Taeyang solo album slump, ‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’ [NEWS]

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‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.

The song that was released on the 1st is only in 6th place on Bugs by the 6th of July. Melon and Dosirak. 5th place on Soribada. And it’s in 8th place on Cyworld. It made it to 2nd place on mnet.com and is barely holding on. All the while, IU (Nagging) is reigning in the popularity and Jo Kwon (The Day of Confessing My Love) is doing likewise having released his comeback song post-World Cup. Narsha (I’m In Love). Son Dambi (Can’t U See) and others are providing competition, and [Taeyang] is fighting hard. He’s losing not only to veteran singers but also to miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl) who just made their debut.

Taeyang had to recover his pride last year after releasing ‘Where U At’ and ‘Wedding Dress,’ both of which were below expectations. It’s obvious that YG especially gave blood, sweat and tears to this new song. You can tell even just from the featuring by the team’s ace, G-Dragon. Because of all this, Taeyang’s slump is that much more of a shock. Not only Taeyang, but Daesung (Cotton Candy) who also released a new song this year received a reaction that was subpar to its expected popularity.

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  • PrincessLeBlanc

    SAY WHAT?!?!?! He is so doing well! His Deluxe edition CD sold out in a day...both him and TOP are ALL over the place, and how can a person even compare a group album to a solo album.

    Someone who likes the group, may like the group for person A, but not want to buy person B's album...SO WHAT?!?! He is doing so well!

    Solo Taeyang is NOT Big Bang, and Big Bang is NOT solo Taeyang.

  • Lilly

    Aww but solo gd, top, and seungri did so well!

  • http://twitter.com/kizUna1968 kizUna

    hurm...~ just waiting until their comeback till then they have no right to critize BB...~ it doesn't mean INAG not doing well in chart, its a bad music.. what more i can say, i do BELIEVE in Big Bang..~

  • http://twitter.com/n3ssa_chan NESSA

    hum... this seems to be a noise article by the media...

    his song not being on top online doesn't mean his album is a slump...
    SJ's BONAMANA didn't do too good online but ruled the offline sales and this may be what's happening with Taeyang.

    I'm sure the offline sales of the mini albums of the others artists won't even reach half of those of Taeyang's full album, tho the tittle song does really good on online sales...

  • casan

    stupid writer to write this nonsense! i am appalled that they are deeming Bigbang and taeyang for losing "their touch". he should be applauded for doing something beyond the norm. arrghh!!1 i am so angry right now!

  • AsianStop

    Eeeeeesooooooo......!! Thaaats RIGHT!! Totally agree with U.... They're just counting Korea chats, but if we gather from all over the world BB and Taeyang is much more powerful... MISS A WHAT?? They're just one more of the thousands of girls groups that Korea have (exempt 2NE1)... Besides the facts talks for itself... Taeyang's album deluxe sold out in hours no in a day, in hours!!!! 30 000.... ALONE!!!.....

  • oonalala

    Korean media make mountains out of molehills.

    Taeyang and the rest of Big Bang for that matter are moving into a new stage in their career. Rather than just producing throw-away idol music they are expanding, growing artistically, and focusing on a world stage, not just Korea. Taeyang is doing music that is very different from the regular Big Bang type of songs. It's R&B, something that can make for a long lasting and respected career without actually reaching number one all the time (see K.Will or Wheesung).

    Korean music charts have always been a little suspect. They can be manipulated easily by hordes of obsessive teens -- groups with a more mature fan base always have a slightly harder time because most twenty or thirty-somethings don't have the time to do group buys or use streaming services to put songs on repeat all day long.

    Not to mention, the regular album isn't even out yet.

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    You're right! It was hours....Sometimes I hate the media....and their probobly just saying that because Big Bang and Taeyang are creating a new image for Korean music...I mean hell, Trot was almost dead until Daesung did it! And now look how big it's become! Even SuJu had a mini group for it! And GD and TOP's rapping....I have not seen many Korean artists even attempt that, forget being at the top of all the charts...Big Bang is ground breaking...end of story, the critics and media just don't know how to take it.

