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This is Volume 3 of TV Guide Japan’s “Tell Me More about Big Bang” series. Other parts with translations are here: Volume 1: T.O.P | Volume 2: SOL

Vol.3 Tell Me More About V.I
In 3rd issue of “Tell Me More about Big Bang” on maknae V.I ★

It’s been one year since they debuted in Japan. Now, V.I is studying Japanese everyday (there was almost no need for a translator). He also likes to watch Japan drama and movies, thinking that it’ll be great if he could write his own Japanese lyrics one day. Because there are no male stars going for the sexy look in Japan, he wants to challenge it. Although he’s not yet mature, with more practice and hard work, it’ll be great if he could fulfill this in 1 or 2 years time!

Q&A portion under the cut.

V.I’s Q & A
★ Which BIGBANG song will you want people to listen to the most?
-“Stay”. It is included in our first Japanese album. I think the lyrics about recalling the people you like is really good.

★Are there any Japanese songs in your iPod?
-Thelma Aoyama noona and Taeyang hyung duet, “Fall in Love”. It’s really cool!

★What is the moment that makes you think you are the coolest?

-Hmm, when is it? It’s when girls say to me, “very handsome”. That’s when I feel that “I might be super handsome?” (Laughs).

★If you were a girl, who would you choose to be your lover amongst the members?
-None! Compared to BIGBANG, I feel that Arashi is better (Laughs)? I like Sho Sakurai. (Arashi is a famous group under Johnny’s, V.I once mentioned in a show that he likes to watch Sho Sakurai’s drama- ‘The Quiz Show’)

★What do you think is cute about Japanese/Korean girls?
-Korean girls will tell you directly if there’s anything that they don’t like. This is very attractive but at the same time, kind of intimidating. In contrast, Japanese girls are very modest. They want to learn from others. I find that cute.

★Where would you go for a date?
-Two years ago, I went to Okinawa for a performance. But that time, it was for work so I want to visit again to play.

★What attracts your attention in Japanese convenient stores?
-I like apple juice the most~!

★Among all curries sold in CoCo Ichibanya* (the favorite of the five of them), which topping do you like?
-Usually beef curry as the base with sausage as ingredient! I am not really good at eating spicy, so my spice level is at 3. (There are 5 spice levels)

★What do you always have in your bag?
-Because it’s very troublesome to carry a bag while walking, I don’t usually carry one. When I do, manager hyung carries them for me. (V.I apologizes and thanks the manager hyung beside him.) Normally I put my iPod and money inside my pocket and leave.

★What do you think you will become in 10 years time?
-Get married and leave BIGBANG… just joking (laughs). Will continue with group activites and help others to fulfill their dreams, that’s what I think.

* Note: CoCo Ichibanya, is the largest chain among Japanese curry restaurants in Japan.

Note: Translated from Chinese so may contain slight inaccuracies. Original article is in Japanese. (Our Japanese translator is currently on vacation^^)

Scans by Tisya@bigbangupdates [More HERE]
Japanese to Chinese translation by 叶包子@baidu
Chinese to English translation by Yvonne@bigbangupdates
Question translation by Jane@bigbangupdates
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