Seungri to become an MC again

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‘Sunday Sunday Night’ new corner; Kim Hyun Chul, Jung Hyung Don, Suh Ji Suk, Big Bang’s Seungri cast as MCs (August 6, 2010)

MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ is in the final stages of casting the MC line-up for the new corner which will be taking over after ‘DanBi.’

Initially, it was announced that actor Jung Joon Ho, Shin Hyun Jun, and Gong Hyung Jin were cast as the MCs. They are currently looking forward to being confirmed. Furthermore, comedian Kim Hyun Chul and Jung Hyung Don are being reviewed for casting.

Also, actor Suh Ji Suk, who exhibited his sense for entertainment through ‘Hot Brothers,’ will also be included in the lineup. Big Bang’s Seungri will also be involved as the token idol.

The premiere of this new corner will be on August 22nd. The production staff said of the show, “It’s a corner that is both enjoyable and edifying. It will be a corner that will not only be for the public good, but will mostly be moving and and will leave a sense of significance,” and, “Shin Hyun Jun, Jung Joon Ho, and Gong Hyung Jin will not just be trying to put on a gameshow as they work on this entertainment program. It will be a corner with a completely different feel.”

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