  • Big bang Lover

    I hate the person who write this!!!!!!!!!
    Whoever the person who write this!!!!
    That's not right!! His album sold out in 1 day!!
    Cant u think about it??!!
    Taeyang and Big Bang is the best in this WORLD!!!!
    Big Bang Fighting!!

  • http://twitter.com/nomnom_ tdearos

    Taeyang's album is doing SO WELL in album sales, so I wouldn't say that he's at a slump.
    It's just so that Taeyang's fans are more of the 20-30 range, people who have money to actually BUY the physical album. Whereas fans of Jokwon/Narsha/Miss A are pretty much 20- meaning, they are more likely to download it and vote their asses off to get their oppa/unni to get first place on an online chart. I think YB is doing very well, considering his regular album hasn't even been out yet. We'll see then, because I believe he can definitely win a mutizen.

  • plex

    That certainly cannot be considered BB "losing their touch." They haven't promoted in Korea for a long time. And Taeyang isn't as popular as say GD or TOP. Also, his song isn't exactly the most upbeat, typical catchy pop song. It's a wonderful song, mind you. But that doesn't mean it's going to attract as much attention as a catchy pop song like miss A's.

    And I think his album seems to be doing plenty well considering the circumstances. People just expect a lot because BB is always so big and influential. But, as much as I love YB, he doesn't have the same main stream influence in Korea that GD has for example.

  • Schweini07

    yeah i agree with the most of the comments written here. they're not losing their touch. the writer becomes so subjective as hell. only big bang's solos which could turn on the kpop industry. name which one of the idol group doing solo promotions so well? as far as i can see, big bang's solo quality is above all the idol groups.

  • http://twitter.com/pasompong pasompong sut

    TOP solo doing well in several charts and his movie so successful
    How come the writer don't mentions to this
    Daesung Contton candy not promote much and no MV
    this reporter is too harsh

  • http://twitter.com/fiqahazman88 syafiqah azman

    Ouch,so harsh to say that Big Bang's losing their grandness! Taeyang's genre is not some kind of genre that Korean would love the most. like wedding dress is not doing well in Korea but outside Korea,it's even topping the chart.no 3 in Netherlands music chart. & for his Deluxe edition of Solar to be sold out as soon as it came out,it's a huge achievement already:) & of course we can't compare Solo album with Big Bang album.5 people together always better than 1.lols at Korean media

  • stepluuvya

    Keep holding on! guys!
    Haru Haru, Lies, Last Farewell and Sunset Glow, they are classic songs that impress people(around the world) a lot~ The fact is when my friends listen to either one of them just once, they will fall in love with it immediately~ Great songs can really last forever, without any time barrier.
    HWAITING with no fear!

  • PrincelyLuna

    yes it is so true. i think it is already obvious that the kind of music that Tae Yang does (and also those that Big Bang do) surely are not for those teenagers who are still wet behind the ears, who love listening to catchy, repetitive songs with meaningless lyrics, even titles. and these are the people who would spend most of their time hording the voting line, polls etc just to make sure their favourite boys and girls are always on top. what do they care about the quality of the music produced as long as their oppas and unnies are on top. but, for those who appreciate good music which lasts and does not go old with time, we know that Tae Yang's music is it. if Tae Yang is happy with his music and dares to take the path rarely taken by others in order to be a true artist, we as fans will always support him. as for me, SOME of those songs which are said to be doing 'bettter' than Tae Yang's INAG are not bad, but they are something that you've already heard a thousand times before in K-Pop that to a certain extent i get really sick of them (even though i just listen to them a couple of time only). by the way, i bet the person who wrote the article above is someone who is as shallow as those teenagers.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TOP4eva TOP4eva

    That writer should be fired for not doing proper research. Taeyang is awesome. Granted, INAG is not my favorite off the album but the album as a whole is AWESOME. Is she taking iTunes into account? Because Taeyang has a HUGE overseas fanbase. Dumb idiot doesn't know what she's talking about.

  • Shecant-get-enough

    Koreans just aren't really into RnB music. They are more pop. Bae would do great in the US though :)

  • Kenley

    WTF is this reporter saying? The Regular album is still not out yet. His Deluxe Album sold out in minutes. and HE DOES NOT DO IDOL MUSIC. I'm sorry, but many people in Korea, especially the teens, are too fickle minded. They would change their fave in seconds with so many groups debuting.

