Big Bang on ViVi Magazine Japan [PHOTOS]

Shared by on July 22, 2010  

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Photos by Tisya@bigbangupdates
Please credit and don't hotlink^^

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  • xsugarcane

    :O !!!~ overload!
    GD looks so good I can't even ...
    I want this magazine!

  • wintersecrets

    haha, this is a funny shoot and it's making me hungry ;p

    hmm w/ the hand guessing.. B, D, and E look about the same. *___* TY's is C and I'm guessing either SR or DS is hand A?

  • kaila

    DS looks cute :D ,..... GD looks cool .... TOP looks cute......

  • Shronda Scott

    o_O...*fangirl squeals* Too cute! I would love to have this magazine(even though I don't understand Japanese). They boys are just too much!

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    OMG! This just made me SOOOOO happy.

    I have been wondering since the first video of the shoot came out...what is that green sweatshirt/jacket thing Daesung is wearing? It has a a MASSIVE hood and I want one!

  • monday

    taeyang with a banana. How appropriate.

  • wntrademark

    I'm hungry!!!!
    want that burger very much. hahaa

  • Zozy

    waoooooooooooo Thanks..Big Bang is the best group, they are very sweets and amazings!!!!!!!

  • haneulnophi

    Major Hottie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^0^

    GDGDGD oh gawddddddd he's so HOT!!!

    ooh.. I wish I was that hamburger..... Tabiii<3333

  • A z n x P o c k y

    Big Bang and their awesome snack foods :D

    I wonder who was in that photo Seungri had...

  • PhuongMai

    Who knew food made a man look sexy? And in return our men made the food look so tasty.

    Tabi, you make me so hungryyyyyyyyy <333

  • ツionela.♥]

    all looks so good but i love the pic with seungri, is so cute <3

  • piiin

    omo!! super freakin cute!! aaahhhh!! <3 i miss them much.

  • hanyu

    are they doing some kind of quiz??? Would you translate this article!!! PLZ~~~~

  • tisya

    Please wait for translation.
    I contact the translator of our team :)

  • hannie

    I wanna eat that hamburger

  • Visa

    aah thanku :D waiting for the HQ and the trans :D

  • EZT!.

    I KNOW RIGHT, HAHA. if only they didnt blur e body, cld've guessed heh.

  • bigbangupdates

    Thanks Tisya! :D -vic

  • aleee

    Thank you a lot for the scans Tisya. ^^

  • toplover

    wow ... the cover !!! ... hottest pose of BB... I really love it
    and , Q5 <3 DLite has a HOT lip <3

  • Kitkat

    Mmm~ Delicious!! <3<3
    The food looks yummy too :P

  • tisya

    Thank you,too!! xD

  • tisya

    Hi aleee^^
    Thank you for using the photos which I uploaded in your site.
    This magazine is September issue.
    Everybody is happy feeling and I am glad, too :)
    Though I add comment into iBB, it was not possible by an error :(

    thank you again :) tisya

  • aleee

    Aw, thank you for taking your time to scan them. ^^ All VIPs are happy to see them :)
    Oh Semptember issue! Thanks for letting me know. I don't know what happened with the comment thing but thanks again.

    Take care~ ^^

  • NJ

    this is oh-so-BBlicious! ^o^ Is this the July issue of Vivi?

  • catharina.intan.s

    oh i LOVE their facial expressions.
    so cute xD

    Seungri's like "OMG! i got caught eating popcorn this much!" xD
    Tabi's like "it's so big, my mouth won't fit" lol
    Dae's like "ah! i got caught eating double scoop xD " *faints* he's just too cute~

    looks like bae's on a banana diet lol lol, but he has fun with it~
    and ji, hmm.. he's like "even snacks look awesome on me" LOL

    eat up boys, u guys still looks skinny :((
    but this time is better than their photos at VMAj. *it's just my opinion*

  • NNinGgG

    similar, vi was watching ghost film at theater then he was aghast

    i would like some hamburger in TOP's hand XD

  • Dina Astayeva

    i wish i could get that magazine... ;(((

  • Victory Ktpm

    I am Khoon Thwe Phone Maw.Love is my family and BIGBANG for my life.I love BB very much.My dream is to meet BB.I am Myanmar.I need only BB's love.I am 16 years old.After 5 years,I will reach Korea to meet BIGBAND. I always love BB.

  • Kvboom

    OMG!!! Really happy & smiling when seeing u guys pose!!! So lovely & cute ^__^

  • hozukimaru

    He he,they're cool ! Let's go BIG BANG !Let's go VIP ! Love them so much! S2

  • hoanghoa

    always happy