Yang Hyun Suk, “Big Bang’s new album will not include a solo or a duet”

Posted December 4, 2010 by

On the 3rd (of Dec), YG Entertainment President, Yang Hyun Suk said, “To prepare for this new album, Big Bang spent a lot of effort and time on it. Through this, it will allow everyone to see a higher and better level of Big Bang’s music.

Following that, he said, “Big Bang’s new album will not include any member’s solo or duet song. Only songs that include all the 5 members will be in the album. This is not only because of their long period of absence but also as a gift to those fans who have waited so long for Big Bang.”

He also said, “Big Bang will return in February and will do promotions in Korea for the entire year. Although they will also be doing promotion in Japan, they will be putting their main focus in Korea.”

Sources: Star News + 权Jiyongza@baidu (Chinese)
Translation: Yvonne@bigbangupdates