    Taeyang, on the other hand, has a strong, solid, MATURE fanbase, who won't vote like the crazed teeners to get his song up. I think Taeyang always wanted that, to be appreciated in his genre that he loves, and listen to his song wholeheartedly. Plus he has a lot of fanboys, which is unusual for a Kpop Idol.

    And Big Bang hasn't make their comeback yet. Just you wait whoever wrote this article. Tsk.

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    Neither "Turn it Up" or "Cotton Candy" were really promoted and yet they both did well.....

    This reporter should have stopped and thought before reporting this.

  • Cmae

    It will be a sucess. 30,000 copies already sold, and that was just the DELUXE album. Plus they demanded more. The regular isn't out yet.

    But I do have to admit that I knew from the start "I need a girl" wouldn't be as good as his previous singles. A song like Superstar could do good. But I trust Taeyang & the boys :)

  • http://twitter.com/jiyanz jiyan

    oh well, media. keep going Bae, we'll all be buying your album when its out!

  • http://twitter.com/LisaTLe Lisa Thi Le


  • sweetieee129

    Aw...What the hell this reporter is??? no one can deny that BIG BANG is the most heavy competitor to other artists once they have their comeback. WAIT AND SEE !!!!!!!!!

  • summer

    way to totally omit information that doesn't support your article, like the fact that top's song has been solid on the charts without any promotion at all. good going.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/VM4MXI7J7NWWMKX4KZSYUCGM2E Đỗ

    T_T Yongbae oppa fighting!

  • Aderlinf19

    Wow such b.s n u can totally tell that this reporter is not biased!!! Lmao don't worry VIPs the person who dared to write this is jus a stupid no life hater because jus for today I've readbover 3 articles stating how great Taeyangs album is doing besides only the deluxe edition came out n it sold out right away that's 30,000 copies gone in a sec!!! Just wait to the regular album drops .... Seriously is he pointing out songs that were not even promoted yet did incredibly well??? Big Bang is loosing their touch yet everything they touch or are involved with automatically become a hit, a hot issue fo sho lolz ... Aishhh this made me mad but I gotta relax cuz the more famous u r the more hatred you'll have!!!!!!! Geez wat a damn ssagsjy please someone get his name or the direct link to this article on naver so I can bash him right awayyy!!!!!

  • http://ybtavan-sol.exteen.com Ybtavan-sol

    The reason of why Taeyang's "I need a girl" didn't place at 1st on the chart is easy = ='....... Because it's RnB song ,soft & slow and easy to listen, but want time to claim to the top when the other release POP with beat and electronic sound.

    and also YG's trick that make us have very high hope about his album and title song,by release other song's preview and let us wait for "I need a girl" until 1 july and say that it a very good song. The other also have a very high standard as alway, with beat and all, but the title just the "soft" one.

    and still,most of Taeyang's fan base are adult. they's not a type who try to clicks "vote" at every channel, but support him by buying as album.

    Ar.... I'm really worried about his though now = ="..... what h'll think about after h's read this kind of news!!! Taeyang Fighting!!

  • casan

    and speaking of albums.. Bigbang fans / YG fans in general are mature enough not to engage in hoarding. fans don't buy 10 albums each to up their sales! and their music doesn't exactly cater to most likings of the general public, bec they do what they want and what they does best. their music is not POP. hell, YB's music is great! he may not be as popular as G dragon or TOP in Korea, but please stupid writer, believe us international fans when we say, hell YEAH! YB outshines ANY KPOP artists overseas!

  • sweetieee129

    It's unfair...the song "i need a girl" deserves to be at no1 in all charts. It is wonderful combination between our 3 Kpop stars!!! Miss A- WHO ARE THEY??? they are only a normal girl group with the same dance steps to others. their style is also common not special like 2NE1 for example...can't be compared between them and our talented BB >0<

  • GD_bb

    the reporter is one of the antis....jz ignore it....dun lose ur rational thinkin....make more super big bang....continue to play 4 ur vips.....we're behind u whatever n whenever...

