Seungri goes on a blind date, wants to be in a relationship

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Big Bang member SeungRi went on a blind date on the show MBC Sunday Night – Enjoy Today.

SeungRi confessed that he wanted to have a girlfriend since he was old enough. The MCs took SeungRi and took him to a place where there were lots of girls. SeungRi confessed that a cute girl was his ideal type of girl, one of the MCs brought a girl to blind date SeungRi.

The girl was not a Korean, in fact she was Singaporean and the two could not communicate fluently.

The blind date girl said that her sister was a big fan of Big Bang and brought her little sister along. Her little sister immediately said that she liked G-Dragon better and embarrassed SeungRi. She also confessed that she was a huge fan of 2NE1 leader CL embarrassing SeungRi twice in a row.

SeungRi gave up the blind date and allowed the fan to talk over the phone with G-Dragon. G-Dragon did not pick up the call and CL did not pick up SeungRi’s call either, putting SeungRi in an awkward situation for the 3rd time.

Here’s the video of Seungri trying to call CL:

Seungri, ‘For better music, I need to experience a relationship’

Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri gave his honest opinion about love.

On a variety programme called, MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’. Seungri admitted that since he is an idol group member, he gets asked out a lot and he thinks that “it is time to have a relationship”

He added, “To be honest, I get to sing a lot of songs about love.. and to improve my skills in singing songs like these, I need to experience a relationship”.

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