Tell Me More about D-Lite on TV Guide (100707) [PHOTOS]

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This is Volume 4 of TV Guide Japan's "Tell Me More about Big Bang" series. Translations will be posted as soon as available. Other parts with translations are here: Volume 1: T.O.P | Volume 2: SOL | Volume 3: V.I

The rest of the photos are under the cut.

Photos from tisya@bigbangupdates

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  • catharina.intan.s

    ahhh,, finally...
    dae's part.


  • haneulnophi

    his smile is contagious~~~~~

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    AW <3 FOR DAE! Whenever I see him smile or laugh, I cannot help but do the same, no matter what's going on!

    I also know his trot solo from the 2008 Big Show....that Seungri guest appeared on, makes me smile and cheer up all the time.....then again, it could also be that he is shirtless except for that piece of cloth around his neck...hehe.

  • uthoughtwrong17

    Do you have a link to this performance? I'd love to see it

  • wintersecrets

    so handsome!

  • daegie

    my Dae so cute
    his bright smile always made my day


  • bigbangupdates

    yup! GD's interview will probably be the last part :D thanks too!

  • tisya

    Thank you for updated :)

    A to be the backstage of the photos next week.
    Probably is GD the last?
    ...sorry,I don't know :(

    I think that you are so busy.
    But take care of yourself.


  • PrincessLeBlanc

    Actually is really hard to find...LOL! The only reason I actually have it is because I used a website to rip it off youtube so I wouldn't have to go looking again.

    I got lucky and was able to find it again....keep this safe, and if I were you, I would save it since it's like impossible to find a second time.

  • ilovebigbang

    you can't help but smile :)

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    *cries* Is his interview going to get posted?

  • ice

    any update for dae's part for translation interview :))

  • Myra Gahid

    why is there no interview for Daesung? :(