Can Taeyang really make Kimchi Fried Rice?

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Taeyang, who has come back as a soloist and earnestly begun his activities, has also become a “neungle-dol” (sly-idol). Not only is the style of the song different but even the lyrics are not typically done by soloist. Not just his songs, but his personality has changed as well. He isn’t the shy and quiet guy he used to be. He has become bright, which is kind of new. Even people in the industry exclaimed “He’s become brighter” and “What happened to Taeyang?”

Are you asking if I can make really good kimchi fried rice?
In his new song “I Need a Girl”, the most catchy part of the lyrics is the “kimchi fried rice” part. The lyrics, “I can make kimchi fried rice well. A girl who can eat well instead” are a little silly in some ways. Why did Taeyang choose “kimchi fried rice” among other more refined food choices? The question is a little silly too, but it’s the question his fans are asking about.
In this interview, Taeyang gave a brief answer. He smiled, saying ” I can only cook two foods. They are kimchi fried rice and instant ramen. I couldn’t put “I can make instant ramen well. A girl who can eat well instead” [in the lyrics]
This new song is truly “soft” and it seems like it doesn’t match Taeyang’s “image”. But Taeyang says, his performances are more fun than ever and his face is happy, like his lyrics. Because of this, fans speculate whether he is going out.
Taeyang flatly answer, “I’m not going out”. He said, he’s found the reason for his “brightness” elsewhere instead.
Love song? I don’t have a girlfriend… It’s true that I envy relationships
Taeyang revealed, “Personally, 2009 was a very tough time for me. My heart wasn’t so good and I was beginning to have doubts. I lived in a closed mind, that’s why I was cold and distant.
He also said, “But then I thought, if I live like this, I may not be able to sing anymore. So I tried to open up my mind as much as possible and I’m trying to live with an open mind. The dark aspects in my life have vanished, which disturbed not only my life but my music. I thought, I should open up my mind and put more sincerity and sensitivity in my songs and I’ve tried to live like that”
Also he explained, “I gained strength after changing my personality. I’ve got my goals and my values about the music I want to do. After going through and overcoming this confusion, I think I understand my life a little better”
I asked Taeyang an embarrassing question, “Song like yours, what do you think when you see people in love”?
Taeyang thought deeply for some time before speaking. He answered with a smile, “Actually, I thought people who go out look “stuffy” when they go out. I wondered what kind of emotion you would have while being with someone. I’ve now changed. I feel better and I envy them a little”
Source: Newsen
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