Seungri on "Enjoy Today" Episode 2 (100829) [VIDEOS]

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This week, Seungri goes on a blind date. You can read all about it HERE. The "date" starts on the 3rd video. You can watch it without subs as they were speaking (or at least, trying to) in English to the Singaporean girls. Really cute and fun episode! Videos are under the cut.

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  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! In the 4th video the sister who doesn't know anything about Big Bang says "You so owe me..." I think she knows no one watching is really going to understand and I love the sisterly love!


    If that had been me, I would have seen Seungri and been like *GASP!* Grab chest...Seu...Seungri?" And would have frozen in place. LOL! Prolly gotten REALLY shy. I give those girls props.

  • gladysr

    SUPER LUCKY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would've been like:

    Seungri: "What's your favorite member?....."
    Me: "T.O.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sex machine that impregnates with women with intense eyes and sexy"
    Seungri: sad face..."not me".
    Me: "Seungri, you are my strong baby anyday and you amuse me to no end with your never ending confidence and sexiness BUT, but CALL MY T.O.P right now, and give me his number so I can become your sister in law"

    and to make him feel better I would "clap" his Strong Baby dance....haha~

    Seriously how lucky are these girls, and Seungri's English has improved...he sounds so adorable....

    Haha...I would've snatched his phone and run away actually....(>____________<)

  • monokuroma

    crying for his adorable fail. <3

  • VIP4Daesung


    See if I had been that energetic I would have been like:

    Me: My favorite is singing angel Daesung. *sighs and stares off in day dream*
    Seungri: Oh...*sad* not me...
    Me: *Clap* *clap* Hey sexy....*clap* *clap* *clap* know *continues to crack and dance*
    Seungri: *smiles and says something* Should I call Daesung?
    Seungri: *calls Daesung*
    Me: *GASP and goes to die on the spot* MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

    LOL! Sadly I am not that confident. I would probably be like "My favorite is Daesung...*silence and shyness* him? Sure? *calls and waits for me to say something* Hi?"

  • equinox411

    he is adorable beyond words if i were lucky enough to be one of the girls, i'll make the blind date official

  • Shan

    hahaha ! i love this ... i have that whole image in my mind when i read through your conversation there .... xD
    and the sound when Daesung pick up the phone call and his laughter from the other side ... LOLL !! that's the luckiest daaay !

  • Shan

    i straight away watched the 3rd video .
    "Vig Vang" ?! hahaha ..
    look at seungri , he so cuteeeee .. especially "ummm ... ummm ... "
    If that's GD , will he speaks fluently ? then the conver. will be fun !
    how can the girl is so .. easy there . if i'm here .. i probably sit there and .. smile all the way . they ask one Q , i answered once . LOL
    I really "enjoy today" by watching this . :D

  • RachelheartsVI

    the two singaporeans are the luckiest girls on earth! sigggh. how i wish i'm one of them. i'd do anything to meet seungri, lol.

  • bigbang_fanatic

    i love korean hot guys..seungri i really like you..i wish you can have your concert here in tha philippines...

  • Syamin_2390

    OMG....if she loves bigbang,she have to say she loves seungri when hes right there in front of her..
    pity maknae..
    eventhough i love taeyang the most..i totally say i love seungri that time..heheh

  • EZT!.


  • Sydney

    HAHA oh seungrii.

  • LainieMarie

    no no no.
    Proper VIP answer is "I love ALL of Big Bang!"
    Even if you think GD is the best ever in the existence of anything ever (which IMO he totally is!) you don't say that infront of Strong Baby.
    Being able to meet even one member of BB is ridiculously lucky.

  • TOP4eva

    ahhaha. I'm sooo with you on this one. I would totally do the same thing right down to the "clap" dance and running off with the phone! TOP-lovers have great mind who think alike!!

  • TOP4eva

    Is this like the month of the Singaporeans??? I need to move there. I recently hung out with my BFF's cousins who were visiting from Singapore. Now, it seems like everything is happening in Singapore. You lucky blessed little island!

  • silenceaj

    if u guys meet one of the BB members, u just should say"i'm VIP.....every1 in BB are my favorite"..."BB fighting,VIP fighting"....
    ofcose seungri will be happy......

  • Dani3229

    They weren't in Singapore. The girls are from Singapore and are visiting Korea.

  • Badasssexyninja

    I thought Seungri's English was pretty good lol He was really trying. I would of said I liked him that girl just completely crushed him, he had to compose himself and drink some water. lol

  • gladysr

    hahaah~ I see you have great taste in men. Girl......I would have run like the wind with Seungri's phone~ hehe~ Although I'm in love with big boy T.O.P~ I really love all Big Bang members....just seeing Seungri....I would've been satisfied to no end~

  • gladysr

    haha~ That's so cute ^^ Dae does have an angel voice....He's seems so sweet...I would love to meet him in person~

  • gladysr

    I know...I wanted to hear GD's conversational English...he speaks more than Seungri anyway~

  • bigbangupdates

    Agree. He understood what the girls were saying. He was just having a hard time expressing himself but at least, they understood him back ^^ -Vic

  • Ong Angelia

    awww poor boy.. :) he's so cute.. he tried so hard.. yes, sisterly love "you so owe me!!!"

  • fayelfrida

    omo omo. seungri baby is super cute!!
    i wish i am that girl.
    who's your favorite member??
    me: YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    waaaa... that was once in a lifetime opportunity. once in a super million events.
    seungri baby don't be sad.. there are lots of us who love you very much!!
    wahahaha.. love him! btw. he's super good in english!! strong baby!

  • takoos

    i think the girl was indonesian haha.. coz she speak indonesian with her sister sometimes. maybe they was born in singapore or grown up in there. im so jealous of them! if i were them i will be so excited to meet seungri since i love seungri the most =D

  • Claudia Cobarrubias

    can someone translate both episodes..


    is there any subbed enjoy today ?

  • Car_ayhes

    how about top and the rest of the group aren't they have one of this????