Gagman Kim Goo Ra sends a warning message to G-Dragon?

Posted August 29, 2011 by

Gagman Kim Goo Ra caught the attention of the audience by sending a warning to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

On the episode of MBC’s Sebakwi, aired on 27th, Kim Goo Ra talked about the golden era of Sung Dae Hyun, singer of the rave music group, R.ef, who was active in 1990’s.

Kim Goo Ra said, “R.ef was really popular during those days.” Sung Dae Hyun responded, “That was really a long time ago. Kim Tae Won always say that we were as popular as G-Dragon is today.”

Kim Goo Ra joked, “There was a day that I thought I was more popular than Michael Jackson too.” He added, “G-Dragon, you should be strong. It won’t always be like this.”

Source: TVDaily
Translated by Rice @