YGE Motivation Tactics

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They may be idol stars who show amazing performances with overflowing charisma on stage, but they’re also young adults in their teens and early 20s. From an agency’s perspective, handling these ‘active’ young adults isn’t an easy task. Major entertainment agencies are having to rack their brains to think of ideas like this in order to take care of their idols as efficiently as possible.

Major entertainment agencies find that it is these kinds of ‘unexpected presents’ that their idols appreciate the most. “Rather than the things that these kids know exactly when and what they will get, like end-of-year bonuses or regular pays, it’s those surprise gifts that move them the most and find motivation to work harder,” said an agency representative.

Agencies such as YG Entertainment are also known to use the effective ‘carrot and stick’ method for when they allow their artists to undergo personal activities. A worker in the entertainment industry stated, “Big Bang’s case is a model example. When one of the members receive explosive popularity through their solo activities, other members seem to work harder and manage themselves in order to receive their own opportunity for solo promotions.”

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Source: Chosun
Translation: AKP