Translation for Big Show 2010 Making Book Part 3 [MISC]

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BIGBANG filmed 2D1N in the villa located in the mountains which was covered in snow. The smiles never leave their faces. How do you create a new fresh look out of this merry atmosphere? The production team starts to brainstorm…

Seungri occupied himself with a table tennis match. With overflowing strong confidence which even surpasses a national representative, he kept everyone entertained. Yes, Seungri-goon. Since it turned out this way, please reincarnate as the new hope for the table tennis arena.

“We haven’t done this for a long time.”

The members sat down in a circle on a mat, playing games and cracking jokes with nothing to worry about. This is the moment which they have each others’ companionship.

“It feels as though it is not part of the schedule but a trip with only the 5 of us”

At the sight of the roasted sweet potato, the 5 members of BIGBANG ate them with a look of bliss. The managers who participated in countless football competition in the army and the dance instructors who engage in year-round practices and trainings were against BIGBANG, it was evenly matched as both teams were equally strong.
“This is too simple!” said the manager who often shower BIGBANG with care and concern.
His usual ways were gone but exuded extrememly high self-confidence. There is now a friendly mental battle between the managers whom they treated like part of their family and BIGBANG.

“Hyung, you should be more lenient with us~”

Athough they were people whom they spend more time with than with their family, in the realm of winning and losing, the hyungs remained calm.

“This is because we are still younger in comparison to hyungs!” said BIGBANG with a spark in their competitiveness.

Even Daesung, the all-around artiste, also has something which he does not specialise in… It’s the kind of football skills which put the team in a dangerous predicament. Daesung who was still teasing the continuous defeat of TOP-goon in table tennis a while ago, had a hit on the nerve when it comes to football this time round.

The table tennis match which they gathered and ate tidbits, the football match which that competed with the manager hyungs and the dinner along with other games… Though it has been said that they were as close as a real family, being able to see a new side of each other in this new and foreign environment, will make the trip a more memorable one.

A content questioning game was conducted in relevance to YG FAMILY and BIGBANG.
The crew began to get worried. It seems like BIGBANG will get all the questions correct, why not lets just end this boring game? But… their dinner that day would only remain mediocore!

The deep feelings and thoughts which they were unable to convey to each other under normal circumstances can now be presented in a new light. Even though they did not show any excitment on their faces, the thought of this got everyone of them excited. Everyone of them understands and treasures each other. Although it is only a short 2D1N, the members have made a promise for 2010.

Kwon Leader said, “We have been hardworking in the past but BIGBANG will put in even more effort from now on.”

Tanslations: xiao_de@ibigbang