G-Dragon’s New Tattoo [PHOTOS]

Posted September 19, 2011 by

Source: Jmink via teambigbang

+) The tattoo is inspired by the popular image created by artist Keith Haring. Haring was a famous pop and graffiti artist, also known for his social activism, whose work is representative of the New York City street scene of the 1980s. His art is easily recognizable with its characteristic bold lines and colors, active, moving stylized figures and animals which, often times, carry positive messages of hope, life, and unity. (Credit: Soompi)

+) Netizens who saw the picture commented, “I think a lot of people will try to copy it using a marker”, “Wouldn’t it have hurt?”, and “The tattoo is getting prettier the more I look at it.” (Credit: Daum, allkpop)