BIGBANG Signed CD Contest (Hosted by Soompi) [MISC]

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The votes are in, and the Soompiers have told us that they want a Big Bang contest! Express your love for Big Bang through writing and/or art, and win some great prizes! Soompi will pick the finalists and you (Soompiers) will get to cast your vote for the winners.

Writing Category:

Show off your writing skills in the form of essay, prose, poetry – any format is fine, as long as you keep it to 100 words or less!

Picture Category:

Show off your artistic skills with Photoshop, pen and ink, painting – any format is fine! You can take an existing picture of Big Bang and edit it to make it all your own, or you can create your own original image!

More information and how to enter the contest here:

Source: SoompiLink