Enjoy the theater with BIGBANG on the 19th (Big Show 2010 in 3D Japanese Release) [MISC]

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For Japanese fans who will be watching Big Bang’s movie on the 19th, some freebies will be given to those who purchase the special popcorn and drink set.

Post Cards
Giving out date: 19/2 (Sat) the 1st 10000 audience in Japan
The 2nd batch: different members version
Giving out date: 26/2 (Sat) the 1st 10000 audience in Japan
the cinemas which are going to give out the gifts: all theaters with the show on

Clear File
In order to celebrate the release of the show, a clear file with the original Korean poster printed on will be given out with the popcorn and drink set.
Selling Date: 29/2 (Sat)

The theatres which will sell the set: United National Cinema, Rosa Kyousei
United Cincema: / ¥ 600 (S size popcorn and soft drinks, salty popcorn will charge ¥50 less
Rosa Kyousei / ¥ 400 ~ (popcorn and drink)

* 2D version is not available.
* Pleae check the official movie site for teaser
* Fee: ¥ 2,500 uniformly (tax and the charge of 3D glasses included)

“Posters will be given to the buyers of special premium tickets at ¥ 3,000 (tax included)!

Source: Lismo! Music
Translated and Edited: Rice+Est@BigBangWORLD