BIGBANG and other celebrities send their best wishes to Se7en’s new Yeolbong branch

Posted July 8, 2011 by

Se7en opened Yeolbong Chicken’s new branch at Hongdae today and celebrities like Big Bang, Rain and 2NE1 sent congratulatory flowers to celebrate the event. Here are some pics shared by Se7en on his Twitter.

On the ribbon: “BIGBANG. We’re Yeolbong VIP!!“

On the ribbon: “On opening day, ‘rain’ should come!”

On the ribbon: “From sunbae BoA who debuted 11 years ago. Finally, Yeolbong chicken!”

On the ribbon: “2NE1 YG.ent. Yeolbong is the best!”

Source: @officialse7en | Translations from allkpop