Seungri @ "Into the Fire" VIP Premiere (100608) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on June 9, 2010  

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cr: powervictory/superstar via intelligirl@soompi

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  • Atenais

    Seung Ri looks cute!

  • ReneeRahayu

    Oh Seungri, you made my morning so bright ! (: But i think you like so tired, please take care of urself my panda eyes (;

  • RC Mendoza

    Baby is sooooo cute and hoootttt at the same time.

    awwww... he is with his hyungs... now I know more pictures will come our way!

    Thank you so much bbupdates!!!

  • marionmonica

    so gd changed his whiteberry to an iphone? or he has both?! cool!

  • marionmonica

    OMG i forgot to say... baby's flawlessss!!

  • lilly

    so good looking!

  • wntrademark

    he has both

  • wntrademark

    ahhh...Seungri, u r too cute....

    thx Yvonne.(magnae doing magnae post) lol

  • Arashi_kun5

    All big bang brother's came to see their hyung for support soo cute >_<

  • wntrademark

    BTW, i find it very funny that the photograper totally ignored other members.(how cud he/she??lol..)
    Wat would Seungri say if he see these photos, very happy i guess cuz hes freaking cute !!

  • lilly

    lmao they are fan photos taken by seungri fan in seungri fansites. what else could you expect now, really.

  • wintersecrets

    aww, baby looks so handsome. he looks really tired though. hope he gets lots of rest soon

  • harko4

    Seungri is hard! A cute ♪

  • wntrademark

    i'm imagining Seungri shows off these photos/post to GD and say
    "Hyung, look I'm soo handsome that they only posted ur arms and focus only" they he might get hit by his hyung. hahaa

    (I'm not usually this imaginative) lol

  • u can call me Danik

    Seung Ri .. why are your eyes red? you're tired ..? but you're really cute..

  • haneulnophi

    OMG I think I'm goin' crazy in the morning already!!!!! >>0< <
    Seungri in first pic... super handsome.. who says he's strong baby?? He's a MAN now... whohooooo XD

    and, and.. spotted (sexy)GD, Taeyang and lil bit Dae's hair there....
    MADE MY MORNING BRIGHT~~~~~ ^_________^
    thank you..... =)

  • jiyan

    he be looking like a young man now..for real!

  • cesscris53

    HOTness overload~ :D
    our maknae is growing gorgeously,oh my! haha
    i wanna see more solo pix of the other members too!
    i'm sure there's so many ecstatic VIPs out there who captured them one by one haha.
    *cross fingers*

  • xBubblePop

    Baby looks tired >< his eyes are red.
    Take care Seungri!

  • Mrs.Choi.Vip

    omo!! Seunghyun aaa~~~ he's catching up to his seunghyun Hyung~~ kekeke

  • Mrs.Choi.Vip

    i sawww GEE DDEE!! and now i need pic of all of them!! huuuuuu

  • AimiUetaka 上高愛美

    love him<3