Big Bang’s Q&A on The Television Magazine Japan

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1) What is the happiest sentence that a girl has ever said to you?
G-Dragon: I will not say anything, I will run to her and hug her at once. That is the happiest moment.
Taeyang: Um… I have never thought of it. At the time being, could you ask something that would make me happy?
T.O.P: I think the support and words given by my fans can make me feel more blissful then the words of a girl. (Reporter: Did he give out the answer of Seungri?)
Daesung: She has to say to me, ‘DLITE, you are so brilliant.’ I will be very happy about this.
V.I.: If she says ,’ you are so sexy’, I will be very contented. Since this is a sentence that a boy says to a girl, it is rare that a girl will say this to a boy.

2) Do you have any working experience?
G-Dragon: I have no working experience but I want to work in a beverage shop.
Taeyang: I want to be a staff of milk delivery.
T.O.P: I have no working experience. What kind of job I would like to take up? It can be anything since I will try my best on the job that I am assigned to.
Daesung: I don’t have any working experience before but I want to give a try in a barbecue shop.
V.I.: I have not worked before, I want to be a flight attendant.

3) If you were granted 1 week holiday, what would you do?
G-Dragon: I would like to go to an isolated island with my friends.
Taeyang: I would like to go on a trip with my love or go to some interesting places with my colleagues.
T.O.P: I want to go on a trip on my own.
Daesung: I want to go on a trip on my own or with other members.
V.I.: I would like to go to an isolated island which has a blue blue sky and a a very cool sea. I will go there alone.

4) Among your fellow members,who has done something really hilarious?
G-Dragon: The Japanese of TOP. (Laugh)
Taeyang: The Japanese of TOP (Laugh)
T.O.P: Every word and action of other BIGBANG members.
Daesung: The Japanese of TOP which is getter better day by day
V.I.: TOP’s Japanese is getting better and better.

5) If your ‘Miss Right’ is walking to you right now, you will…
G-Dragon: I will not let her escape from me. On the contrary, I will confess my love to her frankly and loudly!
Taeyang: I will stare at her but perhaps I cannot speak any words at that time.
T.O.P: I don’t think I can think of any ways to approach her.
Daesung: I will say to her, ‘the weather is really nice today…hahaha…’
V.I.: I think I will kiss her directly at that moment.
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