G-Dragon wants to marry Yoo In Na [NEWS/VIDEO]

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Yoo In Na was overwhelmed with blush-inducing compliments on the September 19th episode of SBS’ “Heroes”. Not one, but two handsome celebrities selected her as the ‘woman they would like to marry.’

The theme of the recent “Heroes” episode was ‘the member who would make a fine daughter-in-law.’ The “Heroes” cast dialed their close male acquaintances and asked them which cast member they would want to marry.

Lee Jin contacted actor Lee Seo Jin, who responded, “I want to marry Shin Bong Sun.” However, after MC Lee Hwi Jae persistently pressured him to give an honest answer, Lee Seo Jin eventually answered, “Truthfully, I would like to marry Yoo In Na. She’s so beautiful.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon was dialed next, and he picked up the phone in the midst of his CF filming. He expressed, “Yoo In Na. I personally really adore her.”

Video with translation under the cut.

Caps: Somehow worried
Su-ah: Oh Taeyang
Caps: Call connecting tone- Taeyang's
Caps: Hwijae following Taeyang's dance
Narsha: Oppa! *Frustrated*
GD: Hello?
HC: I'm Hongchul hyung~
HC: A-yo!
GD: Hello~ A-yo!
HC: We're currently at the site of filming Heroes.
Caps: Firstly, letting him know about the filming process of Heroes
HC: What are you doing now?
GD: I'm currently filming for a CF
The rest: Wow~
GD: I was resting and a phonecall came so...
HC: By any chance, do you watch 'Heroes'?
Caps: Have he watched 'Heroes' before?
GD: Oh~ For me... Yoo In-a Ssi is in the show too
GD: I've been watching it these days
HC: Oh oh~
HC: Uhm, Jiyong Ssi
GD: Yeah
Caps: Going into topic slowly!
HC: What if, what if, what(!) if. Nobody knows the future right?
HJ: If
Caps: *Was it unbearable* Especially emphasizing on "What if"
HC: Out of the members in Heroes, this person could possibly be my wife.
Caps: Out of the members. This person could be the right person as my wife!
BongSun: All having the same age, all have the same age
Caps: All having the same age, all have the same age
HC: Their ages and everything will be the same. The only difference is the person.
Caps: A sudden shout out from the thirties.
HJ: When everything is the same
GD: Oh... For me!
HJ: One!
HC: Hold on hold on hold on!
HC: Jiyong Goon (Goon - Used as ssi when talking about someone younger then you)
GD: I've already decided
HJ: One, two, three!
GD: For me... Yoo In-a ssi!
Caps: Yoo In Na!
Caps: Thanks to Yoo In-a. 1 vote for the Good team!
HJ: I'm sorry but you didn't do it because both of you are from the same company right?
GD: Of course not, I like her a lot! I'm a fan!
Caps: Having no inferiority for a wife!
HC: Then, Jiyong Goon.
HC: Since I've asked it already, I'll ask a difficult one.
Sayeon: Ask him if Taeyang is doing well
HC: Who will be the worst member?
Caps: It would be strongly fine too even if he didn't ask...
HC: Jiyong goon, you can immediately hang up the phone after shouting out the anwswer.
Caps: *Without saying goodbye* Hanging up after shouting the answer
Caps: Without burden!
HC: Please do not feel burdened.
HC: Simply shout and hang up the phone.
Caps: Too much
HC: One, two, three!
GD: Ah...
GD: Well then
GD: Jung Ga-eun. Goodbye!
Caps: What did I do...
HC: He hung up he hung up!
Caps: Didn't even turn back and left? *Escape?*
Bongsun: It wasn't me

Video: BIGBANGlove @ Bestiz
Translations: allkpop + Rebecca @ www.bigbangupdates.com

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  • ninsa


    GD said he watches Heroes, because Yoo In na is on the show and he's a fan (they're also from the same entertainment company.)

    GD said me, but in Korean he's saying "I....." because he's thinking who he's going to choose. Then he said, "I've already decided." not " I choose myself."

    He doesn't say he likes fans more. He says that he's a personal fan of Yoo In na.

  • afagyel

    hahaha so he really hung up when he said who's the worst member. lmao!! which one is jung ga in again?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/RQVTA24LNHE5LW67NVMKFEOT2U Sydney

    ahhah he's so adorable

  • GDlove

    I want his number! D:
    hhehe! GD is always cute :)
    I also think he choose yoo in na because she's from yg also.. that's all

  • Pinyourwings

    lol So cute. Isn't Jiyeon from T-ARA a fan of GD? She was pouting and making an x with her fingers after GD choose Yoo In Na. XD

  • vip

    Ji yeon disappointed ~~

  • aisyahjiyongie

    ooooo...i tot he said he like VIPz more...heheheheh..i was in the midst of proud alr... :)))))

    but still... yoo in na..was there..if i were him..i'll probably said the same thing too ^__^

  • Tattoo

    I want to know .....Why he choose Yoo In Na......??????
    No matter what.....we love him...

  • fayelfrida

    GD!! you're really easy to talk with!!
    haha. just hung up! wew.
    haha. too adorable!

  • forsake_me

    cos they are from the same company. Yoo In Na is a YG artist. she is the female lead in the "Tell Me Goodbye" mv. and also she is the safest choice to choose from as compared to the other eleven ladies.

    plus seeing that he hesitated when the MC asked him whether he watched the show. it seems like he was in doubt (which means maybe he doesn't but only say he does as not to offend the MCs) so i am guessing that JiYong knowing only Yoo In Na in the cast of "Heroes", he chose her.

  • erin

    whoever creates such titles as 'g-dragon wants to marry yoo in na' should be more careful...it's so misleading

  • http://twitter.com/Wendodo Wendy Truong

    The look on Ga-In when GD announced her the worst was just priceless!!

  • erin

    that girl looked like she wanted to cry when he said she was the worst. so meeeean

  • theama86

    Jung Ga-Eun is the one sitting between T-ARA Jiyeon and Nicole.

  • theama86

    Another correction:

    The translation should spell Jung Ga Eun not Ga In.

  • YBaeVipLove

    Jiyong: "Ah...then I... Jung Ga-in.. Goodbye!"
    Hahahah XD 'Goodbye' Ach so bad .p

  • bigbangupdates

    Replaced with a more accurate translation :) Thanks!

  • bigbangupdates

    Replaced with a more accurate translation :) Thanks!