There’s always ‘that girl’ with Taeyang [NEWS]

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There’s ‘that girl’ who’s always with Taeyang, who made his solo comeback?

Taeyang has made his comeback. And by his side this time as well, there was ‘that girl.’ Who is she?

There is a female dancer that stood on stage and fell in step with him ever since his first solo track. Her name is Jihye, known amongst fans as ‘Madame OL,’ and ‘more popular with the fans than I am,’ according to Taeyang. And indeed in the track ‘I Need a Girl,’ Taeyang puts together a stage performance with Jihye. They seem like a couple now more than ever.
In a recent interview, when asked about the reason he continues dancing with her, he said, “If you knew about the situation here, you’d understand,” and that, “To be honest, there aren’t many professional dancers. And on top of that, it’s hard to find a dancer that has the same style as me.”

He continued, “We understand each other well after working with each other for so long. She expresses the performances well,” and, “To put it simply, I only work with her because she dances well and matches my style.”

When told that at first their performance was so flawless to the point where their relationship was in question, Taeyang smiled and said, “If you say that, I’m put in a difficult position. Jihye is really popular amongst the male fans, so I could get in trouble.”
He added, “We’re really close. Even if something happened, it’s to the point where those kinds of feelings can’t develop. We’re too comfortable,” and that, “We even joke around saying, ‘You’re not my type.’”
Meanwhile, having released his first official solo album, Taeyang has begun his solo activities with ‘I Need a Girl.’
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  • Ana Marie Quito

    Ji Hye unnie is really lucky.
    and I love how they got chemistry whenever they dance.
    makes me go into trance and say they're a couple. kekeke~
    and they talk about stuff too. awww... that is so cute.
    I would love to dance like Ji Hye unnie does.
    both of them inspires me a lot. :)

  • Luvena Lisa R.

    This is something i love about actually get to know the dancers, producers, composers, etc. not just the artists :)

    Jihye unnie is truly a talanted dancer, pretty too!

  • zetsuemi

    yeah she is really lucky..She can be in a group too cause she's pretty but I don't know about her voice..

  • Sydney

    I love this dancer! :) Her expressions were wonderful.

  • kizUna

    i wonder too, why that girl is always with Taeyang..~ *jeleous mode: ON*
    kekeke :D
    but glad Tae talk about her..
    dancer - trainer - composer..!! YG LOVE overloaded..!~

  • toozdae

    I know. Like how many companies are so interconnected that by knowing the artist you get to know the choreographers, dancers, trainers, composers, producers, etc.

    The YG family is real.

  • Anane0207

    I love to see her dancing...
    it's so powerful.
    and very match with taeyang~

  • AYtinaaachris

    that's cute :P

  • ladywcat

    ji hye is really pretty, compared to sandara's dance in the i need a girl mv, ji hye's dance is better ... sorry, i'm just speaking out my mind, it's not like i hate sandara or what so ever, DUH

  • ilovesandarapark

    @ ladywcat - obviously she's a dancer and sandara is not just a dancer. u definitely hate her so stop saying that u dont. insecure biatch!

  • haneulnophi

    she's always with Bigbang,, from Taeyang music video and live performances to Bigbang's concert...
    good relationship between YG artist and staff including dancers... ^___^

  • ladywcat

    duh, what i'm trying to say, the 1st mv is better than the 2nd one, she's better in acting, because she used to be an actress, moron

  • Oceanier

    chill there kid. I share same sentiments as ladywcat. Ji Hye is indeed a professional dancer, which explains why she dances so well. I also thought Dara's dance was slightly awkward, though there's nothing wrong with that. It's not bashing, it's just a mere comparison. Don't get too defensive, it annoys ppl :)

  • fayelfrida

    so her name is JiHye!! LOL. thanks for the news. love it!

  • PrincelyLuna

    i think she and the other dancers in her group (if i'm not mistaken Wa Wa Girls?) have been dancing for and with Big Bang for quite some time. maybe ... not long after Big Bang debuted. i love the fact that they stick with Big Bang (and other YG artists) and i hope they'll continue to dance for them.

  • haneulnophi

    Hope so~~~ ^__^
    and I'm sure that Jihye is also appeared in Turn it UP MV too... ^^

  • iheartgd

    she's GD's dancer too.. her expression is beautiful.

  • hazelceline

    I actually like her a lot
    prefer her over Yuri :), which btw i have nothing against her at all!just saying---
    (i know i might just get bricked soon!omo~lol)
    Madame OL is jjang!

  • ladywcat

    i never really pay attention to GD's dancer before, because my eyes always stare too much at gd himself, which dancer ? can't tell them apart, since they share same makeup .....

  • iheartgd

    i remember her was on GDtv too. and i noticed her in Number 1 mv.. she's noticeable among the crowd,plus she was captured on camera..LOL.
    first i saw taeyang's INAG performance on 100701, my impression about her was "she's pretty,and her expression matches the song well"

  • Badasssexyninja

    She's really pretty, I like her face.

  • hoihoibeat

    I saw her in the "We belong together" MV too.. when BB was practicing in the studio..she was wearing all white. Jae (the choreographer) & YG casting manager was there too.. lulz