BIGBANG Activities Suspension? Laying aside “Tonight” and selling a 4.5th album at the start of April (110325)

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Idol Group Big Bang will be coming back with a 4.5th album.

Immediately after Big Bang’s comeback in 2 years and 3 months, they swept all the number 1 spots on Cable and Satellite Music Programmes with the title song “Tonight” of their 4th mini album, displaying their potential.

Big Bang, who have had a tiring succession of activities with their song “Tonight” conquering all the number one spots, expressed that they will now, instead of continuously having music activities, be starting new activities in the first week of April with a 4.5th album.

On the 25th, a representative from Big Bang’s agency YG Entertainment spoke with Newsen on the phone, “Adding 4 new songs to the current songs in Big Bang’s 4th album, they plan to find the fans with a 4.5th album. The title song has not been decided on yet.”

There are a total of 6 songs in Big Bang’s 4th mini album, “Tonight”, “INTRO (THANK YOU & YOU)”, “Hands Up”, “Somebody To Love”, “CAFE”, “What is Right”.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s daring smashing of the guitar on their performance stage of “Tonight” everytime has become a topic for discussion.

Translated by christabel88 @ bigbangupdates

Source: Newsen