More G-Dragon and T.O.P "High High" MV Party ③ [PHOTOS]

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  • Ana Marie Quito

    THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! can't wait for all of the HQ ones later. I hope.

  • fayelfrida

    i can't still believe TOP's hair .

    thanks for these photos. :))
    HQ HQ ♪♫

  • Hayley

    Eeeee. ♥

  • atheera

    OMG tabi ^^
    believe me even if he appears in meat suit he will rock it XD
    he is freaken gorgeous in every things

    thnX 4 sharing VIC

  • bigbangupdates

    You're welcome :)

  • bigbangupdates

    You're welcome, Atheera :)

  • Vip_shasha

    is that real hair...^_^ hahaha...

  • VIP4Daesung

    OMG! Thank you so so so so much! The HQ ones are AWESOME and AMAZING! Plus gives us the perfect look at their new hair...

    I wonder, if even TOP changed his hair that far, do you think the others are too?

  • Awe_mijah

    thank u very much 4 this HQ photos...gonna have a very sweeeeetttt dreeeaaammm tonight...hahaha... =P

  • bigbangupdates

    You're welcome, Kim! Haha, T.O.P is one of crazies in BB. Hopefully, he and GD can convince YB, DS and SR to do some drastic changes on their hair too :)

  • bigbangupdates

    You're welcome, Awe! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  • VIP4Daesung

    Could you IMAGINE?!?! Dae with red/orange hair like Minzy....Taeyang with blue hair like Bom....Seungri going blonde or like green...AHAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh funny just to think of!

  • Syah4brit

    haha yea it's about time Bae, Dae and Ri change their hair colors to something wacky too lol.

  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL...well Dae has been the hair is slowly changing and he did put in the red for a short time for "What's Up" filming...Tae already said he is hard to get to change and Ri...well...Ri is just Ri...LOL! He does seem to take pride in his hair though.

  • Jessica

    well, i still can't believe GD can rocks that afro hair damn GOOD !
    i hope its wig actually or just a temporary perm,
    i wonder what will happen if its permanent and GD wants change hair style again
    he should get the afro off and that means... BALD? well i cant imagine it @__@
    anyway thanks for the HQ photos

  • airatopzkie choi

    shocks..super hq.. i really like t.o.p's unique

  • xaoix

    everyone's raving abt top's hair.. and all i see is GD.. LOL. more HQ photos.. pretty pls. hehe.

  • Molly

    I really hope T.O.P changes his hair color. D:

  • VIP!

    I seriously love TOP's hair... Now he's the brave one getting a bold, awesome and cool change instead of GD? HAHAHAHA I LOVE BIG BANG! I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK LIKE SERIOUSLY.

  • To

    from roots to tip-TOP it's all white... cool!

  • Top4life

    suddenly i miss top's black and permed hair. :'(

    R.I.P seung hyun;s black and awesome hair. you will be missed. T.T

  • Anic46

    maybe GD's bald now. the afro looks fake to me. hmmm

  • Yay_hyosung

    Who's this b*tch who's drunk in the same Red Bull???

  • Jen


    And OMG awesome cameras.

  • Jen

    Don't worry. She's one of the models that got paid to be there.

  • Butet

    Thank you BBupdates for the pictures..

    But THE HAIR?! *shrieks in horror*
    I prayed that it was a spray on but no..*sniffle*

  • Sujinunt , suemo

    Maybe this hair is look good on TOP
    I will tell myself like that lol

  • Jezz


  • linesandstars

    Ri's hair is perfect as it is. No need for change :)

  • toplover

    I don't know Y , But I really like all about TOP in this party...his hairstyle and It's color , his dressing , his behavior in party (so cute), ....
    If he's going to have this for their comeback , it's really pleased for me ;)
    HQ Pics were present from God to me ^_^ great thanks

  • Atenais

    It would be amazing!!!

  • Atenais

    Man, they just made a simple party became the most hot and amazing party in this planet.
    When they comeback it will be a new Big Bang in this universe!!!

  • BigBangLove

    I like SR's hair. It is soo classy. Hope they will not change it.

  • Lauraholmes_1890

    Awesome Pics thanx can't wait till the music video

  • superkuma

    badass Tabi.. gorgeous.. so gorgeous
    thanks for the HQ pict



  • LiZ

    my tabbiii my baby went BLONDE!!!
    in the past few days that ive didnt come check up and hes comes BLONDE
    ima DIE!
    im in TOTAL SHOCK!
    im .. im fghfdgndgdds!!!!

  • bigbangupdates


  • jojana general


  • Rs Rizky Herfanny

    TOP.. u r so uniqe with white hair
    kekekekee ~