D-3: Taeyang's Comeback Stage on July 1! [NEWS]

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On the morning of 28th, Tae Yang's representatives have revealed to Money Today Star News that “Tae Yang will have his official first stage performance of first full album through cable music specialized channel Mnet music program ‘M! Countdown’, which is to be broadcasted on the afternoon of the day of his album release date."

According to the affiliates of Tae Yang, because this stage is his first stage related to his first full album, he will be performing listed songs ‘Just a Feeling’ and ‘You’re My’ in addition to the title song ‘I Need A Girl’, performing total of 3 songs.

Tae Yang will pre-record all of the 3 songs, one day (June 30th) right before the live show, in order to give the best possible performance and not get in the way of the other singers schedule.

Tae Yang plans to be on ‘M! Countdown’, and continuously come out on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on July 3rd and SBS ‘Popular Song’ on the 4th, and meet the fans and the TV viewers continuously.

And, featuring of Tae Yang’s first full album title song ‘I need a girl’ is G-Dragon, who is also Tae Yang’s friend for over 10 years and a fellow member of Big Bang. Music Video leading roles are Tae Yang and Sandara Park of girl group 2NE1 under the same management, YG Entertainment.

Source: Money Today Star News
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  • AYtinaaachris


  • toozdae

    I can't way. I miss seeing him on stage.

  • cluts

    aww no music bank? :( Was hoping he would do a perf there. :(
    but oh wells. a comeback is always an awesome comeback.
    hopefully this time he would let fans cheer? :))

  • Big bang Lover

    Yeah...why isnt on music bank??
    If its on music bank i can see it on TV.. :(

  • wintersecrets

    yay! can't wait to see! too bad i can't watch it live :(

  • http://twitter.com/xiaorongda Shronda Scott

    No Music Bank? YG and KBS still fighting? Still can't wait to see Taeyang shine on stage!

  • MIZAHtaeyang

    OMG!!!! TaeYang will be performing 3song.. & he even pre-record it before hand to give his best performance fr his fan. he such a perfectionist !! DONG YOUNG BAE JJANG ~

  • lisa

    why are they fighting??

  • http://shoutoutbangs.tumblr.com/ facepaper

    oh God. The date is coming... come faster july 1!

  • http://twitter.com/AnaBananaSNAP Ana Marie Quito

    Excited for this and the album. :)

  • Kitkat

    I wanna see his performance TT_TT

  • haneulnophi

    1st of July....
    Please come fast~~~~~~~~~~~~ (praying) ^0^

  • http://twitter.com/xiaorongda Shronda Scott

    There was some controversy over KBS banning YG artist...I don't know if it was resolved or not.

  • van

    taeyang go go!!!!

  • Luvena Lisa R.

    ohh....but do you know why??
    thanks anyway :)