  • Ana_crisdo91

    continueeee.....but,i hope my BaBes dun forget their roots...hw hard they r 2 be like nowadays...jz be urself anytime,anywhere...i really wanna c u to be five 4 ever n ever....i hop gd will remain a super leader like now...CHANGE the critics to be +VE...

  • Heynickyy

    This article kind of bothers me 'cause from what I've been hearing, Big Bang and all of the members' solo activities have been really successful, especially Taeyang's new album... I don't understand why they're saying that Big Bang is in a "slump". haha

  • biianczahun

    theres ups and down...anyway you have to except the fact,its just a process of learning from the real life call work...eheemmm~

  • Yvonne


    Firstly, regular album is NOT out yet. Only the deluxe album is and it's sold out less than a day. Writer of this article, please do some research before writing this shit out. Also, like what happened with SJ, fans buy the album instead of downloading just particle song on the chart/download sites. Do an article when 9th July is here. No doubt SOLAR will be first on the chart.

    it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.


    Well, we all shall see what happens when Big Bang returns in August. BIG BANG & VIP will prove this shit wrong.

  • IloveTAE!

    " where you at" and "wedding dress" below expectations??? Say what... I think those two songs had made Tae yang more popular. I think this article was written because "solar" reveals a softer, more mature side of Tae yang that people are not used to yet. When you get to a spot you have to keep doing what you are doing to stay there. Sometimes when you change, you may loose that spot. Regardless, if he is just being himself, go for it, that is how artist should express themselves right? It seems like they worked really hard.. I like the music video, but I didnt like the live performance. That girl dancing with him just didn't make it work..something about the look on her face. I dont know maybe the should of used a more humble and shy looking girl?

  • http://www.decolourised.blogspot.com h2oShUen

    naaaaahhHH!!! THEY CERTAINLY RULE!!!
    vips support you, bigbang!!=))
    nahh...its just the songs! hm...say popularity wise and ppl's liking wise,
    BIGBANG'S MY NO 1!!!
    bigbang is great!

  • http://www.decolourised.blogspot.com h2oShUen

    so true!!
    bigbang songs are shells with CONTENTS!
    and these CONTENTS are what make then great,not all will get it though! ^^
    bigbang rules!(no matter what ppl say-they will get it someday and come to realise bigbang's capabilities!!!) haha!

  • Katt

    Does it really matter if their songs are #1 on charts? At least the VIP's love the songs that they produce and support them 1000% then it really doesn't matter what others think.

  • Jungjiyoo

    Dunno what happends in Korea , but here in Thailand , BB is just getting hotter and hotter.. people go to watch GD's shine a light Concert in the theatre even there're gunfires around!

    From my POV , I need a girl doesn't sound ones intended to be firecracker hit. It' s more like an easy listening one that you can listen to all the time , that's probably why YG release it on Itune Shop. The song is quite hard to sing along and it's a little bit heartbraking to see such a perfect girl like Sandara. Seeing how right they match , that must have killed a lot of normal girl's dream. See what would happen among the immature listeners?

    However , for ones who really love to listen to music , this one is really well-made . It's actually present Taeyang's style . Nice , easy but neath. Listening to this song , I felt like being with a tender guy , spending a lazy evening together >///<

    Unfortunately , music chart could not tell how much a song is appreciated. It tells just numbers. And many people out there sometimes don't listen to music , they just look for pretty faces -_-".

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GC7PODXXW3HABX2MVSKJKYGQ6A abi

    this atricle is just an ASS...the korean society needs to GROW UP!!! and listen to the meaning of the msuic and Not by who is who has pretty faces sang it!!!

    kpop scene is now too OVERRATED with lots of Idol groups and repetitive songs...

  • olivia

    Whatever you say, author. TY and BB fans know what's really going on.....music that appeals to both genders, across all generations and international borders. Just do a quick comparison on youtube between the number of people who have done English covers of 'Wedding Dress' v the number of people who are covering any of SuJu's songs. That's what I thought. And how many of these groups and idols will be around in 10 years? TY and BB have a strong mature fanbase that's already past the screaming fangirl phase. We care more about their music and less about their multiple appearances on every variety show. Anyway, I have a real job; no time to sit around voting 500x and I can't use my parents' money to buy 500 digital downloads of one song.

