไก๋ สไลเดอร์

    I hope are they come to Thailand :)

  • mybiasbigbang

    looking at all this pictures made me cried! cause i couldnt go and  support my sad!
    i hope they come again for the second time.. and i would definitely go! pleaseee! i want BIGBANG! and i miss daseung oppa!

  • amyy(bigbang!♥)

    so handsome and cute! *faint* haha! <3<3

  • LiZ 리즈 ♕♤

    that 2nd pic of that buy in the middle... was kinda.. gay.. sorry but true, kinda creeped me out 

  • Rachel G

    wow they look good

  • Halizabereh


  • AKA

    1st photo *___________*