Translation for Big Show 2010 Making Book Part 4 [MISC]

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How do other people describe Daesung? A simple youngster who sings trot, dorky dongsaeng, new variety-man/comedian. Kang Daesung who became more well-known through “Family Outing”. At first, people even doubted that is this funny/joker kid from BIGBANG? Originally, Daesung is a bashful and simple youngster but he became funny because he wants to put smiles across other people’s faces.

Since I don’t know when, Daesung was crowned with the title of a ‘professional variety singer’. What kind of person do you wish to turn out as?

“I want to be an all-rounded celebrity and show people more of my dashing faces. My heart is filled with warm delight when I see the smiles of others. Therefore, I aspire to be an even more funny person, creating a stage of happiness and laughter. That is my dream”

I was left with a deep impression of out previous CYON CF
“Ah that CF’s filming was really an enjoyable one. The director did not give us any script but asked us to be natural and go according to our own desires. ‘This content is something like this, just try to enact it out,’ thats the only thing he said. Initially I felt a little nervous but gradually, I felt that it has became more interesting. the feeling of the filming was just like to play around happily everyone enjoyed it. However, there are also people around us who commented that the CF is embarrassing. Even so, I feel satisfied. Isn’t it really funny this way?”

He is only a youngster who focuses on the things he likes, just like a marathon runner. After years of exerience, he will become more trained in problem solving and will also be able to focus on other things. However, he is just putting in all his effort into the things that he wants to complete now.

“I dress casually during practices. I will only dress up when there is a special event. If I overdress, it will only hinder the practices…”

It has already been 4 years after their debut. Daesung has also experienced several major performances. He is also able to handle the public performances in a calm manner now but Kang Daesung still has a certain fear of the stage. Yet he puts in his utmost effort so as not to disappoint his fans. Only when he puts in more effort and more practices than the other members will Daesung feel at ease for the performance.

“After the accident, my voiced changed a lot due to the vocal cord nodule. Because of this, I practiced even harder than before. However, recently, more people began to express that they love this voice that I have. I really want to say a big thank you to all the people who likes me.”

At one corner of the practice room, Daesung is practicing for his song for the public performance. He sounded a little sad and showed some signs of loss in love.

How can you put in so much feelings when you sing a song? He smiled bashfully and answered worriedly:
“To sing well does not only depend on the skills. Its just…its just that… I did my best to sing it.”

Lets begin the practice! Upon the dance instructors’ exclamation, Daesung got up immediately and went over for practice. Looking at his backview, it really makes people respect him.

Translations: xiao_de@ibigbang