  • http://twitter.com/lh3e Jess Lee Akiko

    I'll say, do not blame the reporter nor the news company who made this article. It's not about them. It's about the rank of the song. Yes, he sold number of albums in just a day but if you would see the rank of his song on the charts, it's pretty low. If you are going to compare this with G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker', that time when he released his song, he became top for number of weeks and even sold number of albums in just one day. But in Taeyang's case, he only been on top for one week and after that it went down. You would not blame reporters because of his song going down...no one is to be blame in matter of fact.

    Also, the charts reported are from korean charts, not international charts. The main concern of this article is that Tae Yang's song/s is not doing well in Korea < - which is more important than international because he isn't even promoting in other countries so why worry? He's concerned about the result in Korea because that's where is he promoting.

    Again, if you are looking back at G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker', there were several newbies/groups who debuted right after him such as T-ara, f(x), MBLAQ, F.cuz etc, and still he beat them. But on Taeyang, Miss A debuted but they beat him. Son dambi just released her new song and now she's beating Taeyang.

    Why blame the news reporters? They aren't antis fgs. The problem is on the song.

    As a fan of Big Bang, yes I am a VIP fyi, I could also feel they are losing their touch. They've been in Japan for quite a while and all of the sudden they'll release a new album or songs. In Korea, the more you keep in touch with your fans, the more they love you. Once you've been away for such a long time, the idols' presence for them are getting lower than ever, but of course if they release new song, then the love would come back. But on the time idols' are gone, your fans could've been tired waiting for you and already rooting other groups. That's currently what happening to Big Bang, also to Wonder Girls if you notice.

    I was really disappointed with all the comments here. Most of you were blaming the reporters. Please open your minds. I understand you love Taeyang but now is not the time to say that the person who wrote this is anti.

    Big bang could get back their touch if they come back and stay in Korea for a long time. In my opinion, if they only stayed in Korea, this news would not come out.

  • taeyang:D

    really, eventhough i like his singles
    lets look at the facts, the single wedding dresses ( which i really really love)
    didn't even 'dominate' the music charts, it was at the position of 20/40
    it really sucks when his singes arent going well because his songs are really gooood

  • hanyu

    Stupid. The person who wrote this is probably a stupid critic or a YG hater. Just wait and see!

  • hanyu

    Tae's new album might not fight hard in Korean Charts just like the reporter says, but I BELIEVE its not Tae's purpose to conquer all the Charts. We, fans, all know that his type of music is so different from Korean Music those days. Agree? All the cutie, teenpop, dancing melody that Korean artists are producing (that conquer the charts). But to say Wedding Dress is below expectation??? NO WAY. WHy dont they mention that the song was spotted playing all around the world, even New York Square? Do you know that all people around the world listen to WD and know who Taeyang is? From America to Asia. I dont think any music of those Korean singer these days can have a song that beat WD. That song is a legend to me. For real. (sry for my Eng mistake, I did write fast)

  • Rayannie_23

    Gosh! I really HATE this article!! YB' s album is doing really GOOOOOD!!:) In Fact, He's deluxe album sold immediately and He just finished his comeback performances. Also it doesn't mean that he can't be number one because YB is just starting to promote HIS songs..duh! As for my lovely BIGBANG, Please wait for their comeback co'z its really gonna be DAEBAK and I know that BIGBANG is the group that will ROCK 2010:) !!! HUH!! BACK OFF to those HATERS!!!

  • http://twitter.com/AnaBananaSNAP Ana Marie Quito

    This kind of stuff seriously comes out of nowhere whenever a popular group or the member who belongs there starts solo.
    People start to compare the group's song/activities to the solo artist. I mean hello, two different things.
    And they say it's a slump? But LOOK AT THE RESULTS OF THE RELEASE OF DELUXE ED. SOLD OUT after a few minutes when released. Is that what they called SLUMP. -_- weird slump you got there.
    One thing YG knows his music. I Need A Girl, I bet, 'cause I haven't heard it yet, is AWESOME. I hear people saying they like the song and they keep the song on rewind. gee, you people needs to open your heart to something else already. PEOPLE CHANGE, MUSIC CHANGE. You can't deny that.

