Big Bang comeback at YG Family Concert or in 3 weeks? [NEWS/RUMOR]

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YGE has announced recently that they'll be holding the "YG Family Concert 2010" this coming December 4 and 5.
For this concert, what is getting the most attention is the possibility of BIGBANG's comeback. BIGBANG is currently working on their new album and it was announced before that their comeback is scheduled during the later part of the year. Anticipation from fans that the "YG Family Concert" will possibly be BIGBANG's comeback stage is pouring in.
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Source: Hankyung
Quick translation by SiYeon for bigbangupdates
EDIT: Rumor of BIGBANG coming back in 3 weeks

This has been circulating around Korean fansites (VIPZ, Bestiz, Daum, etc.) and making a lot of fans excited. The info came from Im Ha Young's (soccer player) minihompy who was present at Enjoy Today's recording. She said on October 16 on her minihompy that Seungri mentioned during the filming that BIGBANG's comeback is after 3 weeks, "3주뒺쯤에 comeback할꺼래요ㅋ" (Source)

Im Ha Young with Seungri @ ET Recording

Comment by Flibbertigibbet (A Korean YG fan) @ 6theory forums:
"Big Bang's coming back in 3 weeks according to Seungri during an Enjoy Today recording... Fans are speculating the date will be November 4th on TOP's birthday. Seems like a bad time to be honest because all the music shows will be cancelled due to the Asian Games." (Source)

NOTE: This is just a rumor.

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  • hana

    tired of waiting

  • shu 슈하다

    is this saying that their comeback after the concert??
    i'm expecting their comeback in November..T__T

  • bigbangupdates

    I am guessing that these are PR articles for the concert so people will buy tickets this coming 28th. Still HOPING that BB's comeback will be before the concert~

  • bigbangupdates

    Sounds good, I guess~

  • crazyxyg

    yeah this makess me want to go to the concert even more.

  • kpoplover

    sad.disappointed.frustrated.cheated :(
    i'm afraid i might got tired of waiting..

  • Van Phung

    I thought November??? Now, it's December??? T_T

  • top-top-revenge

    the november date was just a rumor, i think? not from yg

  • top-top-revenge

    Tired of waiting, of course. But I'm still ok with it. I know that our boys won't let us down and a comeback at a big concert sounds epic. LOL with the big stage and all ^^

  • VIP4Daesung

    WOAH...WAIT...HOLD UP.....

    Does this mean that their comeback stage will be the concert...that they will debut the songs there? That they will make their comeback there and then release the album?!?!?! Cause I don't know about you...I was most CERTAINLY hoping for a Big Bang really. A new album for the holidays....

    If we have to wait till January for the album...yeah, obviously I will wait, but I won't be a happy VIP....(Unless there is a reason like they are behind, or like need rest....If it is simply YG holding things back I will not be happy.)

  • bigbangupdates

    I can think of lots of legit reasons like Dae's drama and variety show, Seungri's Enjoy Today, TOP's actor duties(?) since he has just been nominated, etc. But I might be wrong, of course. I sometimes hate YG's empty promises but at the end of the day, we can't do anything but to just trust him. Look at 2NE1, after months of delays, they came back with 3 title songs and they're guesting in a lot of shows. I'm sure YG is preparing something big for the boys too :) - Vic

  • EmilyIsVIP

    This article is not even an announcement. Just pure assumptions. Will just wait until a new song from BB is released. Until then, no believing when they're comeback will be.

  • Nur Saleha

    please do a comeback this NOVEMBERRRR!

  • shikuradehan

    hopefully this is not true.
    i want a comeback by late Oct. or early Nov.
    Dec is just too long of a wait.
    well, whatever, i can wait forever. haha. :)

  • VIP4Daesung

    OMG! I HOPE they have something big for the boys. 2NE1 is big and all, but in YG...Big Bang reigns supreme and is their #1 group/artists. Hmmm....and looking at what they spent on 2NE1...they are going to BLOW THE BANK for Big Bang comeback.

