Inside Seungri Academy [PHOTOS]

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Updates from @v_academy:

Daejeon Branch:

Mokpu Branch:

Gwangju Branch:

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  • 알렉시스의 안드레아


  • mαry-αnnє

    maknae is balling! I'm so proud of him and what he's doing for others. Such a beautiful soul he has

  • Ann_vip

    This is big !!

  • YUKI7

    I'm so proud of u maknae!!!!

  • Rubymusic88

    wowww so nice, i love the daejeon branch! :)

  • valxuan

    Omo...Our dear maknae is all grown up! *tears*
    Hope everything will go well and CONGRATS Seungri!!!!!

  • Yeli Huynh

    AWESOME!!!! It's so big.

  • Mufidah Mohamed

    i wanna be there!!!

  • Vip_shasha

    our maknae so rich....
    totally best maknae in kpop group....

  • POPzii


  • Blackblue Vip

    wow.. the makne really surprises me :0 proud of panda <3

  • babytabi

    i cant believe that maknae is a businessman.. he knows how to invest..
    (at first i thought this seungri academy is a bluff, but its real!) lol

  • VIP4Daesung

    DANG! Is that place really maknae?!?!?! I am MAD impressed! Watch....he's going to be like YG and turn that into his own label one day! WAH! Such a savoy business man!

    Those branches are almost nicer then YG! LOL!

  • staxmomma

    There's a debate on on omona that Seungri doesn't really own this place because this is the same academy the he, goo hara and minzy went to. so did he buy it or what?


      He doesn't really own the whole academy. I asked a KVIP about it and she said Seungri is just doing business with them. Maybe like an investor or something. The name of the academy is actually Joy Dance / Plug-in Music Academy but they're marketing it as "Seungri Academy" for publicity purposes perhaps :)

      • Babypanda

        but in sbs entertainment news the representative said the academy belong to seungri.
        reporter : who is this hakwon(academy) belongs to?
        representative : seungri

        • DSlover

          It's more like a publicity purpose.
          Just like YG entertainment, most of people think the entertainment belongs to Yang Hyun Suk but, actually it's not.
          I think "Seungri Academy" is just known as "Seungri Academy" but Seungri does not own whole academy.

          • myadlito

            It's not? i thought yang hyun suk is the ceo of the YGE.

          • Imyoursgd

            hahahaa i thought he owns YGE too O_O

  • LadyLovesGD

    wow!!! maknae is sure rich!!! anywy, whts the name of his academy???

  • HuHu

    He rich fo sho... Imagine how much his fortune if he can spend $$$$ for the academy

  • Chaby Tabi

    wow! more power Seungri! ^_^

  • fanvif

    so surprisingggggg!!!!! waooo,it's so big :) .I wanna be a member in this academy :|

  • panda_VIP panda is now responsible panda... :D

  • Test

    @babytabi:disqus würd ich auch sagen

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    what a beautiful place to learn and develop the talent, proud of you Dear Seung Ri !

  • CrazyIceCream

    wow....what is that place actually? like what is it for?

  • minyoks

    wow! it was really aawesome! how can the maknae do this awesome one? greatttttt!

  • Mas_thalia

    woww!! three branch already?? seungri will become successful like papa YG soon!

  • Bbhangover

    wow! it looks luxurious.. i wanna enroll there!! >.<

  • Ouley G.D ☼

    uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

    I'm so proud of Panda!!!!!

    aw.... I hope it's a success!!!! Fighting ^^

  • Babypanda

    baby grow up so fast. TT. now i know the reason he always wears grown up cloths. bcz he wants to look like profesionals. give me back my baby TT

  • kmarina

    so proud of him but give me back my baby too

  • A’a Jabar

    i bet there'll be future idols under him in the future. :P

  • jean&others :]

    lots of people are arguing whether this building are owned by Seungri..

    I do think that they are not owned by Seungri but Seungri Academy is real.. this buildings are just where they meet, practice and stuff... but i think Seungri is partners with the owners of the building..

    I feel so proud of maknae.. he's come a long way.. lots of people has question and doubts about him included in Big Bang.. even if this stuff is not BB related it's still something to be proud of...

    he's giving back to his community [totally ripping off NBA on this one, me i mean, lol] by helping others with the skills to enhance it more..



    3 branch~! awesome!

  • hanysfw

    omg i thought he was kidding

  • Novita Widia

    wow it's like the mini-YG bulidings!! Excepet for the misspell of "Happyness", I'm so impressed!!

  • kenVI

    OMG!!! im proud of you my baby panda <3

  • CHYI LOO ♥

    OMO ! SO KEWL ~ :3

  •!/ Topettuthepigrabbit

    Wow! Maknae Ri! You're surprising us more and more every day! :O So proud of you, you are doing great! <3

  • TotobearTop

    Baby maknae! This is awesome! Lol the Gwangju's branch reminds me of YG building.

  • MommYDreW


  • MommYDreW


  • RachelheartsVI

    So proud of you maknae! Love you forever X

  • Hiyori1001

    Wow..Panda's amazing..I didn't think it was real..I'll never underestimate him again..

  • sanctuary1718

    whoa!! i'm so proud of you Seung Ri oppa!! you're dream finally came true ^_^

  • nitsa

    Umm guys Seungri does not own all three branches of the academy. Two of them are
    already previously well-established businesses, Millyohrae Joy Dance
    Academy & Plug in Music Academy. SeungRi, Minji, DBSK’s Yun Ho, and
    Kara’s Gu Hara all attended these academies. Seungri academy is
    simply partnered with the two others, but he does not have any ownership.

    However , good for him :)

  • Bea

    WOAH! He might be the next Papa YG

  • Maroro

    WOW ~ SO BIG !!

  • ismeyou

    Oh my i didn't know seungri's academy would look this great! He's a young man but already own things like a very mature man. Really proud of you seung ri! ^^

  • funkyprank

    Woah!! seungri maknae is so freaking rich!~~

    hope that in the future, we will see celebrities from seungri academy!!

  • Joselyn Neira

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah his academy is so cool!!! Im proud of Ri

  • Valencia Lee

    it's like a five star hotel!!! so classy and luxurious!!
    woahhh VIPs really proud of you baby maknae ya...
    good luck with your business! you have our full support ♥

  • Denise

    My,My how he has grown I'm sooo proud of him!! I knew he would do great things

  • myjwy

    darn! the studio is so cool and look good!! he DOES serious in developing and creates the academy! THUMBS UP seungri ah~!! *_*

  • Seungri Lover

    I wonder what YG Family thinks about Seungri Academy? I hope they all can go see his academy. Just like his VVIP lyrics, "I got the money money don't you worry let' party".

  • Marissa Rutgers

    Amazing Seungri Oppa !!! >< you ROCK

  • Clampsta


  • Kwonpuz


    it is GREAT :-O

  • Abby Leir

    wow our maknae <3

  • Top-pa

    he's after YG's footsteps. XD haha! i never seungri academy's real!

  • Vic85 Pham

    Fighting !!!

  • Vic85 Pham

    Fighting !!!