Taiwanese idol group, Lollipop, talks about Big Bang

Posted October 13, 2010 by

Taiwanese idol group LOLLIPOP has been named by China TV Asia as one of their Top 10 stars for 2010. They recently visited Korea to film their music videos and shoot photos.

In an interview, the group mentioned how South Korea is their dream market and praised H.O.T as a legendary group in the music history of Korea. Member, Jwanghaochwia (or Áo Quǎn?) also added, “I like BIGBANG the most since each of the members has his own particular talent for singing and dancing.” He continued, “BIGBANG creates their own songs too. This is also our target. We want to be as professional as BIGBANG. They are the South Korean group who impressed us the most. They sing and also dance, which is our style too.”

Source: kjt@ajnews.co.kr
Translated by Rice @ Bigbang World