    I might get frustrated, but I do always believe in YG and Big Bang...I know they will come back when time is right. I worry about Daesung/D-Lite though...He has the drama going on and now that new variety show and the comeback...not to mention now the Japanese concert and the YG Family concert to plan for now...And of course TOP having to make all of his late night appearances.

    I think Seungri/V.I. is fine. He heals fast and based off of the latest "Enjoy Today" he looks good. He is a dancer, so it never takes his legs long to heal because they are strong to start with.

  • superkuma

    i'm sad, i'm frustating right now :((

  • Riah

    oh no -.-
    if that's true they'll start promoting mid-december or early january
    and now it's october :'(

  • EmilyIsVIP

    Oops, THEIR comeback :)

  • Fire_blow

    we VIPS should be strong !! we'll wait till whenever

  • Shan

    i thought BigBang coming back on November ..
    but never mind, i can wait ... waited for so long alredy .
    Im happy that recently , a radio channel in my country keep playing BigBang songs .
    I heard twice , but i guess it's moreee ! I hope this do help BB to gain their popularity here !
    come back early BB ...... ><"

  • Ero-cook

    Hmm, a reliable Korean YG fan posted on the BIGBANG thread at allkpop forums that Seungri during his filming of his show Enjoy Today said that BB is coming back in 3 weeks.

    I'll believe her since she's pretty reliable. She's provided factual information regarding YG artists all the time.

  • bigbangupdates

    Thanks! Read similar stuff on Bestiz too. They're saying that the teaser will be released in 3 weeks. Still waiting for news articles about it though :)

  • bigbangupdates

    Comment was by Flibbertigibbet @ 6theory forums:

    "Big Bang's coming back in 3 weeks according to Seungri during an Enjoy Today recording... Fans are speculating the date will be November 4th on TOP's birthday. Seems like a bad time to be honest because all the music shows will be cancelled due to the Asian Games."


  • shu 슈하다

    good to hear this~

  • yemean

    ahhhhhhh i want to they comeback in november!!! T^T

  • yemean

    ahhhhhhh i want to they comeback in november!!! T^T

  • tabitobi

    i read from bbvipz here the detail

  • nan neorul saranghae

    i hope so.. -____-
    honestly, i want Big Show 2011 than YG Family
    i miss bigbang so damn much... ><"

  • EmilyIsVIP

    Hope maknae's right. Gosh, this is giving me goosebumps.

  • shu 슈하다

    same with me..

  • mitchie2oo8

    It's YG Family, so.. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

  • bigbangupdates

    Thanks! Seems that the info came from Lim Ha Young's (soccer player) minihompy who was present at ET's recording. She said today (October 16) on her minihompy, that BIGBANG's comeback is in 3 weeks, "3주뒺쯤에 comeback할꺼래요ㅋ"

  • VIP4Daesung

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Freak out time!!! I don't care if it is bad because of the game or otherwise...It's a comeback none the less and even if no shows are on, they have the YG family concert to do more at.

    ON TOP'S BIRTHDAY! AWWWW! Perfect present! How funny, he is one month and 2 days before an early Birthday present for me!

  • whatdahell??:(

    Yg really good at delaying :( im upset now :((

  • hoihoibeat

    aww but if the music shows will be canceled during that time then isn't it better to come out when everyone will be able to watch them?
    I can still wait really as long as they come out with a BANG!!!
    its time to change idol music history again! *cheers*

  • Kristina

    why does it keep getting post poned!?! Please BB Just have your comeback now, you have so many adoring fans waiting for you!!

  • linesandstars

    I LOVE YOU SEUNGRI :') always the no. 1 source for info abt BIGBANG

    3 weeks is sooner than I thought. I'll wait patiently! Looking forward to it :D

  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! Cause he knows that if he tells them, all the girls will be on him for more info and what is going on and hanging on his every word...that and he likes teasing the fans like that.

