Police recommend indictment of Big Bang member Daesung

Posted June 24, 2011 by

Police on Friday recommended that prosecutors indict idol group Big Bang member Daesung for his involvement in a car accident which has resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Korea’s National Forensic Service and police had been investigating into the accident which occurred on May 31 when Daesung failed to notice that the motorcyclist, identified only by his last name Hyun, was laying on the road from an accident, and hit him as well as a taxi driver checking on Hyun.

“We judged that Daesung was negligent in his responsibility to look ahead of him while driving so he ran over Hyun who was on the floor which inflicted multiple injuries on him and led to his death,” police said of their decision to seek the charge of the 22-year-old idol star.

Police said that Hyun, driving under the heavy influence of alcohol, fell off his bike after colliding into a streetlight on which he hit his head and he suffered “extremely severe injuries from it” but it cannot be concluded that this was the single cause of his death since Daesung hit him about two minutes later.

Police added, “We can assume that the injuries Hyun suffered from his intial collision — to his eye area, face, neck and back — could have been life threatening but the injuries he suffered from being run over are so extensive that is difficult to distinguish the two.”

“Therefore we judge that he died due to his collision into the streetlight and the multiple injuries he suffered from being run over,” police stated.

The case will now be turned over to prosecutors.

Source: 10Asia