Official Photos of T.O.P and Lee Mi Sook on Elle Magazine [PHOTOS]

Shared by on August 30, 2010  

The ones posted before are just scans. These are the official photos released by Elle on their website~

The rest are under the cut.

Source: Elle via V_Soul @ VIPZ

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  • T.O.P

    OoO He's so HOT!!!

  • Shan

    gosssssh !.
    both of that are hot and sexyy !
    look at Lee Mi Sook .. im sure many out there jealous that she can is still that fit and pretty .
    and most importantly , she got to be so close with TOP !.
    thought that TOP doesn't like people to touch him much ... :D

  • haneulnophi


    he defines the word HOT... >>___<<

  • mk lazaro

    what's the theme of these pics? is this Tabi's initiation to c-town?:P

  • WaniePho

    Oh my holy god! TOP so hot in here!! No wonder old ladies like to choose TOP, cuz he's young, hot, sexy and really successful Rapper and Acting.

    Envy you TOP oppa. Saranghae. <<<333

  • Icolzkie05


  • Atenais


  • Dina Astayeva

    i wish i could look like her at her age.. she is Gorgeous!
    & TOP of course the BEST! charming photoshoot!

  • Kyrstine-Kyta

    both are sexy,even lee mi sook have 50 years she look's very good

  • PrincelyLuna

    Dear TOP, please do not fall for OLD woman unless that woman is ME. *sigh* how i wish i looked half as beautiful and as hot as Lee Mi Sook at my age!

  • ReneeRahayu

    OMG ! He's so sexyyy >.< I'm really envy with that woman !!!

  • hannie

    TOP surely is my ideal man. He is so perfect for me. PERFECT!!!!!!

  • Sincron_dark Inside

    YA! ajumma! what did you do to tabi??

    wish you never put a think to use your heart when doing it. dislike.

  • Nhoc_ngo_199x

    so hot:X:X:XX::X:X:X:

  • Jash

    i hate u top sambae u r bad namja