Seungri goes on a blind date, wants to be in a relationship [NEWS]

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Big Bang member SeungRi went on a blind date on the show MBC Sunday Night - Enjoy Today.

SeungRi confessed that he wanted to have a girlfriend since he was old enough. The MCs took SeungRi and took him to a place where there were lots of girls. SeungRi confessed that a cute girl was his ideal type of girl, one of the MCs brought a girl to blind date SeungRi.

The girl was not a Korean, in fact she was Singaporean and the two could not communicate fluently.

The blind date girl said that her sister was a big fan of Big Bang and brought her little sister along. Her little sister immediately said that she liked G-Dragon better and embarrassed SeungRi. She also confessed that she was a huge fan of 2NE1 leader CL embarrassing SeungRi twice in a row.

SeungRi gave up the blind date and allowed the fan to talk over the phone with G-Dragon. G-Dragon did not pick up the call and CL did not pick up SeungRi's call either, putting SeungRi in an awkward situation for the 3rd time.

Here's the video of Seungri trying to call CL:

Seungri, 'For better music, I need to experience a relationship'

Big Bang's youngest member Seungri gave his honest opinion about love.

On a variety programme called, MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night'. Seungri admitted that since he is an idol group member, he gets asked out a lot and he thinks that "it is time to have a relationship"

He added, "To be honest, I get to sing a lot of songs about love.. and to improve my skills in singing songs like these, I need to experience a relationship".

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  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! He is trying to impress the ladies, but look cool and suave doing it. Then when they bring up CL and loving her...and the call fails it's SO FUNNY!

    I also love the whole 'trying to talk in English and back to Korean' thing. Poor maknae seems to know nothing, and then when he understands something like "YG" or "2NE1" He jumps at it...LOL!

  • bigbangupdates

    Haha, that's our Strong Baby! Thanks for your comments, Kim!!^^

  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! No problem...even when I don't have the time to think, I have the time to check up on BBUpdates. You guys are amazing and always make me smile even when I'm down....I think the boys (*cough* Daesung *cough*) have that effect on me.

    I hope this site never dies or goes inactive...because the day that happens, is the da I lose my BB connection...and there is no way in hell I'm letting that happen!

  • VIP4Daesung


    AWWW! AWWWWW! OMG! Poor boy! He never seems to be anyone's favorite...Wither asked in person or like blindly with him listening in...poor BABY! I actually "awwwed" and "coooed" at this feeling so bad for him. And then when CL and GD didn't pick up, that always seems to happen to the poor boy!

    CL probably didn't pick up because she was either sleeping (like they said ) or busy...I mean 2NE1 has an album coming out soon. They must be practicing.

    GD probably didn't pick up, because besides the constant traveling for the promotions going on, he spends every other waking second working on the Korean album due out a little over a month. Poor boy is producing it completely on his own apparently. Phone was probably muted or turned off and he was focusing on some piece of music. (Watch "The Creators" clips...he gets really into it)

    POOR STRONG BABY! We still love you!

  • Echobi

    ohhhhhhh...nooooooooooo Seung Ri must be very sad after this neither GD nor CL picked up his call...hahaha

  • mana

    ummm i don't feel sorry for him and he's my fav!

    besides most of these things are done and said with comedic purposes people just seem to take things too seriously :p

  • monokuroma

    awww! :( if i was the girl i would've lied just to make him happy lol
    if you blind date me bb i'll guarantee to give you all the attention you want :p he's so cute tho.

  • Dorks

    Maknae being dissed by the Leaders :))))

    CL not answering the phone = so predictable :))))

  • mana

    haha i agree! looks at those puppy eyes, how can you turn him down being that cute? >///<

  • VIP4Daesung

    I didn't mean to say that like I feel bad for him in a bad way...or sorry for him in a serious way. He just always seems to end up in these situations comedic or not. lol.

    I also know that it is nit a situation meant to be taken seriously...if it was, I don't think it would have been on that kind of show. Sorry if I made it seem that way. I guess I post and write to much (lol!) and I make it seems that way.

  • Shan

    awwww ~ when i read the article above ... i feel pity for Seungri . why no one likes him ? hahaa . Seungri is a nice guy though . when he knows that two lady like CL and GD , he immediately make a call to them ..! ahh , Seungri try to get their hearts . LOL ....
    Dont worry maknae , you will sure meet the one .. wait patiently ~

    thanks for sharingg ..

  • Mikki

    Seungri's face when the girl said "CL!"

    CL and Seungri are like a cat and a dog xDD

  • jojana general

    aww! SeungRi... call me instead! LMAOOOOO!!

    omg. hahah! our Maknae is growing up. TT_TT but he's growing to such a gorgeous man. :">

    ahh~ love this vid. ^^

  • Alicia1920

    omg i feel bad for seung ri :((( aww hes so cute :3 btw can anyone answer this question for me please? is g-dragon going out wit anyone? thanks :)

  • aisyahjiyongie

    that girl is freaking lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EZT!.


  • piiin

    wahahahaha! poor seungri! if i were those girls i'll be hugging seungri non stop! lol!!!
    poor maknae!!

  • Wendy Truong

    hahah seung ri is trying hard to impress the ladies (; ! great job!
    and are those girls just random people on the streets? ._. because they are awfully lucky

  • Itoefurigawa

    poor seungri. :] cute!


    aww. poor seungri xD

  • Katelyn Chen

    awww~ if i was there i would freak out but not scream poor baby! he and TOP are my favs~

  • ilovebigbang

    awwwww.... poor seungri... but he's becoming a mature man for love <33

  • YuXuan Ng

    SEUNGRI OPPA! YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE! I'M SINGAPOREAN TOO! :D *runs to Seungri* Haha jkjk, but Seungri!!! You could have taken me out on a date too.......hahas jkjk *slaps myself*

  • teresa mcgeady

    I wouldn't mind dating him..........he's my ideal type :P