  • vip xbd

    I am not gonna sad or worry cause ii believe it's jus the starting or everything..

  • afagyel

    Yet again, YG ia all about quality NOT quantity. so, screw the charts! We, who listen to both BIGBANG's and each member's solo music, know how successful their music is. I dare to say that their talents are way out of the other idols' league, seriously. BIGBANG, both as a group or solo, are in their own league man. They're THAT talented!! Sometimes, I feel that the don't receive the amount of attention they should've received. They're so underrated, especially in Korea. That's just how I feel, though. Not hatin the Korean fans or whatever.

    Last but not least, Taeyang may be short but his talent is much BIGGER than any idols out there, nuff said. :)

  • http://twitter.com/ohjesse Jesse Lee

    It saddens me truly, reading all these. But, try putting yourself in his shoes, do you think its THAT easy? Taeyang has not lost his touch, same goes to BIGBANG. Everyone has their own taste in music, actually everything, not only music. It's just what you prefer. In my opinion, Taeyang did his best, we fans actually love and appreciates his music. For haters/critics, I hope one day you eat your own words. BIGBANG, we, VIP have your backs.

  • http://twitter.com/sherilim08 laidiza

    shoot i super hate this news... i am so wanting the deluxe album (OUT OF STOCK) and now they're saying this.. hate it..
    the normal ed of SOLAR is also in the hot list of YES ASIA

  • http://twitter.com/ohjesse Jesse Lee

    anyway, we should just chill. doesn't matter. we still have faith, hope and love for bigbang.

  • BB_FTW

    Crap is the only word I can find to describe this article. Taeyang is Taeyang. Big Bang is Big Bang and of course Daesung is of his own style. How can they compare them? The thing special about BB is that all 5 of them have different, uniqe style, which many other groups does not possess. Not even SuJu.

    I thought “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” were good songs? And how about the early success of “Look Only At Me”? Why didn’t the writer mention that? Obviously the writer is just a person judging things in no more than one angle. An Anti fan surely.

    I agree “I Need A Girl” wasn’t the best from him but in the album itself, if you had already heard it, you will admit that there are alot of great songs looking to be a hit. Personally, I love “Just A Feeling”, I believed the actual title song of SOLAR is “Just A Feeling”. Hoping for YG to make a MV for it, it will surely be a hit. Surely!

    Big Bang & Taeyang fighting!!

  • haneulnophi

    all VIPs gathered to defend Bigbang!! ^0^
    I basically "likes" everyone in here.. 53 comments??! That shows how much Bigbang mattered to VIPs... and how much VIPs love them...

    what to say, they're Great. They're Bigbang, not just ordinary idol.
    okay Miss A song reigned the chart right now,, but just wait 1 month, 3 months later.. nobody would remember that song anymore... when in another situation,, Taeyang, or Bigbang just got a so-so reaction on the chart this present day.. but,,, WAIT....
    6 months, 1 year, 3 years later... People would still sing it and love it!!
    I heard Lies back in 2007,,, and look now.. me, being 22nd graduated university students still going CRAZY whenever I listen to that song anywhere and couldn't help myself to SING it happily!

    that's the power of Bigbang...
    I just simply don't buy this article at all... >>.<<

  • VIP

    HOW DARE THEY SAY THAT????? Just because his songs doesn't sound like the others doesn't mean his songs are not good.

    Taeyang hasn't even release the normal edition of the album yet and they are saying that it is already in slump?? The deluxe edition actually was sold-out in one day!!

    Taeyang's album is very different from Big Bang's and that is what is good about it... YG lets their artists do whatever they want to do as MUSICIANS.. His songs may not be charting but is that what is important for taeyang? What is important is that he did what he wants to do and as fans, we appreciate and like what he has done!

  • http://twitter.com/Ledideuraegon Nur Saleha

    that's not true!!!! taeyang is doing good!! i love that song! and the mv was so cute!! i'll always love bigbang!!! BIGBANG FOREVER!! <333

  • Jayshadwo

    That means there are not enough "support" to Taeyang. But there was so poor that, they just count in Korea, not international~Even Melon, Mnet, Dosirak, Cyworld...they just count by Korean only. I also feel about that, when seeing the comment of his perform, it's made me sad that they just looking for "how cute GD was", "what's they dress"...?! So poor Taeyang, u have doing the things so hard and so well, and people just looking that exterior thing. Korea fans just stay at that idols world?~But after this news, it has a good way that people will pay more attention to his following performance, and look up on 9th July~ Fighting! love u more, Support u more!

  • fayelfrida

    this is super freak article grrrr..
    he's doing super great!! idk where the fuuu writer got his idea making this one.
    TAEYANG IS TAEYANG !!! don't ever compare him to any other artists!!

  • Kitkat

    I was soooo PISSED when I saw this article!! but after reading the VIPs comments I feel much better :*
    BIGBANG's supporter for EVER <3<3

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZQSX4ESIBW6AWZRUD44ZG7EMNE Nabi

    I thinks those opinions in the article are quite not critical. Everyone has different taste of music, so don't use unequal comparison like that. I think his album works so well. They sold the album out quickly. Whatever people think, Tae Yang fighting fighting fighting

  • xoxo

    i am not gonna diss other korean groups out there, that would take hours? hehe. but seriously, bigbang is a group of 5 talented musicians, who has a leader that writes their own songs, have their own personality and style and lest we forget, totally without plastic surgery. i have no idea where the reporter gets his stats from, and i think the reporter should consider BB's international fans too, and that their official music videos usually gets millions of hits on youtube.

    oh and the reporter obviously forgot that solar deluxe edition sold out in a couple of hours too. since when is wedding dress and where you at deemed as below expectations anyway? gosh, can we all present the right data and facts to this reporter. urgh!

  • JimTacticZ

    .... You have got to be kidding me. How could the biggest group in Korea be "Losing their touch". This reporter has got to be a freaking idiot or something. Obviously he/she didn't look for quality over quantity. BB has sooo much talent seeing as their songs are still on repeat on people's music players or itunes. Look at T.O.P. he didn't promote his song and it was AMAZING in fact it seemed like he just made it and knew it was going to be good. And to say that Where U At & Wedding Dress was below expectations is stupid because those songs plus Look Only At Me is what got Tae Yang popular. I have SOLAR on repeat on my itunes each song has gone through at least 44 times if not more. When BB comes back this reporter is going to feel really stupid seeing as they are going to hit the top again.

  • yopjr

    excuseeeeee me??!?!!!

    taken aback at this
    taeyang is such a talented guy, and his stuff is 110% the BEST
    im totally is love with i need a girl thanks
    BIGBANG FIGHTING !!!!! >________<

  • BB_yoprak3

    what!!!! they dont know what they are talking about
    Big Bang is sooo not losing their touch, how awesome r their news songs (Tell me goodbye, Hands up) also i need a girl is sooo good...those ppls just dont know what they r talking about

  • BB_yoprak3

    i agree with you sooo much

  • yopjr

    said tht right!! every song coming out of them has so much emotion, and thought.. and i can just imagine jiyong staying up those nights to thinking of ways to make the best song
    possible ..
    and there go those pple saying this and that because the songs arent UP TO THEIR EXPECTATIONS??!??!
    BB is one of those groups that you get once in a lifetime... just amazing,
    lets not forget tht pple

  • Harry

    on the comments of this article, some say:
    " This new album is better than other artists and has some feelings in to the song, but am i wrong? I'm going to buy the album tomorrow anyways haha"
    " This is unbelievable! you reporter! you are not even famous. Anti-fan agenda? haha"
    " Kim Sang Ho reporter! TaeYang is currently on america Itunes - 4th, Canada itunes - 2nd, Japanese itune - 5th and Germany iTunes - 8. You must be uncomfortable as hell ^^.
    I cant find any comment which agrees to the reporter. All the comments are insulting the reporter and saying TaeYang is doing very well and his songs are awesome.

  • yopjr

    yes, I agree Harry
    notice how the "reporter" happens to be the one who's also been posting countless news articles from our beloved group and giving us the scoop??
    its the same vic whose been working all this while to keep bb updates alive, and i think some of us should really read before going off
    vic is just trying to let us know the things bae's having to go through, giving us the news, and doing a darn good job about it!
    so thnx to vic! ^___^