Fan Account #2 of Big Bang @ Lotte Fan Meeting (100821)

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Another fan account from the Lotte Premiere Talk Show. The first one was posted HERE. Must-read. These boys are really playful^^

They started to play us the MV of ‘MY HEAVEN’ and ‘Let me hear your voice’ at 1:45pm and the screen started to show the CF of Lotte Duty Free and the song ‘So I’m loving you’ . Although BIGBANG had not arrived yet, whenever the screen showed their images, the people would scream very loudly! Then, the screen started to show the funny bits when they were filming Lotte Duty Free CF, BIGBANG were so awesome inside it! Love them so such! Finally, they showed up! And they really started the meeting by singing ‘Gara Gara Go!’ !Ah… I was so near to them! GD was so handsome! All of them were so handsome! Then, something happened! I WAS STARING AT TAEYANG AND HE WAS LOOKING AT ME TOO! Although he was wearing sunglasses, I just knew that. (You just cannot object me, okay?)

After ‘Gara Gara Go!’, the five of them sat on the white bench to carry out the TALK SHOW. The order from left to right is VI, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and GD. Just after the talk show began, TOP whispered something in VI’s ears. Then, VI pretended to be wiping away his sweat when he was facing us, I thought it was because TOP needed something to wipe away his sweat. And why didn’t TOP wear short-sleeves? He was wearing long-sleeves once again! After a while, the staff brought them 5 towels so they could wipe the sweat.

According to VI, Korea hasn’t been hot like that day. And the level of hotness makes you wonder what is the point of having air conditioner then? We were so hot when we were sitting, they must feel even hotter when they were on the stage! The red T-shirt of GD was wet by his sweat. The talk was led by VI as I expected since he could spice up the whole scene! And the other four were laughing at him bitterly, they were really harmonious! And VI was always cooperating with TOP and said, ‘see, we are good partners!’ The MC asked TOP about the funny stuff happened in ‘IRIS’ and ‘Into The Fire’, he said, ‘no, no! We don’t have any!’ which swept the whole area with laughters!
He is awesome! He is TOP! He was just like not listening to others’ sayings and was just daydreaming and chatting with VI. He was really like a baby. Since the MC did not know how to follow up when TOP said there were no funny incidents, then she asked, ‘so was there any good stuff?’ VI whispered something into TOP’s ears, then TOP replied, ‘same question, same answer.’ She was totally controlled by TOP. Hahaha. But he had replied properly afterwards, he said,’ I feel great to see you coming to Korea to see us from Japan! ‘Yea, so he is our TOP!
When they were asked whether they had celebrated GD’s birthday with him? Suddenly, no one spoke anything. Oh, yes yes yes, how could they choose this topic? Maybe they have not thought that it would cool down the atmosphere. GD said, ‘because I have to produce the new album, I didn’t celebrate with my members but just stayed at home to drink seaweed soup.’ Huh… It was lucky that he did not say anything which would cause me a heart attack.
At this time, TOP suddenly said,’ VI lives his life every day like having a party!.’ Vi said,’ what do you mean?’ TOP replied,’ Kidding.’ Ah… Was it because TOP noticed that GD did not want to talk about that so he switched the topic? Oh, he is our TOP, the one who speaks things that others cannot understand but at the same time, the atmosphere was cooled down once again!

Taeyang was asked about the international version of the solo album, VI said, ‘sing some songs, sing some songs…’ Then Taeyang sang ‘I’ll be there’ without any background music.’ Wa! So so so so awesome! We were all absorbed in his voice! VI, thank you! Then Taeyang shared something about filming the MV of Beautiful Hangover. Because TOP had neck pain, he did not show up much in the MV. Aiiiiii, really? Why don’t they re film it? VI asked,’ is your neck okay now?’ TOP said, ‘Super~ painful.’ (Japanese) TOP’s ‘super’ must be learnt from VI!~

Daesung was asked about ‘What’s Up’, at that time, the four remaining repeated one after another, ‘What’s up What’s up What’s up What’s up’ and this caused Daesung could not speak what he wanted. In other words, they were stirring up troubles for him. When Daesung thought he could speak, VI repeated ‘What’s up’ again and he only stopped when taeyang stared at him. Haha, Taeyang is super! Daesung who finally could speak,’ since this is my first tv drama, I have been working so hard for this.’ Daesung looked like becoming slimmer. And in the talk show, he was just too quiet. Was it because he was so tired for filming the programme? I was worried. I don’t know whether it is because he was getting slimmer, when he was dancing, his body looked so sexy!
During the talk, GD, Taeyang and TOP were wearing sunglasses. Although they still looked very handsome, I still hoped that they could took them off. After the talk show, it was mini live.Number1-& Gara Gara Go-Tell Me Goodbye. I didn’t expect them to sing Tell Me Goodbye which really surprised me. They did use special effects when they were performing on the stage and all of us were very excited! That was the first time when my mum watched BIGBANG’s live and she fell in love with GD’s dance! You see, whenever you see GD in person, you will definitely love him in no time! GD was really dancing a lot in front of me,I was so lucky! After singing 4 songs, the live came to an end then it was Present time and HIGH TOUCH! Since I will surely write a lot more, I just stop here!
Credit: はな@Ameblo
Translated and shared: Rice@ Bigbang World
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