YG takes care of 2NE1 more than Big Bang? [NEWS]

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On September 28th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win,” 2NE1 made their first guest appearance on a talk show.

During the show, the girls discussed about how Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO, takes care of 2NE1 more than Big Bang.

2NE1 revealed, “I don’t know if it’s because we’re females, but Yang Hyun Suk takes care of us more than Big Bang.”

Although Yang Hyun Suk takes care of them more, the girls still revealed their difficulties they face with their boss. 2NE1 revealed, “The members of Big Bang get to call Yang Hyun Suk ‘hyung (older brother)’ and they have a comfortable relationship, while we only call Yang Hyun Suk ‘boss’ and we’ve only ate a meal with him once. It’s not like we’re uncomfortable, but we’re a bit scared.”

Park Bom further added into the part about them being scared as she revealed a story of how she almost got intimidated by Yang Hyun Suk. She commented, “I once got punished from joking around with Yang Hyun Suk. … In the studio, I once greeted him with aegyo saying, ‘Hello,’ but he replied back, ‘What’s with the sudden aegyo!’”

Yang Hyun Suk, who was joking around with Park Bom with his reply as well, seemed to have made Park Bom a bit scared with his aura filled with charisma.

Meanwhile, the girls of 2NE1 talked about various stories and episodes they faced through throughout their journey to stardom.

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  • haneulnophi

    gosh. like really?? I mean it's only jokes isn't it?

    I mean... come on YG~~~~

  • Vip_shasha93

    omo....really...how come YG became like this???? It's joking right??? sad 4 BIGBANG if the stories is true....

  • NadiaBB

    Big Bang is all grown up and have more experience that 2ne1 with YGE :) SO yeah that's why they take good care of 2ne1 (In my opinion)

  • Ilovearonyan

    LOLLOLOL YG . i think its more like.. Big Bang members are more independent of wt theyr doing for their career lives, so YG pays more attention to the 'newbies', you know?
    its true tht YG luks more comfortable with the Big Bang members than 2NE1, esp GD and Taeyang lol.

  • forsake_me

    Big Bang are boys, have more years of experience in the industry, are well established and popular group plus they can handle things themselves. it is good that YG gave them more freedom. i think taking care is being more protective over them since they are still fairly new and moreover girls. not that YG is being bias.

  • Yazfan

    OMG!!! i never believe about that! O.O!

  • Kyrstine-Kyta

    well said:)

  • http://twitter.com/Denalyyy Daisy

    For Some Reason I Never Liked 2ne1

  • lovesygfamily

    2ne1 is part of yg family. so why not like them? bigbang boys loves 2ne1 girls..you should see how they interact. its a known fact that 2ne1 are practically still newbies so its understandable that yg will take care of them. lets not be bias. love yg family. this article is not to hate 2ne1 girls .

  • Ann_vip

    Yep for some reasons i SOMETIMES dont like 2NE1 too but ya like lovesygfamily said this article is not to hate those girls :)
    let keep the reasons for ourselves only :)

  • :D

    there are no reasons for you to not like them ya know.. :D if you only observe and watch them carefully you'll realize that they're not hateful.. you just don't like them because you carelessly judge them..

  • Kaylee Korean_lover

    is he really that serious for the girls? i mean yg still have se7en and big bang


    YG is family and takecare everyone in YG ^^

  • gladysr

    I like 2NE1 but I think they have a long way to go before they reach the status as an artist that Big Bang has. Maybe that's why YG is taking more care of them cuz they're starting out. Big Bang has an established fan base and they can manage the production of their music and image themselves, versus 2NE1 that's a talented group but requires more independence in their music.

    And I think the other problem 2NE1 has that Big Bang doesn't is the unevenness of talent. In Big Bang all of the members have unique individual well rounded talents and attributes that when they work as solo artists they can survive but when they get together they become even more powerful. I'm sorry to say not everyone in 2NE1 is like that. I sometimes wonder how cute Dara ended up in the group but I'm guessing YG wanted to pull in the pretty idol aspect more.

    Given these circumstances 2NE1 still needs more taken care of than Big Bang~

  • http://www.candyblush.com hoihoibeat

    I do think its because they're girls and are newbies. BB (even SE7EN) can pretty much handle themselves now.

    Also I remember my fiance saying that having a son is better than a daughter. Cause with daughters you'd have to ward off potential bf's and you're always worried if they come home late etc.