Translation for Big Show 2010 Making Book Part 6 [MISC]

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The greatest guy, remember T.O.P! I believe majority of you who first saw TOP will have this feeling. What a handsome guy! Deep eyes, sharp nose, healthy skin colour… Even if he’s standing among other older actors, you can still feel his presence.

This is T.O.P’s first acting challenge but he looks very professional while holding the script. Did he already have this acting talent in him before?

“When acting, the most difficult thing is to be fully invested in the role. In the TV series or movie shooting scenes, I need to become another person. It’s different from what I felt and learned from the past… to play as another person.”

“From being an actor and then returning to BIGBANG, I need to become “TOP” again. I actually got confused by these 2 roles especially when I filmed IRIS. I had frequent nightmares and was under a lot of stress.”

“But being an actor allows me to express another side of me which a singer can’t. So being an ‘actor’ is pretty cool and charming too even it’s as hard as this. If there is a good script and a work that I like, I will take the challenge.”

What is TOP least good at?
“An artist normally shows to everyone only the good side of them. Perhaps because of this, I feel that there’s nothing T.O.P is not good at.”

Yes, but what is it?
“I actually haven’t thought about this before…what I am good at or what I am not. I just work hard and always try to show a better side of me on stage and in front of the camera. But if I had to choose one, it’s probably not knowing how to lie. I can’t hide my feelings well so when I don’t like something, you can easily see it in my face.”

T.O.P always seem to look good in slim and neat clothes. To him, fashion is a form of self expression. You can easily spot him with his stunning pants, eye-catching accessories and unique hats…

“I wear clothes depending on what I feel. When I am in a good mood, I choose clothes with unique colors. When I am bored, lonely or in a bad mood, I’ll wear what I wore to training and just go out. I feel a lot comfortable like that. I also like matching unique pants with suits. It shows my style.”

Joking around, having unique clothing and ideas is your way of expressing yourself. What does T.O.P usually joke about?
“Are you talking about me? This is my method of self-entertainment. When I am tired or lonely, telling jokes help brighten my mood. Also when I joke around, I like seeing everyone laugh. It gives me the feeling that we are one.

Lastly, what do your fans mean to you?
“Fans… Ink is flowing out.”

What? Hahaha
“Just joking. I’ve always wanted to repay the fans. I will work even harder to ensure that the fans will not feel ashamed for being a fan of mine. Being able to receive so much love from our fans, I will pay back by showing a better stage, better performances and better music for them.”

Credits: 腻儿zaVI@Baidu
Translated from Chinese: Yvonne@