Fancams from G-Dragon and T.O.P "High High" MV Party ① [VIDEOS]

Shared by on November 20, 2010  

Source: DCGD + partytiger0101

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  • Neo_girl

    wow... that was fast!

  • fayelfrida

    oh my freakin gawd. those VIPs are damn lucky.

    can't wait for the next fancams :))

  • lurker109

    well i didn't understand any..anyway it's good lucky vip

  • Lorna

    these people at the party are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VIP4Daesung

    So close to them! Looks like a club gone insane! LOVE IT!

    The song has like a hypnotic beat to it so

  • everose

    i know we all love fancams and we are also not-so-patiently waiting for BB's comback and their new songs, and the video was quite blurry and all, but could u please remove it? we really dont want to screw BB's comeback do we? *peace*

  • everose

    but u know wht? nevermind my previous comment.. it seems like every kpop site posting the same video.. so, my attempt is pretty much futile.. since i cant delete it, just ignore my first comment.. thnx..

  • michnat_k

    Whoa, pictures and fancams are already out? o.O
    And btw, this song is not THE song.. it's Swedish House Mafia haha.. I did actually think it was a new song :/

  • bigbangupdates

    Thanks for the info! :)

  • VIP4Daesung

    AW! They even did some old school stuff for the fans! "How Gee!" AWESOME! Wish I had been there, but can't wait for the comeback!

  • iheartTOP

    OMG!!!is TOP going to keep his hairstyle?It looked rather...nahhh,nevermind,he's still smokin' hot! XD. These VIPs sure is lucky!

  • gray

    did TOP color his hair to white?

  • Kwonpuz


    TOP's hair :-o

  • Anic46

    what the hell are they up to? i mean seriously im as curious are u guys are. is this gointo be for their new mv? I WISH I WAS THERE WITH THEM! :'(((((((

  • Allys_Sinclair

    D: i wish i could have gone! This is what sucks about being an American VIP! you can't even TRY to stalk them! jkjk but seriously if I were in Korea I would have done everything in my power to find the club and get as close as possible to them!
    *sigh* one day I will meet them -___-;

  • LiZ