G-Dragon present at the membership training of “West Coast Highway Singing Festival” (110602)

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Big Bang ‘s G-Dragon attended the third singing festival of MBC which is called ‘West Coast Highway Singing Festival’ .

The members of ‘Infinity Challenge’ (Yoo Jae Seok, Myung Soo Park, Joon Ha Jung, Hong Chul No, Jung Hyung-Don, HA HA, Gil) and some musicians left the 2 days 1 night meeting at MT on 2nd of June. They met up in order to from rallies with each other for the singing festival and have intermediate check to strengthen their relationship.
About 1 hour and 30 minutes before they left MT at 12 noon, the opening of the festival was filmmed at MBC’s Ilsan Dream Center . ‘Good Life Singing Festival’ (tentative name) and later known as ‘West Coast High Way Singing Festival’ has officially commenced.
On this day, it is said that G Dragon dressed comfortably and was there with other members in the opening.
(The info of other artists’ is omitted here)

Note: MT= Membership Training. 엠티.

Essentially, what we have is the time-honored Korean tradition of building strength and unity within a particular group. Typically, a company or university major will go on MTs to become closer and improve relationships within the group.
Source: hankyung via naver
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates