More Bangs Book Scans [PHOTOS]

Shared by on June 9, 2010  

More under the cut.

Credits: keita314314@baidu (thanks!^^)

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  • Iris

    hahaha omggd's lips >.<
    and the last pic it's sooo cute <3!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    love the first g-ri photo <3

  • Malbaut Kelly

    It's absolutely adorable!
    Magnificent lips GD! =3
    TOP.... even in cartoon, I find him great!
    Tae too too cute!
    SRi...perfect lol!
    GD...I knew it was Gaho the boss!

  • haneulnophi

    no wonder Bangs book SOLD OUT!!!
    Gaahhh.... it's frickn' COOL!!!!

    GD, KissKiss~~~ XOXO kekekekeke.....

  • Ana Marie Quito

    ADORABLE MUCH!!!!!!! Me wants Bangs comic book! >< NOTE TO SELF: GO SAVE!

  • ky90

    All those pictures are gorgeous... ^^

  • bigbanglover

    So lovely ^^

  • harko4

    Very Very cute♪

  • hwwol

    ohmygod. its GAHO on the last pic! >.< daddy and son. <3

  • gdgdbaby

    I also find tabi handsome even in cartoon version. :)

    Adorable drawings! :)