What is Seungri’s real height?

Posted November 6, 2010 by

A picture of Big Bang’s Seungri standing beside actress Goo Hye Sun was uploaded onto a community site on November 6th, and has caused Seungri some embarrassment.

The two appeared on SBS’s “Lee Hana’s Peppermint” last year, and in the picture, it appears that Seungri is around the same height as the actress. The post stated, “How disappointing. His profile says that he’s 177, but he lied and added 14cm to his height.”

Goo Hye Sun is reported to be 163cm in her profile.

Netizens commented, “Maybe he tricked us to be cute” and “Seungri is a con man! 177 is quite a large gap,“. Others disregarded the height disparity, and said, “He looks good in that suit.”

Source: Nate
Translated by VitalSign @ AKP

~LOL! To whoever posted the photo, thanks for putting Seungri on the news :P