Confining himself at home,’Daesung’,the impact on the activities of Big Bang

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Daesung (Big Bang) ‘s involvement in the deathly traffic accident has exerted impact on the activities of  Big Bang in the remaining year. 

YGE has postponed  the release of the new songs of 2NE1 and the airing of  the originally scheduled YG On Air . Therefore, it is said that the normal schedule of Big Bang has now become hard to be digested due to the absence of Daesung. Recently, Big Bang have finished their Japan tour and they were expected to attend various activities afterwards. However, the shock and grief that Daesung experienced made him refuse to talk to his family and he shuts himself up from others.

In 2009, Daesung has been injured in a large traffic accident when he was sitting in his manager’s car. While the past wound is still here, the unknown situation he is experiencing now will once again caused him to undergo a great pain.

(Omitted repeated info of the traffic accident)

*Translator’s note: I felt shocked when discovering the news since I think he was in this situation just after the accident happened. However, the date which the news was released is 8/6, so I think it is an updated news and if it is not, I will be glad.

Source: ilyoseoul via naver
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates