G-Dragon & Daesung on Entertainment Weekly (100626) [VIDEO]

Shared by on June 26, 2010  

Source: 마시멜로@bbvipz

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  • http://twitter.com/aovoo aovoo

    I can't help but to fall for jiyong again & again & again.

  • haneulnophi


  • http://twitter.com/honeyfaye catharina.intan.s

    can't help but scream, "daeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~"

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    LOL! The two pictures next to each other make me see just how much tanner Dae really is then the others (well besides TOP cause he got an awesome tan while filming "Into the Fire"). They are so cute....Dae laughing, GD with the big smiles....again, at the FILA shoot!

    If anyone can sub this, I know we would all be forever thankful!

  • Kitkat

    they both are killing me with their beautiful smile :***

  • sophiell

    ohhhhhh~two sweeties

  • http://www.facebook.com/norakmaratan Mrs.Choi.Vip

    omai smiling pwinceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!