Daesung won’t be imprisoned even in the worst situation

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After the vehicle incident, many people are curious about what punishment Daesung will be getting. A legal expert said, “Unintentional accident is likely to end up in probation or paying a fine.”

A legal expert said, “He won’t be imprisoned even in the worst situation.” If Mr. Hyun is killed because of the crash, Daesung will be accused of accidental homicide. Two years of imprisonment without forced labor, or a fine of $7000 will be the penalty of an accidental homicide. On the 19, Daesung lost his ground when a media said that the driver of the motorcycle Hyun, was probably alive before the crash. The policeman tried to straighten things out by saying, “The National Institute of Scientific Investigation still did not state its official position yet.”  

This legal expert explained, “In this case there is no ‘intention to kill’ whatsoever. Moreover, the results of the sobriety test showed that he wasn’t drunk either, it was just an accident. Of course he is responsible for not being too careful, but looking at the previous precedent, it is unlikely to be imprisoned.”

Not only that, it is very hard for the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to figure out when exactly Mr. Hyun died. And if the NSI can’t figure that out, it will be harder to accuse Daesung for accidental homicide. A police officer said, “The autopsy result usually takes about half a month for the NSI, but in this case, it’s taking almost a month. It is that hard to find out when and how someone died. If there is any doubt about the time and the cause of the death, it will be hard to accuse Daesung for accidental homicide.”

Additionally, the CCTV, which seemed to be a vital key, was practically no use. The video captured in the CCTV lacks enough evidence to figure out the cause and time of death. The policemen say that all things considered, it is hard to say that Daesung caused his death.

Daesung crashed into Mr. Hwang, who was fallen over the road of Seoul Namwha Bridge, with his car at dawn on May 31.

Source: hankooki
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