    He probably either let it slip knowing it would send us into a frenzy, or it was an accidental thing and President YG is there in the office smacking him with a giant paper fan right now telling how stupid he was to let that slip. LOL! I could totally see it either way.

  • Panudach

    Waiting for Trends to BIGBANG!

  • Asian Gal


  • Superbam Wisansompong

    OMG!!! Big Bang's coming back Wowwwwwww

  • idolovephotography

    it'll be great if it's on TOP birthday ;p
    but I hope they won't get exhausted from too much work..
    I wish they will revealed something on k-pop night at singapore this coming 23rd XD

  • Sneak E Snake called fans amaze me at the level of impatient year! If you like them and their music, you'll wait patiently for them to produce an album. Geesh! Its not like other idol groups that just release mini albums back to takes time to create an album esp when you are as involved in the process as Big Bang is (writing, producing, composing...)

    Just saying...chill out...1 month aint gon kill ya!

  • superkuma

    3 weeks :)

  • Huiying

    Wohoooo hopefully its true! no more delay plssss

  • raine :)

    O_____O i think my heart just stopped.

    i'm sooooo excited!!!! i can't really wait another month, but if i have to, then i have to. doesn't really matter since it will be march/april before my friend could go to korea and buy me BB stuff, so whether november or december...i don't care as long as THEY COME BACK!!!

    big bang hwaiting!!! :D

    GD-bear, i miss you!!!

  • Hourseang

    I have kept waiting since August, so i hope, they'll come back in November.

  • Kellie

    I seriously hope it's in three weeks...

    I've been waiting since August... ;-;

    I love the boys...but aiii this is painful. ;-;

  • haneulnophi

    whatever and whenever it is... Bigbang is coming back peopleee~~~~ YEAHHH

  • piiin

    IN 3 WEEKS??!!! OMO!!!! i so can't wait! OMO OMO!! *SCREAMS like a true fangirl!!

  • Katewolf

    oh!!!! V.I.P have already waited for a very very long time. Please comeback quick :(

  • afagyel

    be it november, december, february or whenever at all, I will still patiently wait for BIGBANG. Cos I know they're gonna bring a BIG BANG when they do!! ;) Hahaha! Relax guys! Be patient! Please understand that the boys have been working so hard for this. You know our boys, they're all a bunch of perfectionists! ;p Speaking of which, I'm so glad that BIGBANG (as well as 2ne1) make the quality of their music as the main focus. Their passion for music is no joke. That's what make them different from the other groups. IMO. Lol. I really respect BIGBANG!

  • everybody_lies

    actually seungri is doing what president YG always does -- giving hope

  • EmilyIsVIP

    Same here!

  • CandyDropper

    YG always postpone comebacks... ¬¬
    they really want to kill us.
    But it's ok.
    As long Bigbang comeback calm, perfect, wonderful and full of energy and health. I can wait.

  • monokuroma

    THEY BETTER NOT COMEBACK IN DECEMBER. this is so frustrating TT____TT

  • crazyxyg

    Release the songs/album/MVs this November and have the EPIC comeback stage at the concert. I will be happy with that, YG ^-^

  • VIP4Daesung

    See that's why I was wondering things...their last Japanese album was put on pre-sale/order like 2 months before release....and it's supposed to be a month till the November rumored release of their Korean comeback and there is nothing up for pre-sale....that is why I wondered myself if anything was really going to come out in November..

    But after seeing the picture of them eating out, and the tired look on Daesung's face, plus the way YB's head hung, like he was tired too....I can understand if they are gonna wait till December...Poor boys doing so MUCH!

  • bigbangupdates

    There can be lots of legit reasons for the delay. What I can think: Dlite's drama and variety show, maknae's injury(?) and variety show, TOP's actor duties for ITR nomination?. I hate YG's empty promises. But look at 2NE1, after how many months of the BJs waiting, they came back with 3 songs and they're guesting in a lot of shows. Hate YG but i still trust him...

  • Lunamiz10

    uhh where? korea,america,japan where is this going to take place?!?!?! gosh, they need to include the place too you know...