MBLAQ Mir, “Seungri was the top star in ‘Hong Kil Dong Festival’”

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Male group MBLAQ’s Mir revealed, “Big Bang’s Seung Ri was the Jun-Nam Jang-Sung ‘Hong Kil Dong Festival”s top star.”

Mir appeared in the SBS “Strong Heart” episode airing on the 11:05PM of the 27th, and exposed the impressive past between himself and Big Bang’s Seung Ri before their debut, giving big laughs to [the audience].

On this day, Mir made everyone curious by saying, “I am so honored to see a star today that I really wanted to meet.” This star was Big Bang’s Seung Ri. Mir continued, “During middle school, I knew Seung Ri before his debut,” and added, “Seung Ri was the biggest star in my hometown, Jang Sung, Southern Jun Ra’s ‘Hong Kil Dong Festival.’” This surprised Seung Ri, who was also in the show that day.

Mir testified, in full detail, about Seung Ri’s much-talked-about popularity and unique fame, regardless of the student status before his debut.

Also on this day, Seung Ri continues Mir’s statement, and Seung Ri’s view of his popularity and the behind story of ‘Hong Kil Dong Festival’ is also revealed.

Meanwhile this day along with Big Bang’s Seung Ri and MBLAQ’s Mir, Big Bang’s Tae Yang, Yoon Shi Yoon, Song Eun Yi, T-Ara’s Ji Yeon, Kan Mi Yeon, Hwang Bo, Ha Joo Hee, Kim Jin, Nam Bo Ra, and more made an appearance and showed off their storytelling.

Source: My Daily
Translated by euna @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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