Se7en gets tips from Big Bang's Seungri [NEWS]

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After 3 years and 8 months, finally Se7en has come back and he recently revealed that he got tips about how to behave on variety shows from SeungRi.

On the August 31 episode of Strong Heart, Se7en revealed that SeungRi gave him the advice on what to do on variety shows.

When Se7en first debuted as singer, Big Bang members were only trainees at YG. However during his hiatus in Korean music industry, Big Bang became the new idol group and gaineda lot of popularity.

During the show the MC asked whether Se7en miss the variety shows or music shows in Korea. He said he missed it every day. He usually watched the shows when he couldn't sleep. Then the MC continued asking if didn't he get tired from all the activities he did in United States. Se7en answered "it's not as much as you think" which created much laughter from the audiences.

Se7en also said that he is very happy that Big Bang has become a famous idol group. He continued that now he even got advice from a Big Bangmember.

Se7en continued that before he came to the show he sent SeungRi a message said "Help me. What should I do?" SeungRi messaged him back and said "Just relax that's all"

Source: Pingbook Entertainment

Translated by Wayne @ bigbangupdates

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  • jojana general

    hahaha! i love how everyone asks for Maknae's advice, and all he can say is just be yourself. aigoo. love him and Maknae. <3 :D

  • VIP4Daesung

    Awwwwww....I wish I could say more, but my brain is currently being reduced the must from the sweet adorable-ness of the YG family.

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    aww, YG LOVE

  • marina

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww Advice !! relax that's all !!!! yeahhh

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    waa seungri is so wise!!

  • Shan

    he asked the right person .. xD
    whenever there's Seungri in the show, it's gonna be so much fun !

  • Jungjiyoo

     Se .......Seven and VI !~

    I remember when Seven hyung console Seungri who was criticized by YG...Can't believe four year had passed alredy..... * feel really old

  • Rebekahkim

    AWWW! big bother V.I. gave good advice:) U GO V.I. MAY GOD BLESS V.I. and